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SCIP BoD Candidacy

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As a candidate to the SCIP Board of Directors I feel very well suited to represent the needs of all internationally oriented, future focused and demanding SCIP member.SCIP members I am exposed to daily routines, the struggles of many CI practitioners and the support needed to overcome these hurdles and to excel in this profession.

My global perspective grants me insights and supports a truly global network to many facets of global CI and to the cultural and geo-political diversity of this international business community.

A recognized publisher with CI articles, book chapters and as a public speaker at CI and global Marketing & Sales conferences I know how to represent ideas and how to create buy-in to concepts.

Finally I believe in strong networks of equally performing professionals along the various value chains. Vendors value my eagerness to establish true win-win platforms and academics have come to know me as a bridging element between fundamental theory and successful implementation and up-scaling.

A Competitive Intelligence practitioner in a global leading role Like most

I can relate to most SCIP member request to be supported in a practitioner role with its very specific issues such as capacity constraints management buy-in (or the lack of it), education and growth.

European (work based in Switzerland, living in Germany), past work experience in the US (5 years) and lived in another European country (France, 5 years) so I am a true ambassador for what SCIP is aiming for in the renewed strategic plan: to become a truly internationally oriented and globally acting association in support of you, a competitive intelligence professional with ambitious goals to fulfil.

Having worked in the US for five years and in global leadership roles for many years from Switzerland, living in multiple countries over the years has enabled me to bridge cultural divides and to understand how international communities perform best.

An enthusiastic CI leader publishing (print and online) and speaking publically (incl. at SCIP summits & meetings) in support of this great profession of ours.

Also I can be a valuable supporter for participants and contributors to such events and initiatives.

Experienced board member of the Swiss Competitive Intelligence Association, SCIA (
Local SCIP chapters and affiliates will find a knowledgeable and experienced CI association professional in me who understands the inner-workings and the issues and values of local associations and its membership.

I could certainly represent any association with their very specific situation and problems at the SCIP board for better support and to reach their goals in the bigger context of global CI by retaining their individual local characteristics and needs.

Established and managed far reaching performance networks with intelligence vendors, consultants, academics and other CI professionals, all in the spirit of win-win and enjoyable team work.