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Hate the admin? Office prank on the secretary.

If you really hate an administrative assistant (or secretary as we all used to say back in the golden days of calling people what they were) here are a couple of prank ideas that will certainly drive her nuts or even make her want to get onto an office rampage.

One to play on the secretary with about 10 phone lines to handle: Get a bunch of people to call her all at once. Half of them ask for people (funniest if people are made up or miss-pronounced), and the other half state "please hold for [someone important]," or just "please hold."

Of course there is no end to the loop on those calls. Watch the secretary get more nervous by the minute ... if she can’t take a prank, take cover or simply go on vacation for a month.

Or why not take some papers from the recycling bin (still in neat physical condition) and put them in her desk file drawer when absent. Drives her nuts trying to figure out why she saved those papers. If you really need to give it to her: put them into the conference or signing folders of her boss. Chances are she’ll put them onto the CEO’s desk without double checking (cuz it always worked, right?). Can you imagine his face when asked to sign the bi-annual office beer drinking Olympics fund raiser?

If you have access to her scheduler make up fake appointments with hieroglyphical abbreviations well into the future such as: “Bob to call GYCB for ABB workshop approval” – or “Layoff’s” – or “Bubble wrap for Judy’s gift” – or “MICM board meeting” – or the likes.

More Office pranks, bulletin board pranks – Mirror mess-up and color confusion

Bulletin boards are attractive targets for group pranks and individual pranks pulled on your coworkers. From swapping to mirror-imaging – here you can have loads of fun and get people really messed-up.

We suggest stretching a series of billboard pranks over several weeks. Especially when going undetected you can play this forever or when you run out of ideas – whatever occurs first. But even if you get caught, getting known as the guy who messes around with people’s bulletin boards can earn you some respect, black eyes or your next date – if you know what we mean.

Why don’t you start with something simple and (actually) not too uncommon? Say: just to get the whole story started and your workplace used to whatever will hit them next. Start with swapping a handful of bulletin boards from office to office or cubicle to cubicle. You might want to wait a day or three and keep dead-quiet about it, maybe wondering yourself a bit at cafeteria discussions about the incident.

Arranging all items up-side-down can be a good start as well. A bit boring but you’re only getting warmed-up, right?

Next your could take people’s bulletin boards and mirror-copy everything that’s on there, arrange the mirror copies the same way as the originals. Some coworkers will take forever to even notice, some will be stunned, others will have a ball (consider taking those in for some bigger office pranks down the road).

Something quite similar could be done with colored copies instead of mirror copies of all items from one bulleting boar. Replace all paper copies with exact copies but on different colored paper. If you know of someone who uses the bulletin board quite actively (who in the world would?) replacing items, exchanging or re-arranging quite frequently (what a moron anyway!) you should definitively consider gluing them!

Public bulleting boards can serve as a great prank platform too! Compromising images from a boss or coworker you hate can be placed there for everyone to see. In our opinion you could run this prank for years when smart enough never being caught. Hiding such pictures or notes (circle spelling errors from a CEO note might apply for instance or a personal note between folks who try to hide their relationship) in between a full load of office announcements can increase the fun level a bit as well.

Finally but not conclusively (and again: it’s all up to your imagination and duration) apply real sticky glue to the bulleting board items or a really strong smell. Guess how long it will take for someone to finally nail down that origination of the nuisance. Or even acquire the smell themselves just by touching a note from that bulleting board.

Let us know if you have any more ideas to bring some fun to work.

Computer Equipment Swap Office Prank

Mess around with people’s computer equipment while being on vacation. Swapping keys is particularly funny. This works without having software access.

When co-workers return from longer absence they tend to forget their computer passwords and need to get used to many routines from scratch.

Swapping keys on their keyboard (say: swap N with M and/or P with O) will provide for loads of fun. Especially when one of those letters was used in a password!

