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CI Function Guide

Startup of a CI Function is a new small to medium business platform for professionals to share their expertise in many business fields. It belongs to, a very useful business directory.

As a first contribution at I published an article on Establishing a Market & Competitive Intelligence Function. Abstracts:

1. Determine Demand
What do we need to know in order to make decisions?
How will this information be used?
What questions or problems will it help us solve?
Who needs the information?

2. Intelligence Supply
How do we gather data?
What are the reporting and analytical processes?

3. Application, Implementation
What do you do differently as a result of this information?
What type of value can we achieve from using this information?

- Cost savings through efficient use of intelligence (avoiding search)
- Cost savings through increased risk/damage control
- Cost savings through globally managed reports acquisition, avoiding duplication
- Cost savings through avoidance of multiple intelligence tasks
- Productivity increase through reduction of material to be consumed and increased user-friendliness / standardization
- Sales increase through improved customer call preparations
- Revenue increase through sales loss avoidance
- Increased profitability through early adoption to new market opportunities (early market access, created markets justify higher margins)

Read the full article here... Please comment and discuss.