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Panel Discussion

S&M Effectiveness

At this years Jacob Fleming "3rd Chemical Sales & Marketing Effectiveness”, I was honored to share the posium with Professor Dr. Kaj Storbacka of the Business University Nyenrode, the CEO of Dow Corning Xiameter Shelley Bausch, Ubald Kragten of DSM, Klaus Hoffmann of Dynea and Lionel Breuilly of Huntsman to focus on topics such as CRM systems, sales challenges in a globalized world, Asia/China.

Another current issue revolves around sales as a discipline that did not enjoy any major innovation investments as of late. Although sales professionals are oftentimes charged to be more adaptive they are hardly equipped to act up to the challenge. Spin selling and value selling were stressed as suitable responses to this situation.

As a major challenge Dr. Storbacka stressed the necessity of configurational fit to match, deploy and successfully execute various business models at one.

Asia, in particular China were mentioned in the discussion as incredibly local economies with major global impact. Western companies need to learn to act in such a local manner and grow into becoming an important part of this localized effort.

Innovation challenges need to invite more risk. The strategic intent should be driven by opportunities that present themselves through regulatory and legislative possibilities.

Finally questions regarding success in acquisitions were answered with "speed and execution" to be most crucial for success or failure.

The panel was excellently moderated by Phil Allen who was also a great chair for the entire conference.