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New Owner: Digimind

It is always hard to give up a project. Due to my career move this was a no brainer though as the new owner is on top of the CI solutions provider list.

Having created and grown into a global competitive intelligence resource with my own and the user's experience in the field it was a tough decision to hand it over. Here is my last message I posted at Markintell:

"Dear community,

Over the past couple of years you have come to know me as the founder and owner of, a regular speaker at SCIP and SCIA events, publisher of various intelligence related works and (some of you at least) a CI colleague and friend.

With a very recent career change I have decided to transfer into the hands of a very professional, traditional and well embedded CI solutions provider - Digimind. I was just not in the position to contribute enough anymore as my private live and career options shifted quite substantially (incl. relocation, new industry and job position).

Sad and nostalgic at first, both the personal changes and the new ownership for excite me now very much as you, the user, will be served much better from now on with valuable, frequent content and I can concentrate entirely on the new field.

As a member of the Board of Directors of SCIP I will still remain well connected with CI and continue to serve the global CI community. Especially within my function as SCIP’s Chairman of the International Advisory Committee (IAC).

Please feel free to follow me on the established business networks, contact me in any regard (both via and receive my gratitude for having been an excellent audience to me on

Finally, please continue to support the new owner of the site with ideas, suggestions, contributions and challenges to the site will continue to grow along your needs as CI professionals.

My best wishes for your future both personally and professionally, Jens Thieme ("

So, that was it - but wait: check out the very first post by the new owner and you will absolutely know that: more umph means more value for the Markintell community and this, my friends, is the best wrap up of a success and fun story for me - and undoubtedly a new era and success for Digimind and for many years to come!