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Panel Discussion CI

"Global Competitive Intelligence"

In addition to my session on "Centralization of Market & Competitive Intelligence: Challenges, Obstacles, Path to Success" at the 2007 Competitive Intelligence European Summit am October 25, 2007 in Bad Nauheim, I will be a panelist expert speaker for the topic of Global Compettive Intelligence "Global Competitive Intelligence".

The panel discussion will be held October 26, 2007 11:45am, Carsten Gayer, GAYER CONSULTING will facilitate the event.

Details on Expert Talk Global CI:

Conducting Global CI projects can be a daunting task. Learn from Experts and colleagues best practices and aids to improve efficiency and quality of your international CI work.

Challenges and factors of success in respect of Global CI.

Multinational companies face a growing demand on global CI insights. International or even global CI projects - continuous or ad hoc – often bring up questions:

  • Which sources are available, if global accessible databases and the Internet are reaching their limits?
  • How to solve the problem of linguistical, cultural and temporal barriers at transnational field research (e. g. expert interviews)?
  • How to control a complex global CI Project?
    What Tools exist to support global CI routine processes?
  • (In which cases) is the use of external service providers and analysts advisable?
  • Are everywhere the same sources and methods available, so that qualitative comparable, valid results are guaranteed?
  • In how far it can be spoken about „Global CI“, or does CI not always (also) has to be local organized?

The discussion refers equally to CI-Users and CI-Professionals, by approaching lessons learnt from different points of view.

Discussion will be in English.

I would be thrilled to meet you there!