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Plastic Wrap Prank – Foil-Wrap EVERYTHING!

If you really want someone’s attention get one of those industrial size plastic foil wrap rolls companies use to wrap their palettes in.

You can do this prank yourself or get a hand by a couple of buddies. As a team you could actually wrap the entire building!

Its really simple and straight forward: in an unattended moment wrap just everything from someone you dislike or just want to pull a prank on. Entire desks are popular, lockers, bundles of clothes, coats, shoes, shelves, equipment, drawer content, books, plans, computers, bicycles, you name it…

The trick is to really use a LOT of foil. For instance you should walk around the car or desk at least 5 times and wrap it really tight. It’s quite annoying and not too easy to get the tightly wrapped plastics foil off.

This prank works even better when played on someone who is in a real hurry. Wrapping up toilet booths or cubicles should be done with someone inside. Especially when there is no pointy object around to get the foil pierced. Watch folks using their teeth or high heels instead.

If you really want to overdo it, entire buildings come to mind.

Here is a sneaky one:

A couple, caught in the act, let’s say: at a party! Delivered in plastic foil while still being “plugged” – now THAT should make it to the news!

Have fun and share your experience and ideas here.

It’s snowing! Car prank – a car, someone you hate and polystyrene

You need three things: someone you hate, access to his car and polystyrene (e.g. Styropor or Styrofoam) packaging foam.

Crumble all the polystyrene into very tiny pieces and sneak into someone’s car. Now, pour a couple of hands full of the polystyrene into all the air vents and direct them upwards.

Before leaving the car check for tracks and remove any polystyrene piece that might be visible. The car needs to look as entered. Don’t forget to turn the ventilation to full blast before you go.

You need to have an excuse to hand around the car when ignited. You don’t want to miss this moment.

Maybe you got a friend who will be given a lift. Make him take photos, while entering the car he could claim that he needs to check something on his camera.

This prank works well for a wedding! It’s up to you if you want to do this right before church or rather afterwards or even next day. This makes a great bachelor prank too, but it’s actually more fun with people who don’t expect to be pranked.

Like the bride’s parents for instance, right the moment when they pick up the wedding cake and mom wants to carry it in her lap for the short ride home.

Tell us if it worked and which divorce lawyer we can call for an entry into the Guinness Book of Records for the fastest divorce after a wedding prank.

Variations: Buses, vans (packed with 8 people right before taking off for vacation), or you can just the stuff into someone’s umbrella on a rainy day…

Cell Phone Prank - Handy Tricks to Lose Friends

If you have access to someone's cell phone and know their contacts you should not let that opportunity pass!

Imagine your buddy sends a steamy sms cell phone text message to his darling in the middle of a lonely night and gets an irritated response from his boss the next morning.

Or family members are granted the true thoughts from your girl friend about their stupid gaming nights every other Sunday.

Mother-in-laws are very welcome receivers of love letters of their daughters for example or better even: of their son-in-laws.

Get the idea?

Get into the contacts phone book of someone's cell phone and just swap a couple of names (don't overdo, a couple are fine for focussed fun). As most people hit a name and do not double check with the number when sending off their hot sexual phantasies to their lover boys or gal's it is easy to assign grandma's number to the name of someone's love of their life.

Maximum prank fun can be achieved if you could swap the names of your buddy's mother-in-law with the secretary he is cheating her daughter with.

Mean? Of course!
Fun? Tons!

You'll lose all your friends (and teeth) and get a couple of new, wrong ones in exchange. But hey: it's worth it all the while, trust us!

Share your story with the crowd here. A picture of your knocked-out teeth are weclome too.

Computer Prank: Auto-Screensaver Nuisance

Microsoft Windows screensavers are great toys. And they make a great prank companion too! Wait for your prank victim to leave the workstation or laptop, make sure (s)he’ll be gone for a couple of minutes. The least suspicious you are to the victim, the wilder you can go here.

Try this on your computer first to gain some confidence and speed. You can also try this prank at home or in an internet cafe.

Minimize all programs and right-click the targeted desktop. Under Properties look for the Screen Saver option. Select Marquee and assign a password (don’t forget it! “Bitch” works well or “Moron” if you can find a solid association with the targeted victim).

The scrolling text could read something like this: “What’s the f@]&%ing password?!” or “Did you know you were recorded in the bathroom this morning” or other fun stuff like “We know what you did last weekend!”.

Sky is the limit, just don’t give too much away that might point to you.

