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Plastic Wrap Prank – Foil-Wrap EVERYTHING!

If you really want someone’s attention get one of those industrial size plastic foil wrap rolls companies use to wrap their palettes in.

You can do this prank yourself or get a hand by a couple of buddies. As a team you could actually wrap the entire building!

Its really simple and straight forward: in an unattended moment wrap just everything from someone you dislike or just want to pull a prank on. Entire desks are popular, lockers, bundles of clothes, coats, shoes, shelves, equipment, drawer content, books, plans, computers, bicycles, you name it…

The trick is to really use a LOT of foil. For instance you should walk around the car or desk at least 5 times and wrap it really tight. It’s quite annoying and not too easy to get the tightly wrapped plastics foil off.

This prank works even better when played on someone who is in a real hurry. Wrapping up toilet booths or cubicles should be done with someone inside. Especially when there is no pointy object around to get the foil pierced. Watch folks using their teeth or high heels instead.

If you really want to overdo it, entire buildings come to mind.

Here is a sneaky one:

A couple, caught in the act, let’s say: at a party! Delivered in plastic foil while still being “plugged” – now THAT should make it to the news!

Have fun and share your experience and ideas here.

It’s snowing! Car prank – a car, someone you hate and polystyrene

You need three things: someone you hate, access to his car and polystyrene (e.g. Styropor or Styrofoam) packaging foam.

Crumble all the polystyrene into very tiny pieces and sneak into someone’s car. Now, pour a couple of hands full of the polystyrene into all the air vents and direct them upwards.

Before leaving the car check for tracks and remove any polystyrene piece that might be visible. The car needs to look as entered. Don’t forget to turn the ventilation to full blast before you go.

You need to have an excuse to hand around the car when ignited. You don’t want to miss this moment.

Maybe you got a friend who will be given a lift. Make him take photos, while entering the car he could claim that he needs to check something on his camera.

This prank works well for a wedding! It’s up to you if you want to do this right before church or rather afterwards or even next day. This makes a great bachelor prank too, but it’s actually more fun with people who don’t expect to be pranked.

Like the bride’s parents for instance, right the moment when they pick up the wedding cake and mom wants to carry it in her lap for the short ride home.

Tell us if it worked and which divorce lawyer we can call for an entry into the Guinness Book of Records for the fastest divorce after a wedding prank.

Variations: Buses, vans (packed with 8 people right before taking off for vacation), or you can just the stuff into someone’s umbrella on a rainy day…

Wedding Prank: Stop the wild life!

A very forgiving environment for a social prank is a wedding or pre-wedding party. For the guests that is!

Here is one you can do all by yourself, no assistance needed. But you can still do this with friends involved.

Make sure you can arrange for some stage time for the couple. Prior to this you need to hand out some 20 or 100 (depending on the size of the crowd, 10% of the complete audience is fine) keys to some guys (and a girl or two, not more). While doing so just tell the recipients they’ll have to play along, it’s the bride’s apartment key.

Hand one key to a very old lady (on second thought, use two ladies: have a backup lady in case the one suddenly passes away or develops sudden stage anxiety. Tell them this is the groom’s apartment key.

When pushing the couple publicly on stage make a big, dramatic announcement. Play serious:

Since this is it now and there is no turning back the seriousness of the wedding and the life-long trust that is demanded by the act of marriage call for honest closing on the pre-marriage life’s.

Turning to the crowd you will now ask for anyone who is still in the possession of the bride’s apartments key, to drop it publicly here on stage (of course, some 50 guys will turn up).

Take a minute for people to react and digest. Now you ask for anyone to do the same in regards to the groom’s apartment (and you know just who will enter the stage now).

A great crowd should have a ball with this practical joke. Especially if you have an old lady (or two if nobody died throughout the event) acting up to the opportunity – you know the type…

Have fun!
Of course this wedding prank will result in liquid severance pay for the bride and groom later on at the bar, but hey: we didn’t say fun is cheap, right?!

We're sure there are tons of wedding pranks around, share yours today.