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Sky is the Limit!

SCIP Barcelona CI Workshop

At this year's SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Association) European Summit in Barcelona, Spain, November 16-18 I will hold another competitive intelligence related workshop.

After the huge success at last year's Amsterdam Summit I was asked by SCIP to come up with an advanced edition of the workshop based on my past experience to establish and advance a global competitive intelligence unit. I truly hope to meet you all again at that SCIP conference. Contact me should you have any questions prior to signing up for that workshop.

For participants in my last year's SCIP workshop: if you are ready to extend your CI unit's exposure throughout the organization this workshop is for you. There is about 30% overlap with the initial workshop which might serve as a refresher.

November 16, 9am-12noon

Sky is the Limit! Identify Surprising Opportunities to Expand your CI Unit’s Operation Span

Jens Thieme, Global Head of Program Management Custom Manufacturing/Lonza

Participants will work out and experience hands-on how to easily and structurally identify the CI function’s status and growth potential and how to exploit additional opportunities from within their own organization.


  • Identify fundamentals of a modern CI function broken down into real world key elements

  • Establish an actionable framework that is used to guide any improvement by identifying obstacles and solutions for all key elements of the CI function

  • Explore opportunities based on their own work environment and prepare decision makers to buy in to additional mandates for the CI function well beyond the current scope


Hesperia Tower
Gran Via 144 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
08907 Barcelona
Barcelona Spain
Tel: (+34) 93 413 50 00
Fax: (+34) 934 135 010

Register for the SCIP Barcelona European Summit 2010 here.

SCIA workshop

CI Roadmap by GIA

As a long time Global Intelligence Alliance customer I have grown familiar with their services and impact. The CI Development Roadmap had helped me in my former function to establish a CI function for a global chemicals conglomerate.

This new installment of workshop, Competitive Intelligence Magazine article and White Paper on the GIA Competitive Intelligence Roadmap plus my personal experience with it in a corporate setting was sbject of the November 24 workshop in Zurich for the Swiss Competitive Intelligence Alliance.

As you can find in below's documents GIA describes a CI function's evolution in 5 potential development stages across 6 distinct success factors. The matrix they use compares the functions of CI organization, scope, process, culture, tool and deliverables.

As a global Market & Competitive Intelligence executive I turned this matrix into a sophisticated survey and program for my former management to determine the status quo of the then CI function, compare with best practice whereas the gap analysis resulted in firm mandates by these very executives.

Have fun studying the material and let me know if you have any questions.

SCIP Amsterdam Registration

Competitive Intelligence Summit

Registration for the 2009 European Competitive Intelligence Summit in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is now available. Please come and join me at this conference which might become the largest Competitive Intelligence professionals gathering ever in Europe.

After last year's huge success in Rome (yeah, in the middle of the economic downturn shockwave) here is another installment of the European version of SCIP's annual CI conference.

Running a pre-conference workshop this time with my friend Hans Hedin of the Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA) I will be in best company with scores of global CI experts.

Check out the program here and register via the brochure or at SCIP's website.

SCIA Education Day

Half Day CI Event

At the Swiss Competitive Intelligence Association (SCIA) we are preparing a half day event to support our national members in their efforts to gain traction for their Competitive Intelligence related career paths.


We were able to win quite a number of top notch speakers to the topic and I certainly hope that our members and additional interested CI professionals will join in numbers on September 29, 2009 in Zurich.

Monika Giese (Switzerland) will talk about a case of an internal annual CI education program at a large global corporation and focus on the implementation of the Prescott/Comai CI model there.

Stefan Schuppisser (Switzerland) is a leading business school professor and is just about to ramp up academic efforts here in Switzerland to support CI professionals and companies much more intensely as in the past.

Rainer Michaeli(Germany) will introduce ICI's options to support your educational needs as a CI practitioner.

So will Toni Nagle (United Kingdom) of ACI, SCIA members and interested visitors will learn about their opportunities to become better educated CI pro's from various angles.

SCIP will support SCIA with material and a featured reading/commentary via phone by Bonnie Hohof (US) of SCIP.