Switching the T, H, and E keys with the S, E, and X keys can produce funny situations as well. This works best with people of do not look at their keyboard while typing. This 58 year old professional admin might be a good prank target for that or the well hated CEO admin bitch (you know, the one that keeps telling you what to do all the time) who, on top of things, feels too damn important to double-check her texts. It’s payback time baby!

More obvious but equally rewarding could be a monitor swap or any other cable connection mess-up. Imagine Tim seeing Jane’s desktop when switching on his monitor. Albeit quickly discovered this harmless prank could involve the whole team depending on how you want to play it and how much effort you want to put into this office prank.

A hand from the IT department can create real chaos here (use extended amounts of extension cords to miss-connect loads of machines. Include mice and keyboards and you are sure to mess up the entire office.

Got more ideas or want to report on your recent office prank on computer hardware? Add on to this prank with your comments.

Fake kidnapping prank – play it cute or mean

If you want to play a cute prank for once or you need to give your team a break from some evil past doing, here is a harmless but effective prank for you.

Take a Polaroid to work or any other place you want to play this. In an unobserved moment take an item away your prank target really likes or needs, best: both. Stuffed animals works great, keys, lunch box (full of course, right before lunch time).

Take a Polaroid picture of the “borrowed” item and leave it with a ransom letter at the original place.

Famous ransoms could be a dinner invitation, a date (maybe not with the boss), a six pack or a fake ransom letter requesting the release of someone the other person has stolen or taken away (your heart, a friend, a hobby without sharing).

Depending on your effort this could really be neat and the talk of town (or the office) for a while. Obviously you can play this neat and cute or mean but the closer you get to a threat the less you refer to this website please (read the disclaimer buddy!).

A fake kidnapping with people is not advised if kids are involved. Have some decency!

But an obvious fun kidnapping, if well done, as a bachelor prank or game is always appreciated. Especially at April Fool's Day.

Your additional prank ideas or experience here please

Plastic Wrap Prank – Foil-Wrap EVERYTHING!

If you really want someone’s attention get one of those industrial size plastic foil wrap rolls companies use to wrap their palettes in.

You can do this prank yourself or get a hand by a couple of buddies. As a team you could actually wrap the entire building!

Its really simple and straight forward: in an unattended moment wrap just everything from someone you dislike or just want to pull a prank on. Entire desks are popular, lockers, bundles of clothes, coats, shoes, shelves, equipment, drawer content, books, plans, computers, bicycles, you name it…

The trick is to really use a LOT of foil. For instance you should walk around the car or desk at least 5 times and wrap it really tight. It’s quite annoying and not too easy to get the tightly wrapped plastics foil off.

This prank works even better when played on someone who is in a real hurry. Wrapping up toilet booths or cubicles should be done with someone inside. Especially when there is no pointy object around to get the foil pierced. Watch folks using their teeth or high heels instead.

If you really want to overdo it, entire buildings come to mind.

Here is a sneaky one:

A couple, caught in the act, let’s say: at a party! Delivered in plastic foil while still being “plugged” – now THAT should make it to the news!

Have fun and share your experience and ideas here.

Cell Phone Prank - Handy Tricks to Lose Friends

If you have access to someone's cell phone and know their contacts you should not let that opportunity pass!

Imagine your buddy sends a steamy sms cell phone text message to his darling in the middle of a lonely night and gets an irritated response from his boss the next morning.

Or family members are granted the true thoughts from your girl friend about their stupid gaming nights every other Sunday.

Mother-in-laws are very welcome receivers of love letters of their daughters for example or better even: of their son-in-laws.

Get the idea?

Get into the contacts phone book of someone's cell phone and just swap a couple of names (don't overdo, a couple are fine for focussed fun). As most people hit a name and do not double check with the number when sending off their hot sexual phantasies to their lover boys or gal's it is easy to assign grandma's number to the name of someone's love of their life.

Maximum prank fun can be achieved if you could swap the names of your buddy's mother-in-law with the secretary he is cheating her daughter with.

