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SCIP Summit 2008 San Diego

Annual SCIP Conference

SCIP's International Annual Conference & Exhibition April 14-17, 2008 will take place in San Diego 2008.

Without an active contribution from myself this time around (I am a member of the planning committee for the European SCIP Annual Summit in October 2008 in Italy instead and likely I will offer another speach for that event as well, stay tuned for details as they emerge over time) I will thoroughly enjoy some of the 70 or so offered workshops or sessions and the great networking opportunity again.

If the conference is only half as good as last year's in Manhattan, it'll be all worth it by a long shot.
The conference will be devided into these categories:
- Competitive Intelligence Offense
- Competitive Intelligence Defense
- Critical Skills for Competitive Intelligence
- Professional Effectiveness
- Scholarly Research & Innovation in the Competitive Intelligence field
- Active Dialogs between Competitive Intelligence pracitioners, consultants, academics and other experts

At this time SCIP is looking for volunteers again to take an active part organizing the event. Here are some of the major tasks they are looking for:
• Give feedback and comments on all areas of conference (Communicate ideas in a group setting regarding speakers, topics, process improvements, conference concepts and past experiences)
• Participate in speaker selection process (Utilize criteria for evaluating potential speakers, review speaker proposals and recommend selections appropriate to the track focus)
• Interact with speakers (Recruit, market and promote speakers, answer questions and prepare speakers for conference, ensure deadlines are met, liaise with staff, provide feedback on presentations)
• Organize track and associated logistics (Work independently, determine focus and direction, assemble content, ensure committee agreement on decisions, review presentations, address last minute cancellations, invite presenters as needed)
• Other duties, as needed

If you want to offer your support the event you could contact SCIP directly via their web site. Volunteer benefits include:
• One complimentary registration to the main conference
• One complimentary night’s lodging (room & tax) at the conference hotel during the dates of the conference

I am very much looking forward to meet you again, do not hesitate to contact me prior to the event if you want to schedule a sideline-meeting or lunch or dinner in San Diego then.