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Official Candidacy

Jens Thieme – Overview of CI activities:
• Practitioner – Ciba Inc., Basel, Switzerland (Global Head of Market & Competitive Intelligence, Marketing & Sales Office, global headquarters)
• CI involvement: development and implementation of global intelligence function for improved marketing and sales excellence, intelligence strategies, sourcing processes, electronic dissemination, intelligence techniques, corporate web site development, Intranets and electronic publications, e-marketing, e-business. Author and presenter in Germany, Switzerland, and US. Founding member and board member of Swiss Competitive Intelligence Association (SCIA)
• SCIP activities: Authored chapter in CIF’s Starting a CI Function, presenter at SCIP events, European Summit Planning Committee (2008).
• Graduated from the Polytechnische Obserschule, East Germany, and has completed business education and apprenticeships in steel engineering, and retail sales.

Jens Thieme’s responses to questions:
1. What are the most important issues that SCIP and its membership face in the next three years? What ideas do you have to address these issues?

A1: Increasing travel cost and expenditure consciousness due to rising prices and economic slowdown will reduce classical networking opportunities. Also CI practitioners continue to struggle with recognition of the discipline within their own organizational environments and outside as clear career paths remain exceptions.

I envision to deploy and nurture modern technologies such as video conferencing and interactive online learning combined with interlinked online collaboration features. SCIP should extend networking facilities to formats that resemble what has been offered successfully during summits and chapter events towards lively online learning and sharing environments.

A SCIP Virtual University would offer professional education programs with certificates for the various CI sub disciplines, partly overlapping to related, classical business disciplines such as Strategy, Business Development, Marketing, R&D could offer the much needed edge in cross discipline recognition for CI practitioners and support their personal career developments.

I feel well suited to kick off such developments based on my professional experiences within a global corporate conglomerate.

2. Please share with SCIP’s members any concrete steps you would undertake to
make SCIP a more global society.

A2: Country champions in locations without SCIP organizations should be accessible for all SCIP members. These champions could assist in any membership and events topics as well as collect country-specific needs and specialties that should be fed back to the global SCIP organization.

In preparation to global summits for instance such a country champion could compile a contribution of that country to the summit as a presentation or catalogue of member requests. Also group tariffs for collective travel to global or other events (e.g. neighboring SCIP organization) could be arranged.

If any of those country specific efforts grows beyond a certain size SCIP should offer active support to create and implement a local chapter or any other suitable form of local SCIP organization to the benefit of its members.

I would feel compelled to establish this concept of country champions throughout the world.

3. Why do you want to be a member of the SCIP board? Which three characteristics or qualifications distinguish you to serve as a board member?

A3: As a member of the board to the Swiss Competitive Intelligence Association, a published CI practitioner and active presenter to CI and marketing events I feel compelled to increase my assistance to the cause of an ever growing profession. Serving at the SCIP board provides the most intense and valuable opportunity to be at the heart of international CI professional's true requirements and support their individual activities and developments.

Characteristics: In my 4 years in sales management at a management assignment in the US I learned that the real challenge only starts after the first NO by a customer. So does the fun! I apply this principle to my daily eagerness to be part of sustainable solutions. Also I have learned throughout my various professional endeavors how to multiply contributions and performance of individuals to a mutual effort that provides strong team results and fun environments to perform in.

Colleagues and friends value my sense of urgency when required and my creative approach to find solutions and ways of fruitful and exciting collaboration.