Mean? Of course!
Fun? Tons!

You'll lose all your friends (and teeth) and get a couple of new, wrong ones in exchange. But hey: it's worth it all the while, trust us!

Share your story with the crowd here. A picture of your knocked-out teeth are weclome too.

Who’s talking? Workplace double phone prank.

This can make for hours of fun. Play pairs of clueless co-workers against each other by setting them up with a simple cross-line experiment.

You need a unsuspicious office or meeting room with working phone connections or cell phones for that matter. Gather your friends or even a bigger crowd to enjoy the fun. In this case speaker phones work great. The better the quality the more likely you’ll experience a couple of long, confused conversations.

Get two phones into place (test before the prank).

Now, put them next to each other. Have a list of people who match or don’t ready. For example: know of two guys who can’t stand each other and get into regular cock fights? Great! Contrast in ranks work great or entirely unknown-to-each-other folks.

Dial the phone numbers of two other co-workers you wish to “surprise”. On the ring, hold the phones together, speaker to microphone, so that one of the phones can hear the other and vice versa.

Don’t interfere, don’t do anything, the “callers” will do all the acting. If you can, switch of caller ID recognition or use cell phones unknown to the internal phone network.

You can even do this in private among friends and family. Record the whole thing for later use (at parties for example). You might even catch some really nasty stuff. Go for the most fun experience setting up the boss with a couple of suck-up’s on a Friday night or Monday morning.

Better even right before an important meeting. In that case make sure, you’re not invited. In fact, you might want to make sure not to see the prank victims for a while or your mimicry might give away too much.

If someone tells on you: good luck for a new job. But hey, THAT prank should really be worth it. And who knows: you might have recorded something that saves your butt!

Useless Windows Desktop – The Desktop Dummy Olympics

How to mess up someone’s first office minutes (for some it might take hours ;-)

Get this: get access to someone’s computer while (s)he’s away. Take a screen shot of the desktop and safe it as a .jpg file wherever you like.

Now run the control panel, “Display” and apply this very picture as the wallpaper in the Desktop options (browse for the file location where you just saved the .jpg of the screen shot.

Hide all icons on the original desktop (in Windows XP: right click in the desktop, Arrange Icons By… and de-activate “Show Desktop Icons”). Now hide the task bar (right click on it, Properties and activate “Auto-hide the taskbar”.

When the user returns everything looks normal but nothing reacts on the click!

Get your buddies, a can of soda, a stop watch and find a good hiding/observation spot. Measure the time until the user finds out. Repeat independently with other co-workers.

Next lunch break you can award the dumbest users (longest time taken to figure it out) with the Desktop Dummy Olympics medals that could be made of CR-ROM’s or diskettes. Decoration of the medals and the contestants is up to your fantasy and the humor barrier of your co-workers and boss.

We’d love to hear from you. Maybe you want to share some pictures? Have fun!

Computer Prank: Auto-Screensaver Nuisance

Microsoft Windows screensavers are great toys. And they make a great prank companion too! Wait for your prank victim to leave the workstation or laptop, make sure (s)he’ll be gone for a couple of minutes. The least suspicious you are to the victim, the wilder you can go here.

Try this on your computer first to gain some confidence and speed. You can also try this prank at home or in an internet cafe.

Minimize all programs and right-click the targeted desktop. Under Properties look for the Screen Saver option. Select Marquee and assign a password (don’t forget it! “Bitch” works well or “Moron” if you can find a solid association with the targeted victim).

The scrolling text could read something like this: “What’s the f@]&%ing password?!” or “Did you know you were recorded in the bathroom this morning” or other fun stuff like “We know what you did last weekend!”.

Sky is the limit, just don’t give too much away that might point to you.