And finally Alessandro Comai (Spain) and John Prescott (US) will also dial in to introduce their World Class CI Model, share their experience in CI education and provide insights into career path supporting CI training options.

All speakers in the room and on the phone will finally join forces in a major panel discussion fed by SCIA members questions (via survey as mentioned above) and live questions in the room and from the sessions.

Event Flyer.

Join the events via this link.

"World-class CI" workshop

From firefighters to futurists

Joint half-day workshop with Hans Hedin of Global Intelligence Alliance at the 2009 Competitive Intelligence Summit by the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP), Amsterdam November 4, 2009.

At this year’s Competitive Intelligence Summit by the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) I will have the pleasure and honor to collaborate with Hans Hedin of Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA) to offer a half day workshop featuring Competitive Intelligence modeling I have used in my current role as Global Head of Market & Competitive Intelligence.

The model is based on a framework to develop or improve a Competitive Intelligence function. Dimensions such as Competitive Intelligence processes, Competitive Intelligence organization, Competitive Intelligence culture, Competitive Intelligence scope, Competitive Intelligence deliverables are being evaluated with this model and solutions worked-out, offered for various development stages labeled from “Firefighters” (ad-hoc, spontaneous and on-demand fragmented Competitive Intelligence activities) towards “world-class” Competitive Intelligence function containing structured and fully integrated best practice Competitive Intelligence solutions.

This workshop provides a hands-on learning experience about the key elements of a modern CI function and their development options.

You will identify CI process elements, organizational setup options, the various scopes of a CI function, tools potential, cultural status and driving forces. Participants will also be guided through development stages of the various functions and identify key elements of each function.

The framework will enable participants to determine the status quo of their own CI function and develop solutions for detailed improvements and sustainable progress.

The workshop includes best practice theory as well as actionable real world examples to generate executive buy-in and move the CI function towards world class status.

Workshop Objectives

* learn the fundamentals of a modern CI function broken down into real world key elements

* establish an actionable framework that is used to guide any improvement by identifying obstacles and solutions for reaching next step in the evolution process

* use the framework to generate executive buy-in and drive change throughout the organization
This is a joined workshop of a global intelligence consultancy and a corporate CI leader. You will walk away with a workable action plan to move your CI function from a given status to the desired end game in a structured way.

Workshop structure
This workshop will be of a highly participative nature. You will learn to apply the suggested methodology in your own organization. The presenters will use concepts, cases and real world examples in order to describe the evolution of a CI function. The participants will create a blueprint for their own development plan. This plan will be presented and discussed during the workshop, giving the participants the benefit of obtaining ideas and recommendations for how to proceed when implementing CI in his/her organization.

If you are interested in more detail or want to register for this and other workshops at the SCIP conference, please visit SCIP's dedicated European Summit website.

Global Intelligence Alliance

Kundenseminar 2008, Helsinki

Wie in jedem Jahr gegen Ende Mai so wurden auch dieses Frühjahr wieder Global Intelligence Alliance Kunden zu einem Seminar nach Helsinki eingeladen.

Nachdem ich in Stuttgart gemeinsam mit Frieder Spieth von Bosch Power Tools bereits einen Workshop erfolgreich durchgeführt hatte, wollte ich diesmal einen neuen Vortrag ausprobieren der eine strukturierte Herangehensweise bezüglich Etablierung und Festigung einer Marktforschungsabteilung oder –funktion zum Inhalt hatte.

Als wäre das nicht spannend genug gewesen, ich hatte sogar die Ehre mit meinem Freund Michel Bernaiche von Dunkin’ Brands gemeinsam zu reden. Hans Hedin von GIA war auch mit von der Partie um die neueste globale Studie über Marktforschungs- und Wettbewerbsbeobachtungsabteilungen in globalen Unternehmen vorzustellen. Zusätzlich fokussierte Hans auf einer Matrix zu den verschiedenen Entwicklungsstufen solcher Marktforschungs- und Wettbewerbsbeobachtungsabteilungen. Diese Matrix war im Übrigen die Basis für meine im Referat vorgetragene Erfahrung mit Ciba.

