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SCIP Vienna Program

Program and Registration

Register TODAY! The 2011 European Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Summit in Vienna will a most fruitful value contribution to your career path in Competitive Intelligence through state-of-the-art learning and a most professional CI network you will be able to build and support.

Please find the conference program below.

Register TODAY and bring colleagues too.

Web agenda and brochure are preliminary and will be updated as information becomes available. 
Track Key

Track 1 Analysis Tools

Track 2 Competitive Intelligence and Strategy
Track 3 Competitive Intelligence Communication
Track 4 Gaining Influence for the Competitive Intelligence Unit
Track 5 Innovation and the Competitive Intelligence Process
Track 6 Structuring and Modifying a Competitive Intelligence Unit


Tuesday, 8 November 2011
08:00 - 17:00 Registration
08:30 - 09:00 Continental Breakfast
09:00 - 17:00

Workshop #1 - War Gaming for Veterans

09:00 - 17:00 Workshop #2 - CI 101
10:30 - 10:45 Morning Break
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch
15:00 - 15:15 Afternoon Break

SCIP 2011 European Summit Concludes

 *additional fees apply to attend pre-conference workshops
Wednesday, 9 November 2011
08:00 - 17:00 Registration
08:00 - 08:45 Continental Breakfast and Exhibition
08:45 - 09:00 Conference Welcome
09:00 - 09:45 The Future of Competitive Intelligence

Simon Jones, Vice President, Business Development, Strategy and Group Development, Borealis

09:45 - 10:15 Keynote Address

David Frigstad, Chairman of the Board, Frost & Sullivan 
10:30 - 11:20 Concurrent Tracks - Interactive Breakout and Case History sessions

Choose one of the following:

10:20 - 11:20 Track 2 - How to Forecast Competitors' Actions in the Most Effective Way (Case History)

Sabine Hehner, Lufthansa Cargo AG

10:20 - 11:20 Track 4 - Competitive Intelligence Advantage: A Community-Content-Service Approach (Case History)

Aurelien Blaha, Dassault Systèmes

10:20 - 11:20 Track 1 - Going Beyond Google: Gathering Internet Intelligence (Interactive Breakout)

Sean Campbell, Cascade Insights

10:20 - 11:20 Track 2 - Recipe for Successful Wargaming: Great Competitive Intelligence is an Essential Ingredient (Interactive Breakout)

Ken Sawka, Outward Insights and Scott Leeb, Prudential

11:20 - 11:50 Networking, Refreshment and Exhibition Break
11:50 - 12:35 Town Hall Ask the Experts Panel Discussion
11:50 - 12:35 Solutions Wheel
12:35 - 13:55 Business Lunch
13:55 - 14:55 Concurrent Tracks - Interactive Breakout and Case History sessions

Choose one of the following:

13:55 - 14:55 Track 4 - The Internal Politics of Competitive Intelligence Activity (Case History)

Avner Barnea, Ono Academic College
13:55 - 14:55 Track 2 - Setting Up an Information Space and a Research Agenda for Competitive Intelligence (Case History)

Kai Goerlich, SAP Deutschland AG & Co KG

13:55 - 14:55 Track 2 - Using Competitive Intelligence to Maximize Value Proposition Alignment (Interactive Breakout)

Erik Glitman, Fletcher/CSI and Joe Kelly, Fletcher/CSI

13:55 - 14:55 Track 1 - Information Collection and Analysis Model for Emerging Markets (Interactive Breakout)

Nishant Wadhwani, Insightful Intelligence Consultancy Pvt Ltd. and
Nilanjan Jana, Insightful Intelligence Consultancy Pvt Ltd

14:55 - 15:25 Networking, Refreshment and Exhibition Break
15:25 - 16:25 Concurrent Tracks - Interactive Breakout and Case History sessions

Choose one of the following:

15:25 - 16:25 Track 1 - The Art and Science of Competitive Intelligence (Case History)

Eliana Benjumeda, Acciona S.A. and Mario Esteban, Acciona S.A.

15:25 - 16:25 Track 5 - How to Effectively Integrate Competitive Intelligence into the Innovation Process (Case History)

Claire Buckwar, SCHOTT Electronic Packaging GmbH

15:25 - 16:25 Track 4 - Competitive Intelligence Consultancy Skills: Becoming a Trusted Advisor to Your CEO (Interactive Breakout)

Joost Drieman, Cisco Systems Inc. and Hans Hedin, GIA

15:25 - 16:25 Track 1 - How to Effectively Use Geo-Intelligence for Competitive Intelligence (Interactive Breakout)

Johannes Deltl, Acrasio GmbH

16:30 - 17:30 Concurrent Tracks - Interactive Breakout and Case History sessions

Choose one of the following:

16:30 - 17:30 Track 4 - From Challengers to Champions: Earning Support from Senior Executives (Case History)

William West, Cooperative of American Physicians, Inc.

16:30 - 17:30 Track 4 - Tactical Credibility: Your Strategic Calling Card (Case History)

Nigel Aston and Christine Ripoll, Amadeus IT Group SA

16:30 - 17:30 Track 2 - Successfully Managing Customer Push-Back: Essential Tools for the Competitive Intelligence Professional (Interactive Breakout)

David Gibson, Kaiser Associates, Inc.

16:30 - 17:30 Track 6 - Managing the Information Overload: How to Distil Information into Insights (Interactive Breakout)

Karina Habdas, Evalueserve Ltd. and
Frank van Dijk, Bently Nevada, a division of GE Energy Netherlands B.V.