Now for the real deal: Look for the file C:\WINNT\system32\ssmarque.scr (it might be located in a different path, so use the system search or you might have to disable the Tools/Folder Option “Hide Known Extensions”). and create a shortcut. Copy/paste the shortcut into the StartUp folder, so that the screen saver will be automatically activated when Windows starts up!
Watch the madness unfold and have fun. Add a twist by sending the only capable IT guy to run some errands for three hours and leave for vacation.

Let us know how it worked out and what kind of scrolling text you used.

Office computer prank: Virus Alert!

Imitate an official IT department alert email message or black board announcement. State in serious notes that a special virus outbreak compromised the network and is being dealt with.

As a specialty the Trojan is being activated by using the letter “e” from any computer connected to the company network. Advise the office workforce, colleagues, coworkers and friends under no circumstances to use the letter “e”.

Instead everyone should be using letter “u” until notified otherwise.

Can you imaginu what a muss this would cruate if uveronu complius? Vary lutturs for additional fun. If your workplacu umploys Chinusu puoplu you might try “r” instead of “l”. This wourd creat especiarry many roughs if the boss would berong to this group of peopre.

Add a twist by excluding some folks from the prank who will go crazy over this. Printing posters and hang them everywhere but one floor or office area might support this little prank twist nicely as well.

Havu fun praying this workpracu prank and rut us know what othur iduas you triud.

Misbehaving Winword – AutoCorrect Office Prank

From Microsoft Word 97 and upwards versions Microsoft added something really useful to their add-on features. Especially for playing hidden co-worker pranks, the AutoCorrect feature lets you go wild and beyond without ever being caught as nobody could ever track you down or not even suspect human interference.

In Tools / AutoCorrect you can find a lit of words that Winword assumes to be misspelled regularly. If you are one of those folks (like me I guess) to always hit one letter earlier on your keyboard like “teh” instead of “the”: Winword would correct this typo actually as you type.

However, in order to do so you would need to tell Winword about those common mistakes. Every human being might have their own hit list of regular misspells. This is where the AutoCorrect comes in handy for a neat office prank.

If you have access to a co-workers’ computer (better even if you work in IT) mess up this AutoCorrect list. Here are a couple of ideas that work neatly and might take a while for the prank victims to realize.

Make sure to use words that really exist because in most standard configurations of Winword misspelled words are marked and thus your imposed prank changes could easily be detected. For example if you auto-corrected the word “manager” into “munnuger” Winword would underscore that word to indicate the mistake.

Instead if the word “manager” would be changed to “moron” while the typing takes place a fast typist might not realize the change as someone who is very literate in typing fast and correct tends to not read the typed message that often and that detailed. Instead they tend to scan the text block and if no red underline appears they’d assume to have spelled everything correctly.

It also helps to use similar words in start letter and approximate length. Someone who just scans the text won't detect the replacement words easily then.

Until they are called in to the bosses office of course!

Here are a couple of neat ideas to try but don’t stop there, invent your own:
Project into Prospect or Poop - Subject into Suspect or Sunbeam – Manager into Moron or Maker – CEO into CLEO ...

... or many other ideas that our readers might share in their comment.
Have fun!

Toilet pranks – Restroom pranks and practical jokes

Bathroom pranks are somewhat delicate yet greatly rewarding as the prank victim might be too embarrassed to seek for support from others. Anyway, it is advised to cover up your tracks or you’re in for some serious trouble or revenge.

Not everyone is cool with restroom pranks. Well, it’s enough if you are we say!

Locking someone up in a cubicle is an old prank really. Locking him/her up with something ugly or disgusting (the boss?) inside the box is funnier. Better even: switch off the light and play with sounds or scares. Maximum fun can be achieved by throwing something over the cubicle sell door in the dark. Water is famous, burning matches are a bit mean but easily detected and extinguished. Condoms can be fun as well (put some white liquid soap inside for some additional association).

Here you might want to go undetected (switching off the light helps, still: run!).

Removing the door knob while someone is “unloading” makes for a good practical joke in the restroom as well. Have a camera ready to fetch the climbing-out exercise.

