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Quick Live Report From SCIP

SCIP Summit Europe 2007

The energetic SCIP/DCIF European Summit 2007 is in full swing and let me tell you: it was a great move for SCIP and DCIF to join forces!

As a quick update for everyone out there who can not be here this week, here is what excites me this time around:

- Some 200+ participants from all walks of the business world
- Some 20 exhibitors (in a very centralized, accessible location - better even than SCIP NY 2007) ranging from intelligence and market research consultancy services to technological intelligence solutions like web based clipping services and repositories to blog/forum scanning etc.
- The meeting is as well organized as known from the SCIP annual conferences
- SCIP personnel as well as many volunteers are accessible and supportive
- President Martha Matteo is discussing with participants all the time (she actually saw my session which I thought was neat ;-)
- The mix of expert discussions and sessions throughout the two days after the workshops seems to spread participants in even groups (something hard to manage)

The venue is great, large and quiet. Food served, tons of drinks and fruit around adds to the positive experience.

The strike of the German railway workers doesn't seem to impact the event a bit.

I met many interesting fellow practitioners already today and can only imagine how tired but encouraged and pumped up I will leave the conference tomorrow night.

Also some discussions with some of the vendors created great ideas I will certainly follow up on for some current and potential future intelligence projects.

So, after the first day (well, the SCIP dinner is still ahead, I am starving ;-) I have to admit that this conference shows all signs of positive improvements due to the active involvement of so many volunteers and the SCIP/DCIF staff as well as the participants who seem to clearly understand: this is a stunning opportunity to share best practice, ideas and some issues alike and hook up to support each other and the great profession of Competitive Intelligence.

Or as I asked my friend Michael Bernaiche (Head of CI Dunkin Brands, Boston) today: "When was the last time you were bored?"

His response: "In my job BEFORE Competitive Intelligence!"