Markko Vaarnas GIA’s CEO und Mitbegründer stellte im Detail GIA’s Leistungsnachweis und die künftige Businessausrichtung vor.

Sämtliche Beiträge wurden nicht nur wohlwollend aufgenommen sondern auch sehr aktiv diskutiert. Das Interesse an der „Entwicklungsmatrix“, einer eher praktischen Umsetzung die ich vortrug und der folgenden Präsentation von Michel war signifikant. Auch Tage nach dem Helsinki Aufenthalt diskutierte ich mich vielen Anwesenden online verschiedene Implementierungsmöglickeiten und meine Erfarhungen.

Michel’s Präsentation über counter intelligence (oder geeignete Schutzmassnahmen gegen Wettbewerbsanalyse) war dann auch wieder für mich ein ultimatives Highlight. Mir wurde überdeutlich klar, wie wichtig eine volle Integration von counter intelligence sein muss für jedes Unternehmen das sich gegen zu tiefe Einblicke zur Wehr setzen will.

Der durchaus aufwühlende und intessante Tag (oder die Tage nach meinen mehrtägigen meetings mit GIA in deren Stammsitz in Helsinki) wurde wiederum mit einem Zückerchen beschlossen: eine dreistündige Cruise mit einem Zweimaster in der Bucht von Helsinki. Ein exzellenter Netzwerkrahmen von dem alle Teilnehmer kräftig Gebrauch machten.

SCIA Round Tabel

Process Integration

At the May 20, 2008 SCIA (Swiss Competitive Intelligence) event we tried a new, interactive format with our members which has proven very successful indeed.

Hans Hedin of the Global Intelligence Association (GIA) introduced the recent global study on the state of competitive intelligence in international corporations.
He also focused on the evolutions matrix of competitive intelligence functions which visualizes various states of development of classic market intelligence functions and activities such as competitive intelligence processes, competitive intelligence organization, competitive intelligence culture, competitive intelligence scope, competitive intelligence deliverables, etc.

I have successfully used the matrix in my developments of the competitive intelligence function at Ciba and presented the findings along with Hans on May 29, 2008 at the GIA Helsinki Customer Summit.

A subsequent roundtable discussion on process integration moved the event into an even more interactive format which has proven very satisfying for the participating SCIA members. Following a summary of the discussion:

Business processes integration are crucial for any competitive intelligence (CI) operation. Within the discussion between the SCIA members in the room and the panelists Hans Hedin, Marc Limacher, Maarit Seppä and Jens Thieme plus Kurt Kobel as the moderator and facilitator of the discussion some of the following remarks were being made and we would like to trigger a discussion among our members on their individual experience in that regard.

- Planning and process integration can be vital indicators for education needs as they might unveil skill gaps in implementation (Thieme)
- Some or many processes within an enterprice might not even be known as such. It might be worthwhile to visualize and communicate to make sure their importance and rightful existence are supported (Seppä)
- Processes within a Marketing & Sales organization are highly visibly and strongly required to carry CI activities, this visibility can be taken advantage of (Limacher)
- A good option for CI process intagtration offer controling/finance operations. Investor relation could host the intelligence activities in such a setup as observed in some major Swiss financial companies (Hedin)
- Sales force involvement to close the communication feedback loop and enrich the intelligence base are crucial and could/should be secured by processes as well (Kobel/Limacher)
- Networking activities need to be part of any CI operation and processes can help to enforce networking as a business tool (Kobel)
- Differences across various industries were stressed as well, especially in the light of varying product life cycles (Limacher)
- Crucial bridging between group services and business areas such as R&D and Marketing & Sales and any other relevant intelligence-driven decision level need to be supported by cross-departmental processes and planning tools (Thieme)

Audience responses, contributions:
- As CI develops more and more, in-depth expertise is required and process integration can only be helpful
- CI needs to be driven via key champions within an organization, doubling the effort with process integration would be a plus
- If there were cross-departmental processes it might be possible to get to know what new recruits could add to the company's intelligence base, HR was mentioned several times as a resource for CI
- In order to support intelligence flow something like an internal exchange breakfast was mentioned as a succesful format
- A concern was discussed: "What if the CI Ferrari is not recognized as such but as a bicycle at best?" - this might be an education issue to management!

