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Relax and Reflect

Happy New Year 2009

This time of the year might mean something different for everyone as the past year has provided or taken in different ways as well.

At the cross roads of another era in time that might again produce exciting, unexpected, welcomed and challenging moments and circumstances I would like to express one wish for you:

No matter how and where and what you celebrate the coming days and weeks I wish for you and your loved ones to be able to slow down, breath deeply, reflect on what is of most value for you and yours.

In facing those common values and re-energizing during this time of calm and love you will find new anchors for future's adventures to center you where you truly belong: in the middle of your and your loved ones values and ways.

So, as the year draws to an end - like the evening after a busy day wishes the sunlight farewell - let's be grateful for what was and hopeful for what will be.

Helsinki 2008, more Flickr pictures...

Warm regards, Jens