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Call for Speakers SCIP Europe

Rome Conference 2010

As mentioned earlier in my blog I am member of the Conference Committee for the Annual SCIP Summit Europe October 2008 in Rome, Italy.

Being responsible for the track "CI & R&D" I was wondering if interested R&D experts who are keen on speaking in Rome about their experience in linking Competitive Intelligence with their R&D roles and initiatives would stop by here and liked to send in their proposals to speak at the conference.

Expertise can cover:

Regional changes in the competitive landscapes (opportunities in innovation-driven industries in the European economy)

Industry paradigm shifts and how individual companies are responding to remain competitive

- politically-based (e.g., changing competitiveness of East-European companies from 1989 to present)

- technology based (e.g. shift in manufacturing technology, new opportunities and threats regarding talent in the R&D community, education issues/changes)

- market-based (e.g., accessibility of new economies, investments, raw material supply connections etc.)

· Role of CI practitioners within R&D units in technology-based companies, which could include:

- case studies

- process, interlinking/colaboration with Marketing depts.

- outsourcing of CI activities by R&D, patent CI with threats and risks experience shared

· Other topics of interest

- R&D-based CTI development of clients in Marketing, M&A Licensing, etc .)

We are interested in Euro-based speakers for two reasons:

- Content: We would like to bring in the European perspective. This could be of interest not only to the European attendees, but also to US, Indian and other economies seeking to gain competitive advantage by bringing business to/drawing business from this continent.

- Economics: Travel reimbursement by SCIP will be limited.

Anyone interested in speaking at the event, please contact me.