How about glue on the toilet seat? Itchy powder works well too (those are the ideas where some trouble starts – good lawyers or massive muscles make good arguments).

Rather harmless: in a closed cubicle put two pairs of shoes (one female the other a guy’s) facing each other as if a couple was, you know what…). Fetching surprised faces with a camera could be wonderful office fun on a boring day.

Here is one that is just too cool to miss: at a conference try to snatch a speaker’s microphone to place it switched on inside the men’s room. It might not always work but if it does nobody would forget this one ever again.

The company’s PA system can be used for this too, you might need a friend or two (e.g. technician, admin). Highlight: if you’d ever catch a couple having sex in the cabin (audio, we’d stay away from video for obvious reasons).

Share your restroom prank ideas and stories here. Have fun!

Top 10 list “Annoy your office colleagues” – Be a public nuisance

To prank someone is always great fun, especially when working in teams. Annoying your peers for fun can be a lot harder when done alone. Being the lonely soldier in service of public nuisance can be extremely rewarding though. You might have to find yourself a new job though.

Sometimes public pranking is just too great a blast to miss out on. Annoying your co-workers who have always bothered you for ages makes for a great payback and extended memories for good. So, lets get started with our top ten countdown of most annoying nuisances you can (and should) pull of some time soon in your workplace.

The key to success (which is to piss others off entirely) and great fun is to really stick to your scheme for a whole day. Nobody is ever going to take you seriously anymore but hey, there are worse ways to achieve that nobody will bother you anymore.

You can even play one of these annoyance pranks every week. With our top ten list you’ll be the hero for almost three months in your workplace. Now if that isn’t create a name for yourself.

#10: Modernization: For one full day only and exclusively speak in robot voices and make appropriate robot moves along the way. Act as an automated voice recorder on the phone and lose metal screws while walking. Leaving trails of metal wool in the toilet rounds up you little annoyance scheme. You can also pack your desk with tools such as screw drivers in order to repair yourself. Drink your water from an oil can, you get the idea, be creative.

#9: Innovation Projects: Wear a helmet; walk slooowly, bouncing off as in a low gravity environment; nap standing against the wall, conduct seemingly important “scientific” experiments with your stuff at your desk and your colleagues. Claim that all this is part of your astronaut training.

#8: Security: Follow everyone in your immediate work environment to spray everything they touched with Lysol. Wipe any surface clean instantly after they laid hands on it. Make sure to wear a face mask too in order to protect yourself from evil or germs or evil germs. Exclaim that your doctor advised you to avoid any human transmitted organics in order to avoid certain death within days of exposure due to a rare condition you have just learned about (make up a funny name). If someone asks you to stop: exclaim that they only exist in your imagination.

#7: Information: Scour the web for entirely useless scientific intelligence and forward abstracts with broken links to your peers all day long. Claiming highest priorities and importance will support this strategy. Announce awards for people who push back in asking to knock it off. The highest award would be received by someone who pays back with even greater crap.

#6: Technology: This one needs a little homework and practice: invent nonsense technical terminology and fill your conversations with these stupid tech terms. See who will play along for fun or to avoid the appearance of ignorance. Again: reward the ones who come up with even greater nonsense.

#5: Entertainment. Drum on anything in your path and claim the need of practice for your live gig as the new drummer for a local band next Saturday. Vary with other instruments or sing the same tune all day long. Hum stupid tunes.

#4: Conversations: Conduct interviews with staff around you all day long. Throw in some grape vine and some rumors and you won’t have any shortage of audience. Lie about meaningless and simple discussions and questions such as the cafeteria menu.

#3: Document Management: Staple all documents you are supposed to archive or forward in the middle of the page. Better even: glue them together or cut out headings and staple them together in front of the documentation as an index. Set the copy machine to ridiculous settings by default.

#2: Electronic Communication: Type in uppercase only during morning, use lowercase without any punctuation in the afternoon when exchanging email with peers. Schedule meetings for September 31st and February 30th.

