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SCIP Board of Directors

Candidacy 2009

Following up with recent official SCIP communications that introduced this year’s candidates for the SCIP Board of Directors nomination I wanted to provide some more details of my own as a candidate.

But first things first: SCIP’s board.candidate to the SCIP Board of Directors I feel very well suited to represent the needs of any internationally oriented, future focused and demanding SCIP member as I am:SCIP is aiming for in the renewed strategic plan: to become a truly internationally oriented and globally acting association in support of you, a competitive intelligence professional with ambitious goals to fulfilpublishing (print and online) and speaking publically (incl. at SCIP summits & meetings) in support of this great profession of oursExperienced board member of the Swiss Competitive Intelligence Association, SCIA.networks with intelligence vendors, consultants, academics and other CI professionals, all in the spirit of win-win and enjoyable team work.profile and biography page.

You are entitled to vote + you deserve most suitable representation at

As a

- A Competitive Intelligence practitioner in a global leading role

- European (work based in Switzerland, living in Germany), past work experience in the US (5 years) and lived in another European country (France, 5 years) so I am a true ambassador for what

- An enthusiastic CI leader


- Established and managed far reaching performance

In order to keep this message brief: please vote for your future representatives at the SCIP board right from October 28 and consider me as your future champion to listen to your needs and fight for a better SCIP for you throughout my three-year term.

For more detail about myself please review my

Many thanks for your support and congratulations to yourself for taking advantage of your right to vote for your future SCIP representation. I will always be accessible and open to your inquiries for building a stronger global CI community together.