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Intelligence Seminar May 29/08

Helsinki, Finland

Following another GIA invitation (after the successful and fun May 15 event in Stuttgart, Germany where I had the privilege to present alongside with Frieder Spieth of Bosch, Munich) the annual GIA customer summit offered an opportunity to speak about “Executive Buy-In to Competitive Intelligence” to existing GIA customers.

As if this (and meeting the really friendly and fun GIA folks in Helsinki again) wasn’t enough fun I was thrilled to present together with two great minds in Competitive Intelligence: Hans Hedin (VP Business Development Global Intelligence Alliance) and my good friend Michel Bernaiche with whom I also attended one (Competitive Intelligence for Strategic Planning) of the great GIA workshops in the morning of our presentations.

Markko Vaarnas GIA’s CEO and cofounder reviewed GIA’s business performance and service additions (of which the new Rapid Response Service certainly strikes my fancy!) plus an outlook on future developments (regional strengthening into central Europe).

global CI survey 2008 and moved on to introduce in great detail the matrix of a competitive intelligence function evolution or development.

Ciba in an effort to move our CI function to the next level I used this programmatic, structured approach for mandating of all necessary improvement actions and activities which, at the same time, resulted in my presentation at the GIA event leading from Hans’ World Class CI Function approach to an actual utilization case study of this very matrix and approach.

SCIP events since) of Dunkin’ Brands focused on a CI topic which is dramatically under-represented but needs more attention in the years to come: counter intelligence!

Find some additional notes at my market & competitive intelligence blog

Afterwards Hans Hedin produced some results of the

As I have used the matrix at

The presentation was very well received which reflected in many discussions at the night of the event and even more e-mail exchange in the days following the GIA summit. Again: GIA events prove time and again to be excellent networking opportunities.

As the last presentation that day my very good friend Michel Bernaiche (whom I met right there in Helsinki at the GIA customer summit 2006 and have met several times at GIA and

Michel’s presentation was a clear eye opener for me as it visualized the clear need of an integrated, well established and maintained counter intelligence function that should span across several classical business functions such as security, legal, communications to name just a few.

Now for the socializing highlight: a trip with a two mast sail ship “name…” across the Helsinki bay. Find some photo’s neat photos underneath. We all had a ball after some serious work and fruitful business exchange again.