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Brexit Sold

The Invisible Eminence in the Hidden Castle nurtures an unlikely global inter-politics Cosa Nostra-style power club that rapes our democracies. 

Arron Banks’ ties with Stephen Bannon run much, much deeper, take loops through the Kremlin and the White House  and are designed to ruin societies to the benefit of a few crooked puppet masters.



And the band keeps playing through the doom

We are losing earth. Who cares (enough)?

 RMS Titanic Band - R.I.P.

RMS Titanic Band - R.I.P.

How many dystopian PS4 games or movies shall entertain us, how many heatwaves kill our unprepared elders, how many SUV vacation trips shall guzzle tons of gas or mileage awards shall sweeten our escape to softer climates?

As we keep turning two blind eyes and deaf ears towards losing our planet, the bands keep playing the entertaining tunes of doom.

In the end - we will still find excuses - and the right song to sing along with.

Look at your feet

 “Vote for a living wage for others. Vote for health insurance for others. Don’t get in the way of food stamps for others. Understand how important $17 might be to others. That poor stretch of Atlanta is quiet because people are working and paying for daycare. They’re clocking the same hours you’re clocking, but they make a shit wage.”

An impressive reflection on inequality.


Selling an Intelligence Brand

Sometimes (ok, oftentimes) things turn out... well, you know. And there are plenty of things not even an intelligence expert can predict.

 Insightologist® service mark for sale

Insightologist® service mark for sale

When I built - as an intelligence veteran and former SCIP board member - market and competitive intelligence systems and processes as a B2B consultant I started my own brand.

It turned heads when driving my branded camper-van-office around and when exchanging business cards, always - in 100% of the cases - it offered me the opportunity to land my 30sec elevator pitch: "You are what?" they'd ask...

'I am THE Insightologist.'

"Do tell!" - check. It's what a brand is supposed to do.

 Insightologist® logo on branded office van

Insightologist® logo on branded office van

 Insightologist® logo on branded office van

Insightologist® logo on branded office van

However, when my largest client asked me to take a key role under permanent contract I couldn't refuse.

So, now after two years into the job, I am looking for a worthy buyer of brand and online entities .

The brand Insightologist® is registered as a service mark under the Madrid Protocol in all major western economies (EU+), Switzerland and the U.S. The web domain, social media accounts, a stash of neutral brand business cards, brand art work, are all part of the package.

 Insightologist® generic branded business cards with a twist

Insightologist® generic branded business cards with a twist

So, if you want to own a unique brand that includes what you offer, makes people talk (especially to the brand owner), don't want to wait for many months to trademark, want to have a solid starting point with an online presence and have trademarked stationary and art work readily available asap - why not consider to acquire this package?

The brand could be used for consultancy, a software personalization even or a branded advisory app. Sky is the limit.

Give me a buzz - thanks -Jens

 Insightologist® brand in front of customer headquarters

Insightologist® brand in front of customer headquarters

Boobytrapped consociationalism and a Reichstag as fire accelerant

As The Invisible Eminence in the Hidden Castle boobytraps consociationalism, he is frantically searching for an igniter.

 The Invisible Eminence in the Hidden Castle boobytraps consociationalism and waits for a Reichstag as fire accelerant

The Invisible Eminence in the Hidden Castle boobytraps consociationalism and waits for a Reichstag as fire accelerant

The Trump administration as a “presidency in search of an emergency”—i.e., a crisis that could be used as a pretext for seizing unchecked power. An emergency could come in the form of an economic meltdown, a terrorist attack, or a natural disaster.

Holy War Catalysts

The Invisible Eminence in the Hidden Castle has a grand plan

One of the more naive depictions of the hidden Leninist in the current White House claims him to be the "Leni Riefenstahl of the right wing conservatives".

Only, Riefenstahl merely corrupted herself into an accessory to a humongous destruction engine.

While The Invisible Eminence in the Hidden Castle configures catalysts to vaporize checks and balances and ultimately: a world order with a core stability we all depend on.

