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As a former top reviewer at market leading online reviews site I re-publish some of my former reviews here in my archives so they won't get lost due to some web evolution.

German main magazin DER SPIEGEL ran an article on with an interview with me in 2000 after I had become's top reviewer back then. You can find the full article with my quotes (German) here or at

Testing and improving my English skills back in 98 and ongoing had become my playground. Little I knew how rewarding it became after some two months of frequent reviewing to end up as their most trusted reviewer at some point in time.

Of course, those days are long gone and there is a whole new breed of reviewers and authors out there these days. It's always fun though to look back and remember how everything started as an online contributor with reviews of Playmobil toys and some such.

I will re-publish some of those old reviews within my archive folder in category epinions.