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It’s snowing! Car prank – a car, someone you hate and polystyrene

You need three things: someone you hate, access to his car and polystyrene (e.g. Styropor or Styrofoam) packaging foam.

Crumble all the polystyrene into very tiny pieces and sneak into someone’s car. Now, pour a couple of hands full of the polystyrene into all the air vents and direct them upwards.

Before leaving the car check for tracks and remove any polystyrene piece that might be visible. The car needs to look as entered. Don’t forget to turn the ventilation to full blast before you go.

You need to have an excuse to hand around the car when ignited. You don’t want to miss this moment.

Maybe you got a friend who will be given a lift. Make him take photos, while entering the car he could claim that he needs to check something on his camera.

This prank works well for a wedding! It’s up to you if you want to do this right before church or rather afterwards or even next day. This makes a great bachelor prank too, but it’s actually more fun with people who don’t expect to be pranked.

Like the bride’s parents for instance, right the moment when they pick up the wedding cake and mom wants to carry it in her lap for the short ride home.

Tell us if it worked and which divorce lawyer we can call for an entry into the Guinness Book of Records for the fastest divorce after a wedding prank.

Variations: Buses, vans (packed with 8 people right before taking off for vacation), or you can just the stuff into someone’s umbrella on a rainy day…

Sicky prank: how to get beaten up on purpose

If you are horrendously bored here is a series of pranks that guarantees tons of fun for yourself and to be kicked in the head by at least one of your prank victims. Works great on airports, Baseball stadiums, the subway and in big city centers, malls and the likes.

There are days in our lives when nothing can really entertain us. So you need an idea for a solid entertainment that will, by the way, make great stories for your prank victims to share afterwards as well.

In a mall or airport, for example, you could cough and sneeze walking behind someone and then lightly toss a rolled-up napkin into their neck. Works best when playing this on a couple. Pick the male for safety (as he’ll try to behave in front of his girl). Or you can fetch the full load by doing this on the girl, any guy who is half a man will jump right into your brains to defend her.

Instead of tossing the Kleenex you could just as well fan air their way so as if the air from your cough is felt.

As a special twist you could wet your hand (works best with sneezing), walk up behind them and after sneezing wave your hand their way (to splash some droplets their way). Making an excusing gesture or mumble “excuse me!” might prevent you from being seriously harmed but there is no guarantee.

If you really want to go for the pain do this on a large redneck guy. If he’s not ready to get physical just yet, add smiling: “did you know that sneezing on huge, disgusting pimples – like the ones on your neck – make them stink like your old socks?”

Now, this is the moment to enjoy the show or RUUUN!!!!

Have fun, send footage or your own story. Keep the socks.

Airplane Prophet Prank

When bored at an airport you can try this (works alone or with a hidden group observing reactions):

- walk up to a waiting passenger who is busy with her laptop, book or magazine
- stand right in front of her (some 10 inches will do) without doing anything
- when she looks up bend forward, look her into the eyes for 5 silent seconds
- state with a neutral and monotone voice in quick words:

"Don't take that plane!"

- walk away as if roaming the aisles of an unknown supermarket...

Watch and have fun!