Now for the real deal: Look for the file C:\WINNT\system32\ssmarque.scr (it might be located in a different path, so use the system search or you might have to disable the Tools/Folder Option “Hide Known Extensions”). and create a shortcut. Copy/paste the shortcut into the StartUp folder, so that the screen saver will be automatically activated when Windows starts up!
Watch the madness unfold and have fun. Add a twist by sending the only capable IT guy to run some errands for three hours and leave for vacation.

Let us know how it worked out and what kind of scrolling text you used.

Toilet pranks – Restroom pranks and practical jokes

Bathroom pranks are somewhat delicate yet greatly rewarding as the prank victim might be too embarrassed to seek for support from others. Anyway, it is advised to cover up your tracks or you’re in for some serious trouble or revenge.

Not everyone is cool with restroom pranks. Well, it’s enough if you are we say!

Locking someone up in a cubicle is an old prank really. Locking him/her up with something ugly or disgusting (the boss?) inside the box is funnier. Better even: switch off the light and play with sounds or scares. Maximum fun can be achieved by throwing something over the cubicle sell door in the dark. Water is famous, burning matches are a bit mean but easily detected and extinguished. Condoms can be fun as well (put some white liquid soap inside for some additional association).

Here you might want to go undetected (switching off the light helps, still: run!).

Removing the door knob while someone is “unloading” makes for a good practical joke in the restroom as well. Have a camera ready to fetch the climbing-out exercise.

How about glue on the toilet seat? Itchy powder works well too (those are the ideas where some trouble starts – good lawyers or massive muscles make good arguments).

Rather harmless: in a closed cubicle put two pairs of shoes (one female the other a guy’s) facing each other as if a couple was, you know what…). Fetching surprised faces with a camera could be wonderful office fun on a boring day.

Here is one that is just too cool to miss: at a conference try to snatch a speaker’s microphone to place it switched on inside the men’s room. It might not always work but if it does nobody would forget this one ever again.

The company’s PA system can be used for this too, you might need a friend or two (e.g. technician, admin). Highlight: if you’d ever catch a couple having sex in the cabin (audio, we’d stay away from video for obvious reasons).

Share your restroom prank ideas and stories here. Have fun!

Aah, these beautiful lottery pranks – how to lose a friend…

…or how to make a new enemy for that matter. Take a week, some preparation and a lot of prankster energy. Taping the whole thing will be worth it, trust us.

Record a whole week (or more) of lottery shows, make sure to not show the date. Invite a friend over at the time of lottery being broadcast on TV and play the recorded shows one by one. Act obsessed with the lottery. Make sure he won’t recognize you started a recorded session.

Meanwhile buy some lottery tickets. As you know the numbers in your recorded lottery draws you can play along a bit. Fill out some tickets, act as if you’d wait for the draw. Have a small gain one day, screw up the rest. Act surprised, annoyed, screaming, disgusted, disappointed – you get the idea.

In order not to annoy the guy, just do this for 10 minutes every time he’s over and have great fun the rest of the joined night. Thus he’ll be unsuspicious enough and there will only be a slight theme around lottery.

Now, here are two scenarios for you to try.

Scenario #1: Your guy is neutral to or likes lotteries.

Try to involve him in some discussions over time as to what to do with a boat load of money if won. This will hook him good and you’ll have a little theme going there. Only do this in bits and pieces, don’t overdo or he’ll suspect. And you want to avoid him being hooked too bad so he would watch repeats of the show or even buy tickets himself. That would blow your cover bad!

Some odd night hand him a ticket as a gift (“here you go, early birthday buddy” or “so I won’t have to bite my nails alone, you’re welcome” or “thanks for sharing the pain” or “a little excuse gift for my obsession”). Of course this one is doctored to feature the numbers of your selected recorded lottery show tonight.

Act neutral and as his “luck” unfolds act mega surprised and play along. It’s your call really how hard and how far you want to play this prank. You could even go to some length making shopping plans together or even sit on the computer to check out newest gadgets, gear, cars, yachts, vacation – you name it. It all depends on your willingness to be really evil or lose him for good (or have a ball for life, but that again is controlled by the reaction of your buddy in such situation).

Scenario #2: The victim really hates lotteries.

Similar to above but this time there is greater potential you lose the guy along the way. So don’t play this too extensively.

Chances are, he’ll hate to get a lottery ticket from you as a gift but will be polite enough to accept. Skip the part where you talk about what to do if a big win would be present.

When having watching the lottery TV show together and his win unfolds, act real angry that he’s winning. He hates lotteries anyway, remember? As he might get excited about his win, throw him out in anger.