And if your are not scared enough: Bannon And The National Security Council’s Secret “Kill List”.

Come Alive by The Jezabels

"Come Alive"

Gather round all you young, heed my warning
When you're young and you're lovely, there are voices
That pull you down like some malady inside us
But not yours and not mine in her likeness

I come alive, I come alive
I come alive, I come alive
This whole week since you arrived

They seek the shade that you can only get from the holes in her body
That's the allure of the smoke and the stars and the call to the oven
And all the women who've fallen before me were tipping the scales
But somehow the allure of the smoke and the stars can no longer pull me

I come alive, I come alive
I come alive, I come alive
In true love to feel right
Allow myself more than those mothers were allowed
And more love in my life than suicide

And if you say, if you do dare to say
That it's all in my mind
When every trouble that you care to relate to was born of a mind
And up against the letters of my betters
Who wrote I should be in the ground
I come alive, I come alive
I come alive, et je revive

I come alive, I come alive
I come alive, I come alive
To feel we are certified
Je revive, et je revive
Les joies de vivre
I come alive and out into the real
I come alive

Directed by Darcy Prendergast & Xin Li

NRA Paradigm Shi(f)t

‪The NRA Prepares for War (with the American People)

Decades of: "protection against potential tyranny in D.C." - out the window. ‬
‪Replaced with: "counter-resistance against the violent left".‬
‪ ‬
This shift weaponizes this vision of The Invisible Eminence in the Hidden Castle: "Let the grassroots turn on the hate because that's the only thing that will make them do their duty."‬

‪Over 300 million guns in private hands being polished and shined tonight.‬

Die Grundprinzipien demokratischen Diskurses werden attackiert - von allen Seiten

Meinungsfreiheit gilt nach allen Richtungen, vor allem wenn selbsternannte Moralisten anderen die Meinung verbieten, weil sie die 'Wahrheitsfindung' alleine für sich in Anspruch nehmen.

Sie sind ein extrem gefährlicher Mann Herr Freimüller!

Und Sie haben die Grundprinzipien demokratischen Diskurses nicht verstanden.

Es bleibt zu hoffen, dass die weniger kritischen Leser Ihrer Kolumnen ihrer Totalitärblase entkommen können.

Und an die Redakteure der Berner Zeitung:

Hier wird nicht 'gekämpft' sondern versucht Meinungsbildung zu verhindern und Meinungsfreiheit auszuhebeln.

Es ist beängstigend mit welchem Dilettantismus hier von der Betitelung bis zu 'Trumps Twitter' gewerkelt wird.

Für alle, denen Meinungsfreiheit ein wertvolles Gut ist, die Kampagnenseite des Herrn Freimüller:

Mich schaudern sämtliche Extreme der politischen Spektren und es ist essentiell, deren Stimme ungefiltert zugänglich zu finden.

Den Gegnern der Grundfeste demokratischer Auseinandersetzung scheint das weniger ins Wertegerüst zu passen.

Hier bietet es sich an zu fragen: Warum?

Is Bannonism upon us?

What does Steve Bannon really want?

There is no such thing as irrational behavior in execution of greater power.

There are visions and influential variables that lend direction, diversion or (all so purposely) deception to a projected path how the visions are accomplished.

When you want to understand drastic events to inform your assumptions for future direction, it might be wise to recognize and understand key influences to those events.

So, here you go: is Bannonism recognizable in recent events and more importantly: will it play out in its literal meaning and intent?

If so: we can only hope that other influencers are much, much stronger and globally intertwined or we all risk to fall victim to the most violent of visions.

Wir haben den Tod der attischen Demokratie erlaubt!

Beteiligung und Verantwortung Aller im demokratischen und gesellschaftlichen Prozess statt Massenmissionierung und/oder Isolation der Einflusslosen.

Die Eliten der Neuzeit haben eigennützig und klammheimlich das Fundament der attischen Demokratie abgeschaltet!

