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More Office pranks, bulletin board pranks – Mirror mess-up and color confusion

Bulletin boards are attractive targets for group pranks and individual pranks pulled on your coworkers. From swapping to mirror-imaging – here you can have loads of fun and get people really messed-up.

We suggest stretching a series of billboard pranks over several weeks. Especially when going undetected you can play this forever or when you run out of ideas – whatever occurs first. But even if you get caught, getting known as the guy who messes around with people’s bulletin boards can earn you some respect, black eyes or your next date – if you know what we mean.

Why don’t you start with something simple and (actually) not too uncommon? Say: just to get the whole story started and your workplace used to whatever will hit them next. Start with swapping a handful of bulletin boards from office to office or cubicle to cubicle. You might want to wait a day or three and keep dead-quiet about it, maybe wondering yourself a bit at cafeteria discussions about the incident.

Arranging all items up-side-down can be a good start as well. A bit boring but you’re only getting warmed-up, right?

Next your could take people’s bulletin boards and mirror-copy everything that’s on there, arrange the mirror copies the same way as the originals. Some coworkers will take forever to even notice, some will be stunned, others will have a ball (consider taking those in for some bigger office pranks down the road).

Something quite similar could be done with colored copies instead of mirror copies of all items from one bulleting boar. Replace all paper copies with exact copies but on different colored paper. If you know of someone who uses the bulletin board quite actively (who in the world would?) replacing items, exchanging or re-arranging quite frequently (what a moron anyway!) you should definitively consider gluing them!

Public bulleting boards can serve as a great prank platform too! Compromising images from a boss or coworker you hate can be placed there for everyone to see. In our opinion you could run this prank for years when smart enough never being caught. Hiding such pictures or notes (circle spelling errors from a CEO note might apply for instance or a personal note between folks who try to hide their relationship) in between a full load of office announcements can increase the fun level a bit as well.

Finally but not conclusively (and again: it’s all up to your imagination and duration) apply real sticky glue to the bulleting board items or a really strong smell. Guess how long it will take for someone to finally nail down that origination of the nuisance. Or even acquire the smell themselves just by touching a note from that bulleting board.

Let us know if you have any more ideas to bring some fun to work.

Plastic Wrap Prank – Foil-Wrap EVERYTHING!

If you really want someone’s attention get one of those industrial size plastic foil wrap rolls companies use to wrap their palettes in.

You can do this prank yourself or get a hand by a couple of buddies. As a team you could actually wrap the entire building!

Its really simple and straight forward: in an unattended moment wrap just everything from someone you dislike or just want to pull a prank on. Entire desks are popular, lockers, bundles of clothes, coats, shoes, shelves, equipment, drawer content, books, plans, computers, bicycles, you name it…

The trick is to really use a LOT of foil. For instance you should walk around the car or desk at least 5 times and wrap it really tight. It’s quite annoying and not too easy to get the tightly wrapped plastics foil off.

This prank works even better when played on someone who is in a real hurry. Wrapping up toilet booths or cubicles should be done with someone inside. Especially when there is no pointy object around to get the foil pierced. Watch folks using their teeth or high heels instead.

If you really want to overdo it, entire buildings come to mind.

Here is a sneaky one:

A couple, caught in the act, let’s say: at a party! Delivered in plastic foil while still being “plugged” – now THAT should make it to the news!

Have fun and share your experience and ideas here.

Who’s talking? Workplace double phone prank.

This can make for hours of fun. Play pairs of clueless co-workers against each other by setting them up with a simple cross-line experiment.

You need a unsuspicious office or meeting room with working phone connections or cell phones for that matter. Gather your friends or even a bigger crowd to enjoy the fun. In this case speaker phones work great. The better the quality the more likely you’ll experience a couple of long, confused conversations.

Get two phones into place (test before the prank).

Now, put them next to each other. Have a list of people who match or don’t ready. For example: know of two guys who can’t stand each other and get into regular cock fights? Great! Contrast in ranks work great or entirely unknown-to-each-other folks.

Dial the phone numbers of two other co-workers you wish to “surprise”. On the ring, hold the phones together, speaker to microphone, so that one of the phones can hear the other and vice versa.

Don’t interfere, don’t do anything, the “callers” will do all the acting. If you can, switch of caller ID recognition or use cell phones unknown to the internal phone network.

