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Party Prank Photo – Another Morning After (at Grandma's Place)

Decorating a friend after passing out is always great fun. This one here doesn’t really go all the way but as we can see the snow-white-armed dude to the right is probably just getting started.

On a different note though: judging from by the furniture at hand who doesn’t want to get wasted in record time at grandma’s? Whoohoo, did you see that stinkin’ rug? The composition of the picture on the wall and the butt-ugly curtains give away one of the most boring souls with outstandingly mediocre taste.

The hat stand was probably standing on top of that rug, the perfect place where a one-eyed, 22 year old, farting Siamese cat would rest during the day.

Could be a sect’s guest room really or a priests adventurous bedroom (maybe the bloke to the right is the owner of the place which would explain the white robe hanging from that little sinner’s bank he is about to place on top of that pile.

Any other idea about the scenery here? Lettus know!

Beer king retired! Six pack mix feature.

This is what happens when mixing different brand six pack randomly. There are three bottles still unopened. Shame on the beer king!

It just took 14 small bottles of beer to pass out for the beer king? Well, we don’t see all the labels really. Maybe one of the bottles was filled with nitro glycerin. This would explain the king’s warm smile there.

The beer king’s crown sits flawlessly though, you have to give him that!

Some heavy toilet paper!

Imagine this: you are so entirely wasted that you, after barely making it to the restroom, pass out from exhaustion after unrolling the toilet paper you planned to use. Or was this the last attempt to grab hold to something before tipping over?

This one is hilarious! Debatable if the toilet bowl cracked under the weight of this bloke passing out or him falling over without any command to physically recover when hitting the floor.

We all know: someone played a wonderful prank late night when most toiler goers should have gotton to bed actually.

If he had only held on to the toilet paper a tad firmer, this might just have saved him from public embarrassment just now. But then again: sites like this one here would have to make up prank stories like this if they didn’t already happen.

Wondering for how long he has been snoring there (which might have attracted suspicion by neighboring restroom cubicle visitors…). Wanna bet?

Beer can prank – decorate with what you drank

Now here’s a recycling idea. After the party the passed-out get decorated with their own empty containers. A nice variant to the old, boring: “bring a bottle or finger food” scheme.

We don’t know if this guy really and truly drank those fourteen cans of beer. From the looks of it we’d bet they weren’t done decorating yet. Or who passes out into a nearly dead-like state after just 3.5 liters of beer?

He’s a lucky bloke though. Imagine he brought bottles instead of cans. Or a keg for that matter. Can you imagine the sound when he wakes up? This one cries for video plus sound recording.

Let us have your party prank photos with some comments. Become an author yourself if you’re a prankster pro!

Buddy Wrap – Party Prank

Passing out on a party should almost instantly result in a fun prank. You’ll need someone who is really wasted, some tape and plenty of decoration material.

This bloke must have been drinking something rather unfamiliar. We counted the tape wrap-arounds: there are at least 10 visible in this picture. So, turning the guy around that many times, crafting this wonderful diaper-like hat, fixing the hands and still having time to sit back and relax with a book (or whatever the heck the other guy in the back is doing) is pretty amazing in terms of pass-out-time and intensity.

We are not quite sure about the meaning of that thingy ring down there. Neither do we really clearly understand the concept of the gloves on his chest. Maybe the wrapper used them in hope to prevent fingerprints, how knows.

A camera would come in handy here. We hate to have missed the moment when he wakes up.

Got similar prank experience? Report back to the prank headquarters here.

Harmless Draw-On-A-Huge-Guy Prank – Who said harmless?

Ah, the good old permanent marker prank. Only in this example someone went all the way in selecting a prank victim that could turn out, say: a little more reactive, physically.

Say, you always hated that huge, dumb-like-a-sprinkler football player who teases and bullies the entire school and who rules over which girl not even to look at. Understandably you’ve been daydreaming about cruel methods to pay back, neat pranks that might set the record straight once and for all.

This one is as easy as saying 1-2-3. Only, even more quickly you might have to run, depending how fast this moron is going to discover the artful self description at his back. You can easily pull this off at a party or camp, military works as well, only: dissertation with following incarceration might be a bit of a steep price to pay for a prank. Your call.

