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GIA Breakfast

Stuttgart, Germany

In their effort to extend their business model and services throughout Europe the Global Intelligence Association (GIA) provided a deeper look into their portfolio and capabilities at the first GIA Breakfast event in Stuttgart May 15, 2008 at the noble Möwenpick Hotel.
No control over who does what beyond own group, region
No intelligence channeling across company
Missing vendor strategy

Many link collections not maintained
Dead links, outdated documents
Missing sourcing strategy and processes

Cost impact
Unknown number of reports, studies purchased, no cost control
Potential duplication of contracted consultant work and acquired studies

License situations not transparent

No mutual understanding of preferred provider

Lack of Professionalism
No mutual basis and expertise in marketing research and analysis
No common way and standards to visualize intelligence simply and effectively across all businesses, “don’t make me think” reporting

Niko Porkka Solutions Manager, Germany and Markko Vaarnas, CEO Global Intelligence Association introduced the ways and opportunities „Towards a World Class Market Intelligence Operation“. Additionally the brand new “Global Market Intelligence Study 2008” was introduced. More than 400 global companies were surveyed for their market & competitive intelligence functions and capabilities.

As keynote speakers for this event Frieder Spieth of Bosch Power Tools was invited as well as myself. Frieder introduced the Intelligence Desk solution at Bosch that provides an internal repository and dissemination option for intelligence serving the global power tools business.

My presentation focused on the implementation of the Intelligence Plaza application and service at Ciba with the impact on top management buy-in and decision support.

First I introduced Ciba’s intelligence needs and issues: Establish Marketing & Sales Excellence, Genuine support needed to Ciba’s strategic marketing efforts, Limited internal MI resources, Flexible external services necessary, Globally coordinated Market Intelligence, Consolidate externally and internally available market information, One user-friendly interface instead of many, Measure and control costs of business information.

Challenges, as mentioned in many of my earlier best practice presentations that we needed to address:

Hundreds of employees using hundreds of different sources and systems
No defined common intelligence flow: paths, interfaces, joints
Mostly intelligence stays where it is picked, no cross-segmental utilization

Logically I moved on to the impact and the inner workings of the mutual partnership with GIA lining out the benefits we enjoyed since working with GIA’s intelligence knowledge and the Intelligence Plaza service in particular.

In overview of our (Ciba’s) market & competitive intelligence model rounded up this presentation tailor-made for this specific German audience.

In summary of this interesting and lively exchange I would suggest the German market to finally catch on to the concept and opportunities to integrate market & competitive intelligence into common business practices and processes.

Structured approaches to business intelligence are being studied and considered more seriously and step by step we will see this market to explore more sophisticated market intelligence options.