17:30 - 18:30 Networking Reception
Thursday, 10 November 2011
08:00 - 12:00 Registration
08:00 - 08:45 Continental Breakfast and Exhibition
08:45 - 09:00 Opening
09:00 - 10:30 Mega Trends Think Thank: The Impact on Your Career and Industry

David Frigstad, Frost & Sullivan

10:35 - 11:35 Concurrent Tracks - Interactive Breakout and Case History sessions

Choose one of the following:

10:35 - 11:35 Track 1 - Bull’s Eye Analysis: A Marriage of Competitor, Management and Blindspot Analysis (Case History)

Dan Mulligan, Mercyhurst College

10:35 - 11:35 Track 3 - Communication Platform for International Small and Medium Enterprises (Case History)

Michal Ucen, Cord Blood Center Group

10:35 - 11:35 Track 4 - Scenario Technique: A Strategic Competitive Intelligence Tool (Interactive Breakout)

Monika Giese, ICOCI GmbH

10:35 - 11:35 Track 1 - Competitive Intelligence and Social Media (Interactive Breakout)

Alexander Stumpfegger, Pattern Science AG

11:35 - 12:05 Networking, Refreshment and Exhibition Break
12:05 - 13:05 Concurrent Tracks - Interactive Breakout and Case History sessions
Choose one of the following:
12:05 - 13:05 Track 4 - Collaboration: The Most Important Critical Success Factor for Competitive Intelligence (Case History)

Michelle Settecase, Ernst & Young

12:05 - 13:05 Track 4 - Securing C-Suite Buy In for Your Competitive Intelligence Unit (Case History)

Timothy Krysiek, Statoil

12:05 - 13:05 Track 3 - How to Effectively Use Technology to Tap Intelligence from Internal and External Resources (Interactive Breakout)

Jesper Ejdling Martell, Comintelli

12:05 - 13:05 Track 2 - The Master Plan: A Framework for Competitive Intelligence Operational Success (Interactive Breakout)

Gary Maag and David Kalinowski, Proactive

13:05 - 14:25 Business Lunch
14:25 - 15:25 Concurrent Tracks - Interactive Breakout and Case History sessions

Choose one of the following:

14:25 - 15:25 Track 4 - From Customer Service to Customer Relationship Management: How to Use Competitive Intelligence to Improve the Customer Strategy (Case History)

Guillaume Sylvestre, LMDE (La Mutuelle Des Etudiants)

14:25 - 15:25 Track 2 - Defend Yourself: Everyone Doesn't Play by the Same Ethical Rules (Case History)

Adam Radicic, IRM, Ltd.

14:25 - 15:25 Track 5 - Are Intelligence Lessons Identified from National Security Transferrable to Competitive Intelligence? (Interactive Breakout)

Malcolm Baker, Resilience

14:25 - 15:25 Track 3 - The Impact of New Media (Interactive Breakout)
15:25 - 15:55 Networking, Refreshment and Exhibition Break
15:55 - 16:40 Top Takeaways Panelf

SCIP Vienna 2011

Call for proposals

SCIP asks for proposals to speek at the 2011 Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Summit, 8-10 November in Vienna, Austria.

As your Chairman for the 2011 Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Summit, 8-10 November in Vienna, Austria I would like to invite you to contribute to the Summit with your session or workshop. Below you can find the entire text of the Call for Proposals and the direct download links for the forms.


2011 SCIP European Summit Conference Call for Proposals

The Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) will present the European Summit November 8-10, 2011 in Vienna Austria.
SCIP continues to develop and provide educational programming and networking opportunities for its members all over the world. The European Summit traditionally has one of the most diverse attendance and speaker constituencies of all of our conferences. The 2011 European Summit call for proposals will open on May 6, 2011 and will close on June 7, 2011. Once the proposals are reviewed and sessions selected, notifications of acceptance will be sent to presenters via e-mail. SCIP reserves the right to invite additional presenters to the program.
All proposals must feature case studies and/or demonstrated best practices -- year after year attendees have told us they want to hear about successes and lessons learned in competitive intelligence practice. Proposals that provide case examples and professional tips for the audience will be given preference in the selection process.
Below are areas of focus suggested by our content committee but proposals on additional topics are also welcome.

1. Gaining Influence for the Competitive Intelligence Unit

Gaining influence is a critical part of any successful competitive intelligence program, because doing the right job and doing the job right sometimes is not enough. One needs also to demonstrate the importance and relevance of their work. It is not only a matter of merit, it is also a matter of how CI is presented and perceived.
Examples of topics for sessions and questions to be addressed are:
o Demonstrating through real-life cases how a competitive intelligence unit managed to gain influence and importance within a given company
 Which tools were successfully used to increase the importance of CI within your organization, and how were they used?
 How do you make competitive intelligence a critical component of your company?
 How do you engage senior management in the competitive intelligence effort?
 How do you secure the resources to complete the task (financial, personnel and others)?
o Overcoming barriers within the decision making process to increase visibility and influence of competitive intelligence
 Once the job is completed successfully, how do you increase the resources dedicated to the CI unit? Is that expansion actually necessary or desirable?
 How do you effectively influence people within and outside of your own organization?
 How do you make competitive intelligence an integral part of the decision-making process?
o Supporting tactical and operational decisions
 How should competitive intelligence support the sales organization?
 How should a competitive intelligence unit be structured to support different decision making entities?

2. Competitive Intelligence Communication

Communication is a key element in effectively accomplishing the Intelligence Cycle, especially the communicating competitive intelligence products and enhancing the relationship between the unit and the decision maker. Speakers will provide an actual experience and ways that practitioners solved their problems and enhanced their CI unit’s performance. Examples of topics and questions to be addressed are: Starting and completing the intelligence cycle: identifying the right needs and delivering the right products.
o How do you keep the competitive intelligence unit’s focus aligned with the decision-maker’s real needs?
o How do you conduct regular assessments of management’s Key Intelligence Topics?
o How do you obtain regular feedback from your decision-maker clients? Creating a good relationship and lines of communication with your decision-maker.
o How do you encourage your decision-makers to use the CI unit and request challenging jobs.
o How do you get your decision-maker to understand what information you need to do your job?