#1: Socializing: Confuse genders when talking to people: address any lady with Mr. and any guy with Mrs. Ask for their gender if they don’t laugh. Avoid eye contact.

We certainly hope you’ll keep your job. And if not: have maximum fun and report your impressions here.

The pink flushing – restroom cistern bubbles

Harmless home, school or workplace prank involving the restroom, some colorful bubble bath and a very, very surprised prank victim.

Lock yourself in at the restroom at a poorly frequented time. Lift the cistern lid (you know, the flushing box) and fill in a cup of bubble bath plus pink or red food coloring.

Why food color? Because even the most colorful bubble bath only produces transparent or pale bubbles. You can dramatically improve the coloring effect by adding food color.

Why red or pink? Because the red chromophores (the color molecules) are the smallest and thus disperse in greater intensity, thus: deep, bright colors in your bubbles.

Put the lid back on (duh!) and occupy the cubicle next door. Setting up a camera might bring you in jail, so stay away from that one (on second thought: what the heck, the fun should give it!).

It should be great fun to hear the prank victim mumble and to guess what the repair crew will try to solve the mystery.

Share your observations here. Maybe they vary in colors?

Copy machine prank – Annoying configuration

This will drive your coworkers crazy. You might want to consider to do this in secret for obvious reasons.

If you have easy access to copying equipment study the manual to learn how to set default configurations.

Because 8 out of 10 people will assume to “quickly just make a copy” when hitting the Start or Copy button you’ll find easy victims. The chances they will report the prank are slim as there is some level of self-embarrassment involved.

Once you learned how to set the defaults, configure to 250% size, darkest possible, 17 inch paper and 92 copies.

Find a hiding spot and observe or record people’s reactions. Showing this at the next office get-together might make for a good laugh. Be warned tough that any boss with a retarded sense of humor might charge the extra copies.

Coworkers without a healthy sense of humor though might just deserve this prank and being laughed at, so: it might just be worth the extra cost.

A great copy-machine prank would be to leave a compromising image in the copier and approach the prank victim second in line looking at her/him irritated, shaking your head.

You might be in for some serious bribing effort or any other funny effort to exclaim innocence. Play along as long and as publicly as it doesn’t ruin your job security.

Have fun – share your thoughts and additional ideas on this office prank, thanks.

Snowman prank – know a nun or priest in your neighborhood?

Out of the thousands of figures you could possibly craft with snow, this one just has to be the easiest. That fact alone should motivate such art work.

The only ingredients needed here are tons of snow and time. Craftsmanship might not be in need that much as we talk about fairly simple shapes here. Finally: men ARE in fact pretty simple in many ways.

If time and snow are on hand this sculpture prank can be applied anywhere suitable. Office building are nice, a Christian neighborhood comes to mind. Or the front yard of a freshly separated couple.

It would be a great revenge prank for someone who went a step too far or two. In that light you might want to consider adding some accessories like a spear or sword rammed right through it. Add plenty of red color.

You could even use this prank in combination with the famous F-U quote. Maybe it’s not the smartest idea to demonstrate romantic feelings publicly or even propose in an alternative way. But then again: who are we to judge about the quality of your relationship.

If all fails you could still use this one after your release from state prison after boxed-in for a couple of years.

Maybe someone wants to add some words of comfort or craziness here?

Mailbox Pranks – Surprise, Surprise!

You may want to grab a couple of friends for mutual observation fun and take a camera for recording too. Mailbox pranks are great for neighborhoods, friends and the workplace. Publicly showing the recordings in that very neighborhood or work team makes for a good laugh as well.

You get the idea: put something into the mailbox and wait, install surveillance equipment of any suitable nature and group some friends around you, watch and enjoy.

Hate the mailman? Nothing better than that (if he’s a real moron however he might be alert as others might have played similar pranks with him already). Want to scare a neighbor or pay back for a D to a stupid teacher? Nice, put the glasses on and study these prank tips.