Now, resolving this prank is the hard part but you can make it fun as well. Maybe by paying up with a little party, another (real this time) gift or a huge hug and great laugh together. Watching the tape that recorded his reaction can be great fun.

But then again, there might be a chance to really piss someone off for good. Well, the fun might be worth it. And it all might shift in intensity and seriousness depending on the scale (the size of the win).

Share the pain with us, comment or add on here. Thanks!

Harmless Draw-On-A-Huge-Guy Prank – Who said harmless?

Ah, the good old permanent marker prank. Only in this example someone went all the way in selecting a prank victim that could turn out, say: a little more reactive, physically.

Say, you always hated that huge, dumb-like-a-sprinkler football player who teases and bullies the entire school and who rules over which girl not even to look at. Understandably you’ve been daydreaming about cruel methods to pay back, neat pranks that might set the record straight once and for all.

This one is as easy as saying 1-2-3. Only, even more quickly you might have to run, depending how fast this moron is going to discover the artful self description at his back. You can easily pull this off at a party or camp, military works as well, only: dissertation with following incarceration might be a bit of a steep price to pay for a prank. Your call.

Getting the dumb bag wasted shouldn’t be the issue really. Morphine or any other suitable drug in his drink if anti-alcoholic might work as well. A guy that size though might need a serious overdose. Strapping him down during the act, just in case, might be wise advice.

On second thought: if you need to fear for him to wake up while being marked, you might just as well fear for life or set him ablaze when wakening unexpectedly. Copy is up to you or your team really.

Make sure not to give away too much of yourself in terms of handwriting recognition and associated content. “You asshole stole my girl last week” or “instead of shitting in your face after you dropped that piano on my head, moron” are not real good ideas.

But then again: “actio = reactio”.

Report your success and ideas here. Your injuries will be welcome too. Have fun (while you can).

Snowman prank – know a nun or priest in your neighborhood?

Out of the thousands of figures you could possibly craft with snow, this one just has to be the easiest. That fact alone should motivate such art work.

The only ingredients needed here are tons of snow and time. Craftsmanship might not be in need that much as we talk about fairly simple shapes here. Finally: men ARE in fact pretty simple in many ways.

If time and snow are on hand this sculpture prank can be applied anywhere suitable. Office building are nice, a Christian neighborhood comes to mind. Or the front yard of a freshly separated couple.

It would be a great revenge prank for someone who went a step too far or two. In that light you might want to consider adding some accessories like a spear or sword rammed right through it. Add plenty of red color.

You could even use this prank in combination with the famous F-U quote. Maybe it’s not the smartest idea to demonstrate romantic feelings publicly or even propose in an alternative way. But then again: who are we to judge about the quality of your relationship.

If all fails you could still use this one after your release from state prison after boxed-in for a couple of years.

Maybe someone wants to add some words of comfort or craziness here?

The itch of his life - A neat scheme for sweet chaet revenge

Being cheated on can be a traumatic experience. Depending on your character and the ugliness of the event some of us might feel compelled to retaliate. Sweet revenge!

Here is an idea to make him take away some pain in return to the cheat.

Regardless if he knows that you know, you can execute this prank without immediate impact and this is actually pretty important here.

The idea is to apply something utterly itchy in his clothing; underwear is a good spot to get started or to concentrate on. On second thought: what if he throws the undy’s out, use the inner-side of his trousers too goddammit…

It’s real easy: preparing (and neatly packing-up if he's traveling) his business attire or any other clothing (which most spouses routinely do anyway) he won’t guess anything if you just act natural.

You can maximize the experience for him if there was no easy access to fresh clothes once the thrill kicks in. Preferably you could choose an event of business travel, conference, a remote wedding party or the great outdoors, anything where he needs to get along with the clothes he came with (get the idea?).

Get some glass wool or (odor-less, color-less) chilly powder or any other painful-on-contact substance (stay away from acid as it might eat up his shorts entirely) and apply all across the desired locations inside the clothing (it’s kindof mean to focus on the area where his balls will rest for the better part of the day or night, but then again: you’re trying to make a statement here!).

Washing his underpants with glass wool (check home depot or any packaging retailer) might do the trick just fine if there are no obvious traces he might spot upon wearing. Or rub in onto the inner side of the targeted garments carefully (works great with chilly powder).

Now, the most chilling (literally) effect you could certainly achieve when applying this neat little prank just prior to another date he’s arranged for. This way you could really hit two birds with one rock, wouldn’t THAT be neat?

Share your meanest revenge ideas here.