3. Innovation and the Competitive Intelligence Process

How much of innovation has to do with insights, and how much has to do with hard work? An actual competitive intelligence process based on knowledge, alongside its systematic pursuit of information and its analysis can have a great impact on the innovation processes.
Unexpected occurrences, different kinds of contradictions, process needs, or changes in an industry or market can create opportunities for the company. Competitive intelligence can help innovators to look for focused and simple solutions to approach real life problems and thus create successful opportunities. Examples of topics for speeches and questions to be addressed are: The CI role: Open innovation versus traditional innovation
o How can CI participate and boost the innovation process within companies?
o What kind of CI outputs might be useful in the innovation process?
o How do you use networks to foster innovation within your company?
o Is it possible to create fruitful synergies between CI and the innovation process? Using CI to find unexplored markets. Using CI as an innovation tool in emerging markets.
o CI as a tool in technology and organizational innovation. Applying technology innovation to boost the CI process.

4. Analysis Tools

Intelligence is only produced through an analytical process that takes the information and evidences collected and works through them to extract meaning and significance for the decision making process. Analysis is a creative process that is done inside our minds. We can accomplish it with the help of frameworks and methodologies, or in an unstructured way in which we use our intuition and previous knowledge to create connections among data and drive conclusions. In this topic experienced practitioners are expected to share their knowledge on how they have successfully been using analysis to deliver Intelligence to their decision makers.
Examples of topics to be addressed are:
Presenting your own experience on using traditional methodologies and their influence on the decision making process. This can be either on the tactical or strategic level. Case and results are expected.
o How do you use short analysis to add value to the collected data?
o How do you get organizational and shared knowledge to come to sound conclusions even without using any structured methodology? Explaining a new or a non-traditional methodology.
o How it is done?
o In which situations should it be applied
o What are the steps and framework, and how do you arrive at a conclusion.
Showing a successful case of developing collective analysis to solve a business problem.

5. Competitive Intelligence and Strategy

Intelligence is the radar of any company’s strategy. Managing a company’s strategy without a competitive intelligence process is like navigating through a fog without instruments. To develop and implement a successful strategy, companies must have a CI process that allows them to leverage from information and perspectives, thus becoming able to anticipate environmental changes, threats or opportunities, and establish goals and implement better strategies to approach it’s environment. Likewise SCIP’s name change reasons, CI and Strategy belong to the same discussion and must not be treated separately.
Examples of topics to be addressed are: Connecting Strategy and CI: why both must be tightly related.
o How do you fit CI in the strategy building process (conceptual discussion)?
o What are the strategic aspects of CI, over the tactical aspects?
o How do you introduce CI in the strategic decision process?
o How can CI service influence a company’s strategy?
o What are examples of successful participation of CI service in strategy elaboration process? Provide examples of successful CI service collaboration in scenario analysis process or War Games Providing examples of why CI and strategic management must be a symbiotic process.
o How do you use CI in support of M&A, long range planning and internationalization.
o What are some cases and discussions of M&A or internationalization process supported by CI process?

6. Structuring and Modifying a CI Unit

Many doctors would agree that performing an open heart surgery is simple: one can learn the basics in 6 months. However, doing it right and learning what to do if anything goes wrong, or if there is any deviation from the original plan, can take many years. The same can be said about building up and managing a competitive intelligence unit. Examples of topics for speeches and questions to be addressed are: What does a properly formed CI unit look like; How to fix CI units that were not formed properly from the beginning; How to increase the effectiveness of your CI unit; How to develop the critical competences required from a CI unit and its professionals.


The session presentations are 45 – 60 minutes in length and will be scheduled on the 9th or the 10th of November, 2011. The European Summit presentations can be in PowerPoint for those speakers who are in the practitioner category and should be in an interactive category without the use of PowerPoint for those in the solution provider category. Selected speakers will receive one complimentary registration to the main conference (November 9-10, 2011. This does not include registration for pre-conference workshops. Travel expenses and other related costs will not be compensated.
Co Presenters: If a co-presenter is requested for the presentation, please define what that person would add to the program so that we can determine if this co-presenter would possibly qualify for a complimentary registration. Co-presenters will not be accepted after your proposal is submitted unless requested by the Program Team. Signed agreements are required for both Primary and Co-Presenters. Duplication: If two proposals contain similar content, selection will be based on both quantitative and qualitative merit.

Call for proposals document download

Questions form download


CI Certification


SCIP joins forces with the leading competitive intelligence training organization to offer global certification in the field.

A joint venture between SCIP and ACI, the world's leading competitive intelligence training organizations, advances the profession's standards for this relatively young field through a quality certification program.

Read the official press release from the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) society and the Fuld-Gilad-Herring Academy of Competitive Intelligence LLC (ACI).

Download the .pdf press release.

Giving Rubber for SCIP

Road trip to SCIP Barcelona

Another European SCIP conference - this time in Barcelona, Spain. Meeting old friends again and making new ones. Yet: something drastic was different: No air travel! A SCIP Competitive Intelligence Magazine article, by Jens Thieme and Michel Bernaiche.

Michel and I - two fellows who originally met at a Northern European intelligence gathering - decided to make the trip to another SCIP conference a journey to remember. Read on my friends, you might be planning a cool appearance at this year's Vienna Conference just for kicks.

Download the pdf version of this CIM article here.

