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SCIA workshop

CI Roadmap by GIA

As a long time Global Intelligence Alliance customer I have grown familiar with their services and impact. The CI Development Roadmap had helped me in my former function to establish a CI function for a global chemicals conglomerate.

This new installment of workshop, Competitive Intelligence Magazine article and White Paper on the GIA Competitive Intelligence Roadmap plus my personal experience with it in a corporate setting was sbject of the November 24 workshop in Zurich for the Swiss Competitive Intelligence Alliance.

As you can find in below's documents GIA describes a CI function's evolution in 5 potential development stages across 6 distinct success factors. The matrix they use compares the functions of CI organization, scope, process, culture, tool and deliverables.

As a global Market & Competitive Intelligence executive I turned this matrix into a sophisticated survey and program for my former management to determine the status quo of the then CI function, compare with best practice whereas the gap analysis resulted in firm mandates by these very executives.

Have fun studying the material and let me know if you have any questions.

World-Class Market Intelligence

From Firefighters to Futurists

A Webinar presentation introducing the newest Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA) White Paper titled "World-Class Market Intelligence - From Firefighters to Futurists" was hosted May 6, 2009 by GIA where I featured a case study from my work as Global Head of Market & Competitive Intelligence.

The GIA White Paper introduced and discussed Global Intelligence Alliance’s “World Class Market Intelligence Development Framework”. The model finds its base in GIA’s extensive consultative experience, and also relies on research into how hundreds of large organizations conduct intelligence.

As I used the World Class Market Intelligence Development Framework within my role at Ciba (part of BASF today) I transformed theory into practice while developing and ongoingly improving the global Market & Competitive Intelligence function.

The GIA White Paper features my case study which will also be subject to my half day workshop at the European Competitive Intelligence Summit in Amsterdam this November. Below you can find the Webinar slides and the White Paper that can also be downloaded via the Global Intelligence Alliance website.


Webinar "World-Class Market Intelligence - From Firefighters to Futurists", size: 2.56 MB

White Paper "World-Class Market Intelligence - From Firefighters to Futurists", size 1.99 MB

Interview in GIA Newsletter

October 2007

The Global Inelligence Alliance (GIA) published an interview with me October 23rd, 2007 that is based on my chapter "Harmonizing Competitive Intelligence" in the next SCIP book "Starting a Competitive Intelligence Function".

Here is an abstract from the interview that you can find following this link to the GIA Newsletter 3/2007:

GIA: In your experience, how do you tackle the challenges that one comes across along the road of MI development?

Jens Thieme: Working with different individuals, one will step into many backyards. Respecting everyone’s own interests and agendas will create buy-in, as will the support from top management, and the strength of one’s internal network.

Time is an issue that needs to be factored in: Any project that aims at serious improvements across organizational boundaries tends to end up being much bigger as originally anticipated.

GIA: Jens, you are now in the process of rolling out the Ciba Intelligence Plaza for the corporate audience around the world. What do you see as the next steps?

Jens Thieme: We now need to close educational gaps and extend our array of research and analytical techniques. Maximized impact through world class intelligence production, and executives who get used to gauging their business decisions based on that much improved intelligence are logical next goals for us...

For the full interview please visit the GIA website.