Another topic area that was discussed very lively was raised by the moderator Kurt Kobel: "How formal does CI need to be?", some ideas and responses:
- There will always be a fair share of ad-hoc activities in CI but it also depends on existing processes and product life cycles (Thieme)
- It seems to be important to embedd CI into already existing processes as much as possible (make friends with process owners, mutual support) (Thieme)
- Follow up on key intelligence requirements! (Hedin, Seppä)
- Deliver something to intelligence owners to establish two-way flow (Limacher)
- A seat at the table is crucial (audience)

With this recap we would like to invite you to contribute more ideas and kick off a discussion among SCIA members.

Many thanks for making SCIA such a lively, great sharing experience, looking forward to your feedbacks and your personal appearance at one of our next events.

Panel Discussion CI

"Global Competitive Intelligence"

In addition to my session on "Centralization of Market & Competitive Intelligence: Challenges, Obstacles, Path to Success" at the 2007 Competitive Intelligence European Summit am October 25, 2007 in Bad Nauheim, I will be a panelist expert speaker for the topic of Global Compettive Intelligence "Global Competitive Intelligence".

The panel discussion will be held October 26, 2007 11:45am, Carsten Gayer, GAYER CONSULTING will facilitate the event.

Details on Expert Talk Global CI:

Conducting Global CI projects can be a daunting task. Learn from Experts and colleagues best practices and aids to improve efficiency and quality of your international CI work.

Challenges and factors of success in respect of Global CI.

Multinational companies face a growing demand on global CI insights. International or even global CI projects - continuous or ad hoc – often bring up questions:

  • Which sources are available, if global accessible databases and the Internet are reaching their limits?
  • How to solve the problem of linguistical, cultural and temporal barriers at transnational field research (e. g. expert interviews)?
  • How to control a complex global CI Project?
    What Tools exist to support global CI routine processes?
  • (In which cases) is the use of external service providers and analysts advisable?
  • Are everywhere the same sources and methods available, so that qualitative comparable, valid results are guaranteed?
  • In how far it can be spoken about „Global CI“, or does CI not always (also) has to be local organized?

The discussion refers equally to CI-Users and CI-Professionals, by approaching lessons learnt from different points of view.

Discussion will be in English.

I would be thrilled to meet you there!


Entwicklung von Intranets

Vier extreme Szenarien

Intranet Breakfast vom 29. April 2005. In der Entwicklung der Intranet-Landschaft ist kein eindeutiger Trend erkennbar. Bei der Betrachtung einzelner Intranets fällt allerdings auf, dass es verschiedene Schwerpunkte hinsichtlich der inhaltlichen Ausrichtung gibt.

Ich hatte das Privileg und die Freude an diesem Workshop teilzunehmen in meiner Funktion als Global Head of Electronic Communication bei Ciba.

Vier Schwerpunkte wurden ausgewählt und in Workshops versucht, Intranets zu konzipieren, die vollständig auf je einen der Schwerpunkte ausgerichtet sind. Die vorliegenden Szenarien wurden zusammen mit 20 Intranet Managern aus Schweizer Unternehmen erarbeitet.

Aus folgenden vier Schwerpunkten wurde je ein extremes Intranet konzipiert.

Die Mitarbeitenden sind informiert über Strategie, Geschäftsverlauf und haben die Möglichkeit für Rückfragen und Anregungen.

Primäre Prozesse
Abläufe der primären Wertschöpfung in Bereichen wie Entwicklung, Logistik, Produktion etc. sind im Intranet abgebildet.

Sekundäre Prozesse
Abläufe der sekundären Wertschöpfung in Bereichen wie Human Ressources, Reiseplanung etc. werden optimal unterstützt.

Wenig strukturierte Informationen, die im Unternehmen produziert werden, sind zentral gespeichert und einfach zugänglich.

Die gesamte Workshop Präsentation können Sie hier herunterladen.