Great European CI Summit detour

Of Bears, Doughnuts and Chemistry, by Jens Thieme and Michel Bernaiche

The European CI Summit, SCIP November 2010 in Barcelona attracted 200 attendees from 22 different countries around the world with attendees.  But this is a story about a pair of friends who trekked their way through 5 countries over 4 days in an effort to continue and build their friendship that began at a CI gathering in Helsinki, Finland many moons back. When these two unsuspecting CI leaders in their respective companies Dunkin' Brands (the guys who feed you well even when Hotel Mom is closed for vacation) and Ciba (the former world leader in specialty chemicals, owned by BASF today), ventured to Helsinki to participate in a CI forum geared to providing insights and conversations that would lead to further development of CI programs around the world - little they guessed about the career successes and mutual adventures ahead.

It was here, at an International dinner event that included such delicacies as pigeon, bear salami, frog leg and reindeer, that a friendship was born that should not only bridge continents but business fields as far apart as doughnuts and automotive additives. For years to come, these two thought leaders in the world of CI, would meet in 9 different countries over the course of 4 years for one reason or another but mostly for the good of CI.

While chemicals and breakfast coffee hardly make a tempting combination these two remain just as passionate about CI as they did when they first met, though the true benefit of their meeting comes at the hands of the CI community at large. Jens and Michel as true ambassadors to the global CI cause have always remained interested in sharing thoughts, ideas and best practices in authoring, speaking and work-shopping in an effort to further elevate the relevance and longevity of CI.

So their trip to this year's European CI Summit in Barcelona, Spain began in Zurich, where the two discussed over espresso on the Limmat river, ideas around where the next Euro Summit could be in an effort to improve and further strengthen the eastern European CI community.  From there, they moved on to Bern where they had lunch and discussed the tough past two years that SCIP experienced and their related Board duties.  As daylight dwindled, they arrived in the quiet Souther Swiss Alps town of Naters where the two took part in one of their favorite traditions, toastings.

Onward, their travels took them to Lago Maggiore, Milan, Sion, Nice, Monaco and finally Barcelona - all by car - where they enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new ones and the refreshing absence of air travel nuisances. Charged with excitement from these newly shared adventuresand an updated tool box of fresh ideas for the CI community that was to gather in Barcelona the two set out to enjoy the company of hundreds of CI related professionals and offered their experience in workshops, sessions and meetings again.

While this profession proves time and again that it is not only exciting to engage in and build upon the global CI community offers value way beyond individual growth potential and networking opportunities: true friendship and shared engagement in the cause of progress as individuals and professionals don't know any boundaries here and this spirit was - once again - felt every minute in the meeting rooms and Hotel hall ways at the summit venue.

While the hotel (Hisperia Tower) was situated a bit off course from the stunningly attractive inner city attractions of Barcelona the hotel itself made up for the taxi rides at night. First class rooms, top notch break out facilities and excellent food for main courses and as snacks soothed the senses all along.

As the lodging and conferencing areas were separated in two main buildings the setup provided excellent access to the exhibit halls and major gathering places. Breakfast and afternoon snacks were offered right between the vendor community's booths and meeting areas which provided an outstanding opportunity for practitioners and vendors to stick together whenever outside of sessions. This energy and friendly atmosphere was echoed in the many break out sessions.

With an increased focus on interactivity this year's summit has to be judged as one of the most active, energetic and result oriented events in the history of SCIP events! Many participants took away a tremendous amount of new contacts, fresh ideas and immediately applicable learnings. While the key notes could become a bit more actionable and strategic for summits to come there are additional feedbacks that offer requirements by our members and participants: accessible c-level executives should be lured in to the format more and more to gain insights into the voice of the customer for CI practitioner's services to their decision makers.

Not to single out any of the sessions or workshops in this review but it bares mentioning that the most cheered upon speakers acted up to the challenge of increased interactivity with scores of creative ideas ranging from throwing candy into the crowd for active responses to mutually created work documents as key take-away's.

As with any of the past SCIP summits sadness kicks in when bidding each other farewell, thanking all contributors and supporters for massive value that was provided and for all the friends who disperse into the wide world. While Michel and Jens have yet to share their first calorie laden doughnut together, the ongoing joy, fun and experience shared, beginning with bear salami and temporarily ending with the last Spanish tapas in some idle, yummy Barcelona down town bar - the mind is already set for next year's adventure: a train ride across Europe to catch that chocolaty Sacher Torte in Vienna (Google is and you will gain weight and appetite already) and add on more friends and value for our jobs, once again bridging industries and geographies because the chemistry is just perfect as enabled by those excellent SCIP summits.

(Michel Bernaiche and Jens Thieme have become CI adventurers and visionaries over time and serve the global CI community at the SCIP board. Don't hesitate to take advantage of their energy and expertise and who knows: some more friendships and personal successes might just be around the corner...)

Find the current SCIP Competitive Intelligence Magazine here.

Sky is the Limit!

SCIP Barcelona CI Workshop

At this year's SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Association) European Summit in Barcelona, Spain, November 16-18 I will hold another competitive intelligence related workshop.

After the huge success at last year's Amsterdam Summit I was asked by SCIP to come up with an advanced edition of the workshop based on my past experience to establish and advance a global competitive intelligence unit. I truly hope to meet you all again at that SCIP conference. Contact me should you have any questions prior to signing up for that workshop.

For participants in my last year's SCIP workshop: if you are ready to extend your CI unit's exposure throughout the organization this workshop is for you. There is about 30% overlap with the initial workshop which might serve as a refresher.

