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Welcome to my Blog


My name is Jens Thieme and I am no stranger to blogging and online publications. In fact I am running quite a couple of websites on various topics as seen in the list below. I also want to introduce the purpose for this domain real quick and the various topic areas.

Topic areas

works - everything about my career and extra-career work I do (such as associations and societies I am actively involved in)

lives - private stuff and anything I experience and want to share with my readers

likes - sharing what I like in the world I live in, in the best case: engaging in exchange with my readers

awaits - what I am eagerly awaiting, looking forward to and planning for

sees - photos I shoot, some comments and stories about what I see and how I se and value it

writes - books and other publications I have written and I will write

archived - stuff of the past, every once in a while I will branch out and pick up on old blogs, revitalize them or simply archive here

Welcome to my new domain with the above blogs. Please feel free to subscribe and contribute by commenting.

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