Rats make a nice surprise subject for a mailbox prank (doesn’t work in the South at above 100°F except you want to serve lunch with the prank, in that case: serve with ketchup and a bun). Snakes provide a great scare, so do Spiders but they might find an escape hole or might not be detected

Excrements of any sort will work (again: depending on weather conditions be aware of changing texture and firmness). On the other hand, anything moving maximizes the effect. Opossums or Raccoons could be a tad aggressive, then again: depends on the degree of hatred that needs to be addressed through the mailbox prank.

Assembling something popping, exploding or destroying the whole thing upon activation is always great fun for the architect and the audience (well, we know for whom it won’t). For example you could fill a plastic bag with water (use colored liquids for anyone who needs to be marked or any stinky substance for that matter), fix one end at the inner end of the mailbox and the other inside the door. When opened the mailbox will release the chosen substance.

With a little effort you might make this work with flower or any other powder. On this note: the 2002 Anthrax scare might cause a little trouble for you. But what the heck, some pranks are just too enjoyable and there is a price for anything anyway. For a lifetime story what’s a couple of days at the Sherriff’s office really.

Explosions obviously are something we won’t promote publicly here neither do we suggest harming other people. But there is great prank value in using harmless explosives like indoors fireworks with mailbox pranks. Just make sure to study the instructions and don’t use anything that is supposed to be used in distance.

Setting the mailbox on fire might trigger additional events you haven’t prepared nor calculated for. Stay away from acid or burning liquids as you can’t control the flow or other behavior of the substance once the prank unfolds.

Make sure there are no kids running into an inappropriate prank! For kids and elderly people there is a whole range of mailbox pranks you could pull off. Ping Pong balls, balloons, confetti (lots of it!) and liquids are popular. Fixing the mailbox so it won’t open (only when you approach and secretly unlock a little switch) can really drive someone crazy, especially when repeated multiple times. That makes a great recording session (ever thought about sending in your art to AFV?).

Have fun!

I am RICH! Or not? Lottery prank

Really, really mean, don’t you think? But then again: which prank isn’t? Make someone win the lottery and lose it all again can be great fun indeed. Well, you know for whom it won’t!

This prank does not work really well between a couple (except you need a revenge scheme), very close friends or family in small groups. The real fun only unfolds in a dynamic group setting where tension builds throughout the lottery or sweepstakes drawing and while the “pranked” starts to share his sheer joy after supposedly winning.

You wouldn’t like to take that away from him anymore, would you? Well you definitively should for this prank to work or do you want to be a cry baby forever?

This is a group prank really. Everyone needs to know and play along. Why? Imagine a bigger group of uninvolved to turn towards the pranked in solidarity after the prank is resolved? Ugly for you, fun gone and maybe your friends as well. For the same reason you wouldn’t really like to play this prank between a couple in a romantic setting.

Except you love getting kicked in the face in public after plotting this at a romantic dinner in the most expensive restaurant in town, rolling over laughing at the expense of your date. If you should be one of the rare individuals cracking up for being beaten publicly you might just be freaked enough to become an author at this website. We love you already!

Back to the lottery prank. The way you plot it depends on the chosen setting, technical possibilities and the group involved. If you are dealing with a gang of diehard game players it shouldn’t be difficult at all to throw in a lottery. It needs to be clear though that there are possibilities to win real cash. Don’t go overboard with the jackpot for it might seem fishy to the “pranked”.

The more realistic the material looks the deeper the impact. For a special event (like a wedding) it might makes sense to have your material printed professionally. But since most local lotteries use rather less sophisticated lottery tickets you should be fine with a regular ink jet printer. Buy some lottery tickets for preparation or even scan some original ones.

At that point of preparing the whole prank could potentially turn into a whole different ball game. Either you win a significant amount with a test ticket and would rather prefer to appear at work and kick your boss in the balls before boarding a one-way flight to the Bahamas or one of the party guests at the prank event will have you arrested for falsifying official lottery tickets.

