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SCIP Conference Rebates

Attractive Discounts again

Take Advantage of a Full Range of Discounts for SCIP's 2009 International Annual Conference and Exhibition in Chicago!

* Take $100 off of our regular registration rate
* Get 5 percent off your American Airlines flight to Chicago
* Take advantage of reduced rates on ground transportation to your hotel
* Get SCIP's low group rate for your room at the Sheraton Chicago
* NEW! Vendors offering a generous discount on services to attendees!

JUST ANNOUNCED: Vendors Offer Minimum Eight Percent Discount on Services!
Participating vendors have agreed to offer a minimum discount of eight percent to all attendees who purchase services or products offered by the vendors. The discount is offered only to conference attendees, generating an immediate positive ROI.

Five Percent Off of Airfare
SCIP09 attendees are eligible to receive a 5 percent discount on airfare through American Airlines. To receive the discount, book your flight starting Monday, March 9 using the discount code A1849BF at

Reduced Rates on Ground Transportation
We've secured inexpensive rates for ground transportation through the Airport Express Shuttle service.