Korrigiert auf Inklusion aller Mitglieder der Gesellschaft und Bevölkerungsgruppen und angepasst auf Machbarkeit in der heutigen Welt, würde das demokratische Gerüst heute auf diesen Prinzipien basieren:

  • Auslosen (und nicht Wahl!) zeitlich begrenzter, gleichrangiger Volksvertreter, gesamthafter Stimmanteil von 49% bei allen Referenden
  • 10-15% der Bevölkerung übt zeitgleich ein Volksmandat aus, das sich aus dem Erfahrungshintergrund ergibt
  • jeder Bürger hat ein Mandat pro Lebenszeit
  • wichtige Entscheidungen werden durch unabhängige, balancierte Expertengruppen debattenreif vorbereitet und mit Quorum und einfacher Mehrheit entschieden
  • korrigierende Entscheidungen folgen dem gleichen Prinzip
  • vorherige Volksvertreter üben ehrenamtliche Beratermandate aus, nehmen so indirekt weiterhin am Gestaltungsprozess teil und stellen Wissenstransfer sicher

Die modernen Demokratien haben sich entdemokratisiert und bevor dieser Prozess weiter beschleunigt wird, könnten wir uns mit den Fundamenten und Modernisierungschancen künftiger Gesellschaftssysteme auseinandersetzen.

We allowed the death of the Athenian Democracy!

Participation and accountability of all in the democratic and societal process instead of mass proselytization and/or isolation of uninfluential factions.

Modern elites have selfishly and silently eliminated the very foundation of the Athenian Democracy!

Corrected with inclusion of all members of society and populous factions and considering feasibility in the modern world, the democratic fabric could today consist of these elements:

  • draw (not election!) of temporary, equal representatives, exercising an accumulated 49% of any popular vote
  • 10-15% of the population respond to a representative mandate at the same time which is tuned to their experience
  • there is only one mandate per lifetime
  • important decisions are prepared for debate by balanced, independent expert groups and are decided upon by quorum with simple majority vote
  • corrective measures follow the same process
  • former representatives act as volunteer consultants to continue to participate in the design processes and to ensure knowledge transfer

Modern democracies seem to de-democratize themselves and before this process further accelerates it might make sense to consider their foundation and modernization opportunities

A false claim of violating the U.S. sanctions to Iran destroying an amazing talent

Mahmoud Reza Banki (Persian: محمود رضا بانکی), an Iranian-American scientist and management consultant was - unjustly - arrested and charged with violating US sanctions against Iran by the United States Attorney.

Ultimately Mahmoud Reza Banki won his case on appeal - but he still lost everything he amazingly accomplished.

Another heavy price paid by an innocent victim of a flawed law system. It is utterly disturbing how carelessly and violently lives are shattered by scores of people that are accountable in such cases- from attorneys to judged to the jury - and base their massively impacting judgements on false or missing evidence.

Or - as in Mahmoud Reza Banki's case - accepting constructed diversions from the truth and established law. It is also a reminder of the vulnerability before a system that can crush anyone's existence while it claims to protect and uphold justice for all.


Yaphank - a shocking REAL piece of Nazi history in the U.S.

Can you imagine how the North American continent would look like today if Hitler Germany had won the war?

In a recent NPR feature about The Man in the High Castle I was shocked to learn about the very real Nazi history of Yaphank, New York.

Yaphank was home to Camp Siegfried, a summer camp which promoted Nazi ideology. It was owned and operated by the German American Bund, an American Nazi organization devoted to promoting a favorable view of Nazi Germany.

 Yaphank Long Island, NY Nazi Parade near Camp Siegfried

Camp Siegfried was one of many such camps in the US in the 1930s, including Camp Hindenberg in Grafton, Wisconsin, Camp Nordland in Andover, New Jersey and Deutschhorst Country Club in Sellersville, Pennsylvania.

It is intriguing and scary to imagine how such seeds were planted and nurtured back then. Let alone today when we all should be educated to know much better.

Following the TV Show The Man in the High Castle provides a troubling insight into the inner workings of unbalanced power and corruption at all levels of society.

Camp Siegfried was finally shut down by the US government when Germany declared war on the United States.