Getting the dumb bag wasted shouldn’t be the issue really. Morphine or any other suitable drug in his drink if anti-alcoholic might work as well. A guy that size though might need a serious overdose. Strapping him down during the act, just in case, might be wise advice.

On second thought: if you need to fear for him to wake up while being marked, you might just as well fear for life or set him ablaze when wakening unexpectedly. Copy is up to you or your team really.

Make sure not to give away too much of yourself in terms of handwriting recognition and associated content. “You asshole stole my girl last week” or “instead of shitting in your face after you dropped that piano on my head, moron” are not real good ideas.

But then again: “actio = reactio”.

Report your success and ideas here. Your injuries will be welcome too. Have fun (while you can).

Marked in his sleep – how to secure party evidence

We’ve seen this in the movies. So, when someone passes out at a party in a dead-like state what’s more natural than copying what they’ve shown in the latest thriller when the police move in to secure the evidence.

Do you know how many bottles of beer you’d need to make for a perfect dead body in a movie shoot that takes hours and 120 takes for the one scene where Forensics secures the evidence and investigates the crime scene?

You guessed it right, just as many as you’ll need to replace the white tape they always use at CSI.

On second note: you might want to try getting wasted this way yourself and have it recorded if in need of proof for your spouse that you couldn’t have possibly cheated cuz you were too busy to empty all the bottles needed for the body outlining.

Oh boy, we’d like to see more of that! Got some evidence for yourself? Don’t hold back, share your comments and experience.

Sleepy-Head Decoration – Human Food Pile

Now THAT’s a nice nutritious balance right there.
Any party ought to just suck massively when fruit around! Question being: will this gal push the bud can off the table first, will the ashtray go first or a yellow apple roll down to artfully set in front of her face when waking up?

Of course, if the bee-cigarette-apple-pile keeps in perfect balance while waking. It’s a pity we don’t have a follow-up picture of the food assembly after the waking. Would be really interesting to have proof what settles where and how.

On second thought: this girl might be dead already for the sheer earth rotation would tumble the cigarette box on top of the tower already.

Or, hang on a second: is that a deck of cards there at the table (btw: someone using that ugly a table cloth should sleep for 24 hours every day anyways)? So there might have been different decoration plans after all…

Either the decorating friends were too drunk themselves to put a neat card house together or there was still a silent breathing coming from this girl, so: there is still hope for survival here…

Decorate a drunken friend, REALLY, really drunk!

Aside of any possible decoration material for an after-party prank it always pays to have deck of cards on you – just in case someone passes out really intensely.

This must be the third bottle of White Rum in that picture. Nobody can possible be as wasted after a beer and two sips of liquor!

Neat: the candle thing. Works really great then burning for 10 minutes and the guy shakes them into his face when waking up. Better even: spice up the effect with some rum filled into the transparent plastic cups left and right of that one candle.

This is what we call effective waking – the guy on flames will really toss him out of focus. Maybe he’ll even be sober in a flash (literally).

Since this is obviously happening in a tent there is even a nice potential for an even bigger bang. So why not spill the rest of the rum onto the tent?

One thing you might want to prepare for, other than the two blokes in the picture here: clear an escape route. You might want to be outta there REAL FAST!
And you should really consider wearing protective gear for the better part of the remaining year.

Did you ever decorate your own wasted buddy? Share it here please.

Toothpick Hairdo Prank

You'll need a guy with really curly hair who is really, really wasted or just extremely tired.

These fellows might have always dreamed about some kind of practical prank regarding this guy's hairdo.

Well, some warm, late summer-party night their wish became true and old Hans here passed out without a clue.

Could well be that his friends not only always hated the way all the girls admired the curls and wanted to play with them, most likely the Norwegian blanky as much as his strong Scandinavian accent bored the hell out of everyone.

As a next prank his colleagues want to lock him up in a sauna with a real reindeer for a week. Maybe he can teach the animal to play Mikado with the tooth picks then.

Share additional ideas here.