You can even do this in private among friends and family. Record the whole thing for later use (at parties for example). You might even catch some really nasty stuff. Go for the most fun experience setting up the boss with a couple of suck-up’s on a Friday night or Monday morning.

Better even right before an important meeting. In that case make sure, you’re not invited. In fact, you might want to make sure not to see the prank victims for a while or your mimicry might give away too much.

If someone tells on you: good luck for a new job. But hey, THAT prank should really be worth it. And who knows: you might have recorded something that saves your butt!

Sicky prank: how to get beaten up on purpose

If you are horrendously bored here is a series of pranks that guarantees tons of fun for yourself and to be kicked in the head by at least one of your prank victims. Works great on airports, Baseball stadiums, the subway and in big city centers, malls and the likes.

There are days in our lives when nothing can really entertain us. So you need an idea for a solid entertainment that will, by the way, make great stories for your prank victims to share afterwards as well.

In a mall or airport, for example, you could cough and sneeze walking behind someone and then lightly toss a rolled-up napkin into their neck. Works best when playing this on a couple. Pick the male for safety (as he’ll try to behave in front of his girl). Or you can fetch the full load by doing this on the girl, any guy who is half a man will jump right into your brains to defend her.

Instead of tossing the Kleenex you could just as well fan air their way so as if the air from your cough is felt.

As a special twist you could wet your hand (works best with sneezing), walk up behind them and after sneezing wave your hand their way (to splash some droplets their way). Making an excusing gesture or mumble “excuse me!” might prevent you from being seriously harmed but there is no guarantee.

If you really want to go for the pain do this on a large redneck guy. If he’s not ready to get physical just yet, add smiling: “did you know that sneezing on huge, disgusting pimples – like the ones on your neck – make them stink like your old socks?”

Now, this is the moment to enjoy the show or RUUUN!!!!

Have fun, send footage or your own story. Keep the socks.

Toilet pranks – Restroom pranks and practical jokes

Bathroom pranks are somewhat delicate yet greatly rewarding as the prank victim might be too embarrassed to seek for support from others. Anyway, it is advised to cover up your tracks or you’re in for some serious trouble or revenge.

Not everyone is cool with restroom pranks. Well, it’s enough if you are we say!

Locking someone up in a cubicle is an old prank really. Locking him/her up with something ugly or disgusting (the boss?) inside the box is funnier. Better even: switch off the light and play with sounds or scares. Maximum fun can be achieved by throwing something over the cubicle sell door in the dark. Water is famous, burning matches are a bit mean but easily detected and extinguished. Condoms can be fun as well (put some white liquid soap inside for some additional association).

Here you might want to go undetected (switching off the light helps, still: run!).

Removing the door knob while someone is “unloading” makes for a good practical joke in the restroom as well. Have a camera ready to fetch the climbing-out exercise.

How about glue on the toilet seat? Itchy powder works well too (those are the ideas where some trouble starts – good lawyers or massive muscles make good arguments).

Rather harmless: in a closed cubicle put two pairs of shoes (one female the other a guy’s) facing each other as if a couple was, you know what…). Fetching surprised faces with a camera could be wonderful office fun on a boring day.

Here is one that is just too cool to miss: at a conference try to snatch a speaker’s microphone to place it switched on inside the men’s room. It might not always work but if it does nobody would forget this one ever again.

The company’s PA system can be used for this too, you might need a friend or two (e.g. technician, admin). Highlight: if you’d ever catch a couple having sex in the cabin (audio, we’d stay away from video for obvious reasons).

Share your restroom prank ideas and stories here. Have fun!

Garage Sale!!! – Or is there?

This is a harmless, inexpensive and really fun public prank. Works best with a friend cuz it’s a blast to watch! You’ll need a busy neighborhood and a neat street café to sit in for observation fun.

Print 30 or so obvious letter size (larger if you can) posters that say “Garage Sale!” with an obvious, large arrow pointing into one direction. No address, no telephone number, nothing.

At night or early in the morning place the posters in a close pattern around a neighborhood that’s heavily frequented by pedestrians or (better even) down town. Create a fun pattern that you’d want bargain hunters to wonder around there, misguiding them all the way and around again.

Now you need a neat street café where you can settle down with your friends and watch the drama unfold. You don’t even know how long it takes some people to notice they’re being pranked.