November 16, 9am-12noon

Sky is the Limit! Identify Surprising Opportunities to Expand your CI Unit’s Operation Span

Jens Thieme, Global Head of Program Management Custom Manufacturing/Lonza

Participants will work out and experience hands-on how to easily and structurally identify the CI function’s status and growth potential and how to exploit additional opportunities from within their own organization.


  • Identify fundamentals of a modern CI function broken down into real world key elements

  • Establish an actionable framework that is used to guide any improvement by identifying obstacles and solutions for all key elements of the CI function

  • Explore opportunities based on their own work environment and prepare decision makers to buy in to additional mandates for the CI function well beyond the current scope


Hesperia Tower
Gran Via 144 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
08907 Barcelona
Barcelona Spain
Tel: (+34) 93 413 50 00
Fax: (+34) 934 135 010

Register for the SCIP Barcelona European Summit 2010 here.

SCIP Name Change

Strategic Dimension

As a board member of SCIP I would like to announce SCIP's name change and provide some background information as well.

After thorough debate and member involvement with wide spread debate and fruitful exchange we decided to change the name of the society to reflect on our growth path that has produced significant results since the economic down turn and SCIP's strategic alliance with the Frost & Sullivan Institute as a measure to strengthen the Competitive Intelligence profession long term.

Please find the press release on the name change and the official SCIP statement here.

Text copy of the press release:

ALEXANDRIA, Va.Aug. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- On July 8th the SCIP ( ) Board of Directors voted to officially change the 25-year-old non-profit organization's name from "Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals" to "Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals."  This modification reflects the developing evolution of the competitive intelligence (CI) profession to support executive decision-making and firmly acknowledges the relationship between competitive intelligence and strategy.

"This name change executes on the next phase of our strategic growth plan by emphasizing the importance of the CI profession to an organization's direction and success," said SCIP Immediate Past Chair, Martha Gleason of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida.  SCIP Vice-Chair Scott Leeb of Prudential Retirement commented, "This name change acknowledges and formalizes what CI professionals have known for some time -- strategy and competitive intelligence are inextricably linked."

"SCIP has evolved to become the global association for a broad range of professionals who directly support and influence strategy. To reflect this change in SCIP's name is only logical. Strategy anticipates and prepares our future and SCIP is a proud anchor for anyone who lends their skills and passion to it," said SCIP Board Member Jens Thieme of Lonza Group Ltd Switzerland.

The change to "Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals" will assist SCIP in a number of ways:

  • Support an added focus on strategic decisions, one of SCIP's principal goals.
  • Include individuals who both work with and are customers of intelligence practitioners.
  • Increase the connection of senior decision makers with their intelligence effort.
  • Emphasize both the tactical and strategic orientation of our members.
  • Create a unique value proposition by combining strategic and competitive intelligence.
  • Maintain the SCIP acronym to preserve our 25 years of brand development

SCIP membership consists of private sector intelligence practitioners who provide skilled analysis on the competitive environment which enhances business decision-making and organizational performance.  With the pace of technological development and the growth of global trade, today's business environment changes more quickly than ever before, so executives require additional informed analysis to make strategic business decisions.

Please contact me for further questions or revert directly to or SCIP's CEO at:

SCIP BoD Election

Board of Directors Slate

As every year the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) elects new members of the Board of Directors.

Dear SCIP members, please consult SCIP's strategic plan and the background information on this year's candidates to support your vote.

As you know, the society will take a quantum leap after the successful, member supported strategic alliance with the Frost & Sullivan Inistitute has been activated. International CI communities will require more professional support, global and regional competitive intelligence events will have to be created and run.

With the help of the mentioned alliance and the elected board the SCIP/FSI teams will be in a much stronger position than ever to enable improved membrship and partnership services for vendors and academics alike.

Please cast your vote to have your requirements covered in the next years going forward.

This year's candidates are:

Michel Bernaiche, Dunkin' Brands, CI Practitioner

Paul Kinsinger, Thunderbird School of Global Management and Managing, Scholar

Peter Shaw, Midwest Employers Casualty Company, Executive


SCIP Amsterdam Registration

Competitive Intelligence Summit

Registration for the 2009 European Competitive Intelligence Summit in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is now available. Please come and join me at this conference which might become the largest Competitive Intelligence professionals gathering ever in Europe.

After last year's huge success in Rome (yeah, in the middle of the economic downturn shockwave) here is another installment of the European version of SCIP's annual CI conference.

Running a pre-conference workshop this time with my friend Hans Hedin of the Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA) I will be in best company with scores of global CI experts.

Check out the program here and register via the brochure or at SCIP's website.

"World-class CI" workshop

From firefighters to futurists

Joint half-day workshop with Hans Hedin of Global Intelligence Alliance at the 2009 Competitive Intelligence Summit by the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP), Amsterdam November 4, 2009.

At this year’s Competitive Intelligence Summit by the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) I will have the pleasure and honor to collaborate with Hans Hedin of Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA) to offer a half day workshop featuring Competitive Intelligence modeling I have used in my current role as Global Head of Market & Competitive Intelligence.

The model is based on a framework to develop or improve a Competitive Intelligence function. Dimensions such as Competitive Intelligence processes, Competitive Intelligence organization, Competitive Intelligence culture, Competitive Intelligence scope, Competitive Intelligence deliverables are being evaluated with this model and solutions worked-out, offered for various development stages labeled from “Firefighters” (ad-hoc, spontaneous and on-demand fragmented Competitive Intelligence activities) towards “world-class” Competitive Intelligence function containing structured and fully integrated best practice Competitive Intelligence solutions.

This workshop provides a hands-on learning experience about the key elements of a modern CI function and their development options.

You will identify CI process elements, organizational setup options, the various scopes of a CI function, tools potential, cultural status and driving forces. Participants will also be guided through development stages of the various functions and identify key elements of each function.

