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SCIA Education Day

Half Day CI Event

At the Swiss Competitive Intelligence Association (SCIA) we are preparing a half day event to support our national members in their efforts to gain traction for their Competitive Intelligence related career paths.


We were able to win quite a number of top notch speakers to the topic and I certainly hope that our members and additional interested CI professionals will join in numbers on September 29, 2009 in Zurich.

Monika Giese (Switzerland) will talk about a case of an internal annual CI education program at a large global corporation and focus on the implementation of the Prescott/Comai CI model there.

Stefan Schuppisser (Switzerland) is a leading business school professor and is just about to ramp up academic efforts here in Switzerland to support CI professionals and companies much more intensely as in the past.

Rainer Michaeli(Germany) will introduce ICI's options to support your educational needs as a CI practitioner.

So will Toni Nagle (United Kingdom) of ACI, SCIA members and interested visitors will learn about their opportunities to become better educated CI pro's from various angles.

SCIP will support SCIA with material and a featured reading/commentary via phone by Bonnie Hohof (US) of SCIP.

And finally Alessandro Comai (Spain) and John Prescott (US) will also dial in to introduce their World Class CI Model, share their experience in CI education and provide insights into career path supporting CI training options.

All speakers in the room and on the phone will finally join forces in a major panel discussion fed by SCIA members questions (via survey as mentioned above) and live questions in the room and from the sessions.

Event Flyer.

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