Some get really frustrated, some angry. The ones that have a ball after finding out you should invite over for a beer. With this prank you might even make great friends for your next series of pranks?!

Enjoy and tell us how many folks fell for it and for how long.

Expensive (if caught) but neat: double April Fools prank

Take two groups of unsuspicious, rather serious people and play April Fools on them without them knowing. You can pull this off yourself or watch with friends. Careful with recording, the material can be used against you in court.

Prepare carefully, especially in terms of your concept. You don’t have to play this as an April Fools prank, it just depends on your creativity.

Imagine you’d find out about some group of serious people working something out publicly on April 1st. Say, a new construction zone, roadies mounting a concert stage at some public place, a film crew preparing for a shoot, a booth being erected at some public place, a public get-together or party that’s being arranged for, whatever fits the bill.

Weddings are great for that matter too!

Now, making sure the stuff is in swing April 1st in the morning go call (don’t use your cell phone, stupid!) the Police or any other official (Mayor or Governor works fine too and you wouldn’t have to worry too much to be tracked down afterwards) reporting on an April Fool’s prank (or just a prank if it’s not April) unfolding at that location. Play suspicious and frightened or at least surprised but most importantly: highly concerned!

Now, back to the scene (act quickly or have someone doing so in parallel while reporting to the officials) walk up to the selected group of prank victims and smilingly inform them about a group of students and friends who will turn up in a moment who plan on playing an April Fools (or any other) prank on that group by acting as officials.

Explain to them that this group of people is dead serious about succeeding in their effort to play this prank out to the max and that you even think they might hide a camera team close by. So, what you believe is that these pranksters will pull all strings to really make it look extremely real. Maybe you could describe it as a TV show concept you heard about being an intern at a TV station.

You can find a good laugh with these folks and excuse yourself to leave. Head for your carefully selected observation station and enjoy the show!

Report back here on what this prank unfolded, add any idea or comment.

PS: We won’t bale you out of jail though!

The pink flushing – restroom cistern bubbles

Harmless home, school or workplace prank involving the restroom, some colorful bubble bath and a very, very surprised prank victim.

Lock yourself in at the restroom at a poorly frequented time. Lift the cistern lid (you know, the flushing box) and fill in a cup of bubble bath plus pink or red food coloring.

Why food color? Because even the most colorful bubble bath only produces transparent or pale bubbles. You can dramatically improve the coloring effect by adding food color.

Why red or pink? Because the red chromophores (the color molecules) are the smallest and thus disperse in greater intensity, thus: deep, bright colors in your bubbles.

Put the lid back on (duh!) and occupy the cubicle next door. Setting up a camera might bring you in jail, so stay away from that one (on second thought: what the heck, the fun should give it!).

It should be great fun to hear the prank victim mumble and to guess what the repair crew will try to solve the mystery.

Share your observations here. Maybe they vary in colors?

Google TiSP FREE in-home wireless broadband service April Fools Prank 2007

Another hiilarious April Fools Prank by Google was played in 2007. Google claimed to offer free broadband service with all hardware and installation kits free.

When studying the material (nicely done!) you'll crack up!
"Google TiSP (BETA) is a fully functional, end-to-end system that provides in-home wireless access by connecting your commode-based TiSP wireless router to one of thousands of TiSP Access Nodes via fiber-optic cable strung through your local municipal sewage lines."

Installation instructions elaborate on the "freely delivered" installation kit to be used in your toilet. There is even an Enterprise Version:

"We're actively developing a higher-performance version of TiSP specifically tailored to small and medium-sized businesses, including 24-hour, on-site technical support in the event of backup problems, brownouts and data wipes."

AAA+++ April Fools, see it here.

Google G.C.H.E.E.S.E. Lunar Base - Moon Experiment Center April Fools Prank
In 2006 Google played a wonderful prank on their audience (should we say "followers"?).

In great detail they explaimed plans to open the so called Googlunarplex in Spring 2007.

"The Googlunaplex will house 35 engineers, 27,000 low cost web servers, 2 massage therapists and a sushi chef formerly employed by the pop group Hanson."

They went into great detail, including technical scripts, sketches and blueprints.

