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Management Seminar CI

Euroforum Series

This fall I will be one of the 7 experts offering a written Competitive Intelligence management seminar for Euroforum in German. Other experts in the team include SCIP's current Vice President Eduardo Flores Bermudez, DCIF's current president Andreas Romppel, Kai Goerlich of SAP, Prof. Dr. Martin Grothe, Christian Muth, Jörg Preatorius.

See more details about this Competitive Intelligence management seminar here.

Co-Author CI Book

Starting a CI Function

As the co-author among many bright Competitive Intelligence professionals I would like to point you towards this collection of wisdom of Competitive Intelligence leaders sharing their experience in building and improving Competitive Intelligence departments and functions.

Read my whole chapter of the book here exculsively. As a CI professional you might want to buy the book from SCIP.