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SCIP/DCIF Annual Summit

SCIP 2007 Review

This year's European Competitive Intelligence Summit in Bad Nauheim, Germany presented another outstanding opportunity to network and enjoy great workshops, expert panels and presentation sessions.

The venue (Dolce Conference Center Bad Nauheim) was perfect to accommodate almost 300 participants including some 50 vendors and consultants and SCIP staff or honor guests. Seeing faces like Craig Fleisher or Martha Matteo (the current SCIP president) not only around but sneaking into almost all sessions and being incredible accessible for discussions and feedback was certainly a fine demonstration of the value for the global intelligence community.

The yummy food was way too much again ;-), drinks on any corner and the vendor exhibition in a very central place without interfering with the session traffic was another big plus.

Lunches and dinners were served in large conference areas so mingling with participants was easy and checking which faces are known.

I was able to meet many fellow intelligence practitioners I have seen on different events before and I ran into a couple of professionals who contacted me through my blog here, my intelligence exchange site Markintell or my LinkedIn profile.

Many of the SCIP members I met in Bad Nauheim ensured to meet in San Diego next Spring. Another proof that SCIP's conferences are of material value to the global intelligence community.

I have written some detailed reviews of my own sessions and fellow presenters at SCIP/DCIF 07 here and at Markintell. Please share with your colleagues and feel free to comment.