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Centralized Competitive Intelligence

CI Functions in Large Corporations

In reflection of my speech: "Centralized Competitive Intelligence Functions in Large Corporations"2007 European Competitive Intelligence Summit, October 25, 2007 in Bad Nauheim, Germany I have to admit that I was overwhelmed by the participation (130 SCIP tells me, many thanks for seeing my presentation everyone!) and the response.

Fortunately being the last session that day I was able to take the time and discuss with everyone who was seeking me out afterwards, blocking the room for another 30 minutes after completion.

There were many fellow practitioners who reflected on their own situation as competitive intelligence practitioners and shared their views and insights. Not only was I happy to have provided some value to much of the visitors but I have also learned a lot myself again by this active exchange of practical intelligence work on the ground.

One gentleman approached me the next day with a very interesting question that I would like to discuss at Markintell: "What if your executive supporters suddenly shake up and turn against the whole idea of competitive intelligence in your company?".

Well, I haven't really given this equation too much thought as I have never experienced it myself. Martha Matteo, the current SCIP president asked something into that direction as well in the Q&A section of the session: "You are well established with your intelligence program, executives trust you and you satisfy the company's intelligence needs on a routine basis. But a M&A situation cuts off all the support over night..."

As a spontaneous answer I responded "if you were not able to detect and counter-act what turned out a major internal change, also impacting your competitive landscape at large I guess you have failed in two things: your support with executives was nothing short of a bubble and you haven't done your home work as a CI professional. And without serious executive support or insight into developments like that your function would likely have failed due to a series of other reasons as well".

Martha elaborated on the discussion at my competitive intelligence blog here.

I hope to be able to provide more speeches and value to the global competitive intelligence community and look forward to many more fruitful discussions!