The framework will enable participants to determine the status quo of their own CI function and develop solutions for detailed improvements and sustainable progress.

The workshop includes best practice theory as well as actionable real world examples to generate executive buy-in and move the CI function towards world class status.

Workshop Objectives

* learn the fundamentals of a modern CI function broken down into real world key elements

* establish an actionable framework that is used to guide any improvement by identifying obstacles and solutions for reaching next step in the evolution process

* use the framework to generate executive buy-in and drive change throughout the organization
This is a joined workshop of a global intelligence consultancy and a corporate CI leader. You will walk away with a workable action plan to move your CI function from a given status to the desired end game in a structured way.

Workshop structure
This workshop will be of a highly participative nature. You will learn to apply the suggested methodology in your own organization. The presenters will use concepts, cases and real world examples in order to describe the evolution of a CI function. The participants will create a blueprint for their own development plan. This plan will be presented and discussed during the workshop, giving the participants the benefit of obtaining ideas and recommendations for how to proceed when implementing CI in his/her organization.

If you are interested in more detail or want to register for this and other workshops at the SCIP conference, please visit SCIP's dedicated European Summit website.

SCIP Conference Rebates

Attractive Discounts again

Take Advantage of a Full Range of Discounts for SCIP's 2009 International Annual Conference and Exhibition in Chicago!

* Take $100 off of our regular registration rate
* Get 5 percent off your American Airlines flight to Chicago
* Take advantage of reduced rates on ground transportation to your hotel
* Get SCIP's low group rate for your room at the Sheraton Chicago
* NEW! Vendors offering a generous discount on services to attendees!

JUST ANNOUNCED: Vendors Offer Minimum Eight Percent Discount on Services!
Participating vendors have agreed to offer a minimum discount of eight percent to all attendees who purchase services or products offered by the vendors. The discount is offered only to conference attendees, generating an immediate positive ROI.

Five Percent Off of Airfare
SCIP09 attendees are eligible to receive a 5 percent discount on airfare through American Airlines. To receive the discount, book your flight starting Monday, March 9 using the discount code A1849BF at

Reduced Rates on Ground Transportation
We've secured inexpensive rates for ground transportation through the Airport Express Shuttle service.


SCIP Chicago Conference 09

Don't miss Chicago 09

A friendly reminder that the most important gathering of CI professionals this year is taking place in Chicago in April. As a CI professional, your attendance at our annual conference is not only a great added value for you and your work, but also a necessity for the field of competitive intelligence.

After all, your involvement furthers competitive intelligence research, strengthens CI connections, and causes our profession to move forward. Your peers are counting on you to show up in Chicago to ask the important questions and network with key players to keep the wheels of CI turning, stay on top of newest developments and strengthen networking, career and learning opportunities.

World-class consultant partners and solution providers await:

Fletcher/CSI, Navigate, Proquest, ThomsonReuters, Deallus, Cipher Systems, ICI, Sedulo, Bainbridge, Innography, BCC Research, Economist IU, GIA (Global Intelligence Alliance), ACI, Aurora, Dolcera, Evalueserve Ltd Bermuda, Bennion-Robertson, Strategic Analysis, InfoNgen, Fuld & Company, Power Capital, Strategy Software, Digimind, SIS Intnl Research, Financial Times, Alacra, Comintell, AIM Allis Info Mgmt, Sunfaith China, BioMedTracker, Acquire Media, QL2, Traction Software, Hoovers, ISI Emerging Mkts, I.S.I.S. - and many more.

I know budgets are tight. Most of our companies are feeling the pinch, which is all the more reason to be involved in this important event. I know that the opportunities available through this gathering of CI professionals are something nobody can afford to sacrifice. The information you garner in our education sessions will make your work more valuable and effective, and SCIP09 vendors are excited to supply attendees with the best service for the best prices.

And what could be better than bringing home top of class ideas and solutions to help your company to weather the storms even better?

Finding a way to attend SCIP09 is an investment in the future of our profession. SCIP is serious about making this the best and most accessible conference it can. We have discounts on hotels, airfare, ground transportation and even $100 off of conference registration, which is already lower than last year’s rate. We’re depending on you to join us because we know that the successes of competitive intelligence come from you.

I hope to see you in Chicago!

SCIP 2009 Board of Directors

Thanks for voting!

It is with great excitement and gratitude to all SCIP members who voted for me that I can report today that I was selected to represent and support the 3'000 SCIP members' requirements and needs.

As of the SCIP announcement the Board of Directors was strengthened by four new members serving from January 2009 a three year term in dedication to SCIP's renewed mission to become a truly global competitive intelligence organization.

Many thanks for your votes, support and please do never hesitate to challenge me in my eagerness and dedication to stand in for your needs as SCIP members and CI professionals at large.

In my role as a member of the Board of Directors I will introduce a dedicated blog and exchange platform under (shortly) to frequently exchange with SCIP members and all other CI professionals.

SCIP Board of Directors

Candidacy 2009

Following up with recent official SCIP communications that introduced this year’s candidates for the SCIP Board of Directors nomination I wanted to provide some more details of my own as a candidate.

But first things first: SCIP’s board.candidate to the SCIP Board of Directors I feel very well suited to represent the needs of any internationally oriented, future focused and demanding SCIP member as I am:SCIP is aiming for in the renewed strategic plan: to become a truly internationally oriented and globally acting association in support of you, a competitive intelligence professional with ambitious goals to fulfilpublishing (print and online) and speaking publically (incl. at SCIP summits & meetings) in support of this great profession of oursExperienced board member of the Swiss Competitive Intelligence Association, SCIA.networks with intelligence vendors, consultants, academics and other CI professionals, all in the spirit of win-win and enjoyable team work.profile and biography page.

