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SCIP BoD Election

Board of Directors Slate

As every year the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) elects new members of the Board of Directors.

Dear SCIP members, please consult SCIP's strategic plan and the background information on this year's candidates to support your vote.

As you know, the society will take a quantum leap after the successful, member supported strategic alliance with the Frost & Sullivan Inistitute has been activated. International CI communities will require more professional support, global and regional competitive intelligence events will have to be created and run.

With the help of the mentioned alliance and the elected board the SCIP/FSI teams will be in a much stronger position than ever to enable improved membrship and partnership services for vendors and academics alike.

Please cast your vote to have your requirements covered in the next years going forward.

This year's candidates are:

Michel Bernaiche, Dunkin' Brands, CI Practitioner

Paul Kinsinger, Thunderbird School of Global Management and Managing, Scholar

Peter Shaw, Midwest Employers Casualty Company, Executive