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"World-class CI" workshop

From firefighters to futurists

Joint half-day workshop with Hans Hedin of Global Intelligence Alliance at the 2009 Competitive Intelligence Summit by the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP), Amsterdam November 4, 2009.

At this year’s Competitive Intelligence Summit by the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) I will have the pleasure and honor to collaborate with Hans Hedin of Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA) to offer a half day workshop featuring Competitive Intelligence modeling I have used in my current role as Global Head of Market & Competitive Intelligence.

The model is based on a framework to develop or improve a Competitive Intelligence function. Dimensions such as Competitive Intelligence processes, Competitive Intelligence organization, Competitive Intelligence culture, Competitive Intelligence scope, Competitive Intelligence deliverables are being evaluated with this model and solutions worked-out, offered for various development stages labeled from “Firefighters” (ad-hoc, spontaneous and on-demand fragmented Competitive Intelligence activities) towards “world-class” Competitive Intelligence function containing structured and fully integrated best practice Competitive Intelligence solutions.

This workshop provides a hands-on learning experience about the key elements of a modern CI function and their development options.

You will identify CI process elements, organizational setup options, the various scopes of a CI function, tools potential, cultural status and driving forces. Participants will also be guided through development stages of the various functions and identify key elements of each function.

The framework will enable participants to determine the status quo of their own CI function and develop solutions for detailed improvements and sustainable progress.

The workshop includes best practice theory as well as actionable real world examples to generate executive buy-in and move the CI function towards world class status.

Workshop Objectives

* learn the fundamentals of a modern CI function broken down into real world key elements

* establish an actionable framework that is used to guide any improvement by identifying obstacles and solutions for reaching next step in the evolution process

* use the framework to generate executive buy-in and drive change throughout the organization
This is a joined workshop of a global intelligence consultancy and a corporate CI leader. You will walk away with a workable action plan to move your CI function from a given status to the desired end game in a structured way.

Workshop structure
This workshop will be of a highly participative nature. You will learn to apply the suggested methodology in your own organization. The presenters will use concepts, cases and real world examples in order to describe the evolution of a CI function. The participants will create a blueprint for their own development plan. This plan will be presented and discussed during the workshop, giving the participants the benefit of obtaining ideas and recommendations for how to proceed when implementing CI in his/her organization.

If you are interested in more detail or want to register for this and other workshops at the SCIP conference, please visit SCIP's dedicated European Summit website.