You are entitled to vote + you deserve most suitable representation at

As a

- A Competitive Intelligence practitioner in a global leading role

- European (work based in Switzerland, living in Germany), past work experience in the US (5 years) and lived in another European country (France, 5 years) so I am a true ambassador for what

- An enthusiastic CI leader


- Established and managed far reaching performance

In order to keep this message brief: please vote for your future representatives at the SCIP board right from October 28 and consider me as your future champion to listen to your needs and fight for a better SCIP for you throughout my three-year term.

For more detail about myself please review my

Many thanks for your support and congratulations to yourself for taking advantage of your right to vote for your future SCIP representation. I will always be accessible and open to your inquiries for building a stronger global CI community together.

SCIP BoD Candidacy

Member Info

As a candidate to the SCIP Board of Directors I feel very well suited to represent the needs of all internationally oriented, future focused and demanding SCIP member.SCIP members I am exposed to daily routines, the struggles of many CI practitioners and the support needed to overcome these hurdles and to excel in this profession.

My global perspective grants me insights and supports a truly global network to many facets of global CI and to the cultural and geo-political diversity of this international business community.

A recognized publisher with CI articles, book chapters and as a public speaker at CI and global Marketing & Sales conferences I know how to represent ideas and how to create buy-in to concepts.

Finally I believe in strong networks of equally performing professionals along the various value chains. Vendors value my eagerness to establish true win-win platforms and academics have come to know me as a bridging element between fundamental theory and successful implementation and up-scaling.

A Competitive Intelligence practitioner in a global leading role Like most

I can relate to most SCIP member request to be supported in a practitioner role with its very specific issues such as capacity constraints management buy-in (or the lack of it), education and growth.

European (work based in Switzerland, living in Germany), past work experience in the US (5 years) and lived in another European country (France, 5 years) so I am a true ambassador for what SCIP is aiming for in the renewed strategic plan: to become a truly internationally oriented and globally acting association in support of you, a competitive intelligence professional with ambitious goals to fulfil.

Having worked in the US for five years and in global leadership roles for many years from Switzerland, living in multiple countries over the years has enabled me to bridge cultural divides and to understand how international communities perform best.

An enthusiastic CI leader publishing (print and online) and speaking publically (incl. at SCIP summits & meetings) in support of this great profession of ours.

Also I can be a valuable supporter for participants and contributors to such events and initiatives.

Experienced board member of the Swiss Competitive Intelligence Association, SCIA (
Local SCIP chapters and affiliates will find a knowledgeable and experienced CI association professional in me who understands the inner-workings and the issues and values of local associations and its membership.

I could certainly represent any association with their very specific situation and problems at the SCIP board for better support and to reach their goals in the bigger context of global CI by retaining their individual local characteristics and needs.

Established and managed far reaching performance networks with intelligence vendors, consultants, academics and other CI professionals, all in the spirit of win-win and enjoyable team work.

SCIP BoD Slate

Official Candidacy

Jens Thieme – Overview of CI activities:
• Practitioner – Ciba Inc., Basel, Switzerland (Global Head of Market & Competitive Intelligence, Marketing & Sales Office, global headquarters)
• CI involvement: development and implementation of global intelligence function for improved marketing and sales excellence, intelligence strategies, sourcing processes, electronic dissemination, intelligence techniques, corporate web site development, Intranets and electronic publications, e-marketing, e-business. Author and presenter in Germany, Switzerland, and US. Founding member and board member of Swiss Competitive Intelligence Association (SCIA)
• SCIP activities: Authored chapter in CIF’s Starting a CI Function, presenter at SCIP events, European Summit Planning Committee (2008).
• Graduated from the Polytechnische Obserschule, East Germany, and has completed business education and apprenticeships in steel engineering, and retail sales.

Jens Thieme’s responses to questions:
1. What are the most important issues that SCIP and its membership face in the next three years? What ideas do you have to address these issues?

A1: Increasing travel cost and expenditure consciousness due to rising prices and economic slowdown will reduce classical networking opportunities. Also CI practitioners continue to struggle with recognition of the discipline within their own organizational environments and outside as clear career paths remain exceptions.

I envision to deploy and nurture modern technologies such as video conferencing and interactive online learning combined with interlinked online collaboration features. SCIP should extend networking facilities to formats that resemble what has been offered successfully during summits and chapter events towards lively online learning and sharing environments.

A SCIP Virtual University would offer professional education programs with certificates for the various CI sub disciplines, partly overlapping to related, classical business disciplines such as Strategy, Business Development, Marketing, R&D could offer the much needed edge in cross discipline recognition for CI practitioners and support their personal career developments.

I feel well suited to kick off such developments based on my professional experiences within a global corporate conglomerate.

2. Please share with SCIP’s members any concrete steps you would undertake to
make SCIP a more global society.

A2: Country champions in locations without SCIP organizations should be accessible for all SCIP members. These champions could assist in any membership and events topics as well as collect country-specific needs and specialties that should be fed back to the global SCIP organization.

In preparation to global summits for instance such a country champion could compile a contribution of that country to the summit as a presentation or catalogue of member requests. Also group tariffs for collective travel to global or other events (e.g. neighboring SCIP organization) could be arranged.

If any of those country specific efforts grows beyond a certain size SCIP should offer active support to create and implement a local chapter or any other suitable form of local SCIP organization to the benefit of its members.

I would feel compelled to establish this concept of country champions throughout the world.

3. Why do you want to be a member of the SCIP board? Which three characteristics or qualifications distinguish you to serve as a board member?