"The first non-trivial challenge is building a lunar base. Google began drawing up plans for the construction of a lunar facility in the Copernicus Crater early in 1998, when the company's founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin were still graduate students at Stanford University.
Applying a Patel extrapolation to Rosing linear projections, Page and Brin predicted that every man, woman and child on earth would be conducting at least seven searches a day by the year 2018.

While their projections correctly predicted random spikes in search traffic due to wardrobe malfunctions, they failed to adequately factor in the hyperbolic trajectory of Britney Spears, which accelerated the rate of global search growth by a factor of seven."

Snowman prank – know a nun or priest in your neighborhood?

Out of the thousands of figures you could possibly craft with snow, this one just has to be the easiest. That fact alone should motivate such art work.

The only ingredients needed here are tons of snow and time. Craftsmanship might not be in need that much as we talk about fairly simple shapes here. Finally: men ARE in fact pretty simple in many ways.

If time and snow are on hand this sculpture prank can be applied anywhere suitable. Office building are nice, a Christian neighborhood comes to mind. Or the front yard of a freshly separated couple.

It would be a great revenge prank for someone who went a step too far or two. In that light you might want to consider adding some accessories like a spear or sword rammed right through it. Add plenty of red color.

You could even use this prank in combination with the famous F-U quote. Maybe it’s not the smartest idea to demonstrate romantic feelings publicly or even propose in an alternative way. But then again: who are we to judge about the quality of your relationship.

If all fails you could still use this one after your release from state prison after boxed-in for a couple of years.

Maybe someone wants to add some words of comfort or craziness here?

I did everyone in here (and more…)

There is no better reason and place for humor with neat pranks and practical jokes as in a relationship. Obviously the weight and intensity of your pranks might invite laughter and mutual joy or, on the other hand, destroy love in a single sweep of wrongfully applied humoresque genius (well, at least you end it having a ball, most other break-ups make someone cry).

Now, here is the idea. It works for gal’s and guys alike. You need to be in an unfamiliar public setting for your true-love. It wouldn’t hurt to put this into a more formal setting like an office party, company’s Christmas party, neighborhood reception, large family reunion or the likes.

It needs to be known to your girl or boy that you’ve been around (just not how much… yet).

Early in the event, prior to major introductions, pull her/him aside and secretly ask for solidarity with one of the participants in there for she/he might not over you yet after going out for a short while last year.

Your true-love might (or might not) understand the delicate situation and agree not to show affection to you too obviously in presence of that person in respect of his/her feelings. You should thankfully appreciate the effort.

Minutes later now, pulling her/him aside again, point towards someone else asking for the same respect and understanding because you dated him/her as well, but it’s long over, you just don’t know if it didn’t make the other person uncomfortable.

You could start creating little stories about why it all ended or about one-night-stands and some such. Asking for forgiveness to put your new love into this situation might ease the discomfort (while you can) a bit.

Now repeat this as many times as your creativity produces these little stories of drunken encounters and spontaneous affinities, deep romantic tales without happy endings and ugly break-up descriptions. Put some weight into your own feelings but also into the feelings of the others always asking for respect and understanding.

Of course you will ensure your true-love that you feel miserable having put her/him into this uncomfortable situation.

A great resolution might start with some elaboration on drama, irritating tragic developments in the past, gay encounters or any other unbelievable nonsense. The more drastic the examples, the quicker the prank resolves as it will become too unbelievable.

On the other hand you could always play this forever of course… It’s really your call as to how quickly and irreversible you want to piss off your new love.

On second thought: this scheme might make a great self competition. How many girl/guys can you lose, piss-off, scare away in a month? Better even, how many years can you run this show without appearing in court, the local news papers or being severely beaten by a horde of angry female mobsters?

If you really want to take it all the way, here is how you can make stunningly sure that you won’t find a new mate in a long time:

After resolution make it public right there on the spot to the whole crowd rolling over laughing and in tears. You’ll get home that night with at least one black eye, some weird new friends who might just be authors at this website here and without a standing chance to date again soon.


Airplane Prophet Prank

When bored at an airport you can try this (works alone or with a hidden group observing reactions):

- walk up to a waiting passenger who is busy with her laptop, book or magazine
- stand right in front of her (some 10 inches will do) without doing anything
- when she looks up bend forward, look her into the eyes for 5 silent seconds
- state with a neutral and monotone voice in quick words:

"Don't take that plane!"

- walk away as if roaming the aisles of an unknown supermarket...

Watch and have fun!