A3: As a member of the board to the Swiss Competitive Intelligence Association, a published CI practitioner and active presenter to CI and marketing events I feel compelled to increase my assistance to the cause of an ever growing profession. Serving at the SCIP board provides the most intense and valuable opportunity to be at the heart of international CI professional's true requirements and support their individual activities and developments.

Characteristics: In my 4 years in sales management at a management assignment in the US I learned that the real challenge only starts after the first NO by a customer. So does the fun! I apply this principle to my daily eagerness to be part of sustainable solutions. Also I have learned throughout my various professional endeavors how to multiply contributions and performance of individuals to a mutual effort that provides strong team results and fun environments to perform in.

Colleagues and friends value my sense of urgency when required and my creative approach to find solutions and ways of fruitful and exciting collaboration.

SCIP BoD Nomination

Jens Thieme Nominated

At this year's European Competitive Intelligence Summit in Rome Joe Goldberg, President of SCIP (Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals) announces the candidates for SCIP's Board of Directors.

It is with great enthusiasm that I can tell my readers and friends today that I am officially nominated to this year's Board of Directors election to SCIP for a three year term.

You can find the slate of candidates at the SCIP web site or directly via this link.

Please check back to my blog under the SCIP category for updates on the election and how you can support SCIP's process to become a truly international organization.

Official Call for Proposals

SCIP Rome 08

The Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) and SCIP Italia are partnering to bring you the 2008 European Competitive Intelligence Summit.

SCIP Italia is the local SCIP entity in Italy that serves the competitive intelligence (CI) community in its native language and develops educational programming to meet local needs. The Summit will be held from 20-22 October, 2008 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Rome, Italy.

The 2008 European Competitive Intelligence Summit will begin accepting proposals on 20th February and will close on 20th March 2008. Review of proposals will begin immediately- notifications will be sent via e-mail letters in early April. The Program Committee reserves the right to invite presenters of its own choice to the program.

All proposals must feature case studies and/or demonstrated best practices - year after year attendees want to hear about successes and lessons learned in CI practice. Proposals that provide case examples and professional tips for the audience will be given preference in the selection process.

Please use the link below to access the Call for Proposal survey. We look forward to your response.

Click Here to take survey

Call for Speakers SCIP Europe

Rome Conference 2010

As mentioned earlier in my blog I am member of the Conference Committee for the Annual SCIP Summit Europe October 2008 in Rome, Italy.

Being responsible for the track "CI & R&D" I was wondering if interested R&D experts who are keen on speaking in Rome about their experience in linking Competitive Intelligence with their R&D roles and initiatives would stop by here and liked to send in their proposals to speak at the conference.

Expertise can cover:

Regional changes in the competitive landscapes (opportunities in innovation-driven industries in the European economy)

Industry paradigm shifts and how individual companies are responding to remain competitive

- politically-based (e.g., changing competitiveness of East-European companies from 1989 to present)

- technology based (e.g. shift in manufacturing technology, new opportunities and threats regarding talent in the R&D community, education issues/changes)

- market-based (e.g., accessibility of new economies, investments, raw material supply connections etc.)

· Role of CI practitioners within R&D units in technology-based companies, which could include:

- case studies

- process, interlinking/colaboration with Marketing depts.

- outsourcing of CI activities by R&D, patent CI with threats and risks experience shared

· Other topics of interest

- R&D-based CTI development of clients in Marketing, M&A Licensing, etc .)

We are interested in Euro-based speakers for two reasons:

- Content: We would like to bring in the European perspective. This could be of interest not only to the European attendees, but also to US, Indian and other economies seeking to gain competitive advantage by bringing business to/drawing business from this continent.

- Economics: Travel reimbursement by SCIP will be limited.

Anyone interested in speaking at the event, please contact me.


SCIP Summit 2008 San Diego

Annual SCIP Conference

SCIP's International Annual Conference & Exhibition April 14-17, 2008 will take place in San Diego 2008.

Without an active contribution from myself this time around (I am a member of the planning committee for the European SCIP Annual Summit in October 2008 in Italy instead and likely I will offer another speach for that event as well, stay tuned for details as they emerge over time) I will thoroughly enjoy some of the 70 or so offered workshops or sessions and the great networking opportunity again.

If the conference is only half as good as last year's in Manhattan, it'll be all worth it by a long shot.
The conference will be devided into these categories:
- Competitive Intelligence Offense
- Competitive Intelligence Defense
- Critical Skills for Competitive Intelligence
- Professional Effectiveness
- Scholarly Research & Innovation in the Competitive Intelligence field
- Active Dialogs between Competitive Intelligence pracitioners, consultants, academics and other experts

At this time SCIP is looking for volunteers again to take an active part organizing the event. Here are some of the major tasks they are looking for:
• Give feedback and comments on all areas of conference (Communicate ideas in a group setting regarding speakers, topics, process improvements, conference concepts and past experiences)
• Participate in speaker selection process (Utilize criteria for evaluating potential speakers, review speaker proposals and recommend selections appropriate to the track focus)
• Interact with speakers (Recruit, market and promote speakers, answer questions and prepare speakers for conference, ensure deadlines are met, liaise with staff, provide feedback on presentations)
• Organize track and associated logistics (Work independently, determine focus and direction, assemble content, ensure committee agreement on decisions, review presentations, address last minute cancellations, invite presenters as needed)
• Other duties, as needed

If you want to offer your support the event you could contact SCIP directly via their web site. Volunteer benefits include:
• One complimentary registration to the main conference
• One complimentary night’s lodging (room & tax) at the conference hotel during the dates of the conference

I am very much looking forward to meet you again, do not hesitate to contact me prior to the event if you want to schedule a sideline-meeting or lunch or dinner in San Diego then.