Either way, both options would throw off the whole prank, delay it or render it the most stupid idea in human history. But you wouldn’t care for another nonsense reward in either cases, would you now?

Sealing up the ticket (don’t forget to jot down the winning code and make sure to mark the doctored ticket) should be done in similar ways as the original ones. Glue or pressure seal might be applied.

Now it’s up to the drawing. How could you successfully fake for the prankster to pick the marked, doctored lottery ticket? Depending on the setting you might have someone who’s unsuspicious looking and behaving hand out single tickets to the chosen group of people. Or you could just present the one ticket to the pranked as if you had picked it up as a gift.

Combining the ticket delivery with a personal invitation could work or put it onto the plate at a festive dinner when seating is dedicated. This might be a bit tricky as seating might be mixed up due to some uncontrollable reason. For example your prank victim might swap seats to impress someone, get closer (or the opposite) to some other events prevents the pranked to take the dedicated spot.

In order to resolve the prank you could use official announcements, the news papers (if your ticket was doctored to feature the right code) or some poster-like print out that (again) carries the pranked code.

Depending on the setting and social code your prank victim might do some really weird stuff if he found out he won. This, of course, is primarily influenced by the amount or price. Make sure there is nothing expensive close to the prank victim that might get belly up in joy upon “winning” or for opposite feelings when the prank is resolved.

Also you might want to take cover.

On second thought: watching with a running engine from a really fast car might come in handy. Better even: a whole group plays along and takes the blame collectively. If done right this prank could potentially result in the biggest laugh and fun your buddies have ever experienced as a group and everyone will have a great story to tell for life. Recording is always a good idea for repeated fun (and embarrassment) and proof for later law suits or liability claims.

If everything goes wrong you can start writing at this website in the hope to make some new friends and replace your lost family (but not your reputation). But this, my friend, is a biggy for us; proven (and abandoned) pranksters are highly welcome here. Because we’d know: you went all the way!

Another method without being in a big group and you could even do this being absent would be to buy a lotto ticket one day and another the day after (do it early) with the exact same numbers as the winning ticket from the day before. When the victim of your prank isn't paying attention swap the newer ticket with the old one. When the person looks in the paper for the winning numbers, he or she won't even realize the date is wrong on the ticket (especially if she or he never plays bt this one time) and will believe in the big win.

Have fun!

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Where’d my office go?

This one is just beautiful at work. Especially when someone is really hated by many. The natural buy-in in such a common constellation will allow you for some major team work. The bigger the team, the more miles you can go with this prank. Also you’ll need some time, a pair of pliers, some construction tools and maybe a bar of weapons grade dynamite.

Let’s assume the hated subject spends some significant time away from the work place. You might want to explore the possibility to attach a shadow to that guy, so you will be alarmed if he would return unannounced.

If a larger team is on hand delegate some core tasks: a guard, a craftsman, some guys stable enough to carry some weight around and someone ready to shoot braggers or tattle-talers who are ready to spoil the fun up-front or suck-ups, who (in return to your noble goal) might use the opportunity to have you fired for a very personal reward.

The whole prank evolves around moving an entire, in-tact work area, fully functional into a rather unexpected environment not too far from the original location. You’ll need to carefully detach and dissemble everything in order to skillfully and perfectly mount it in its exact original state some weird other place.

You might want to call in specialists if sophisticated equipment is to be pranked around. For example: you wouldn’t really want to resemble a dentist chair with all the drillers and rinsing installations in the handicapped parking lot behind the dentist office all by yourself, right?

Great replacement locations for office environments are the public restroom, the lobby, the roof (if safely built, check the local Yellow Pages for copter services nearby), parking garage, the victim’s home driveway (or his mother-in-law’s), the Zoo.

You can spice up the prank with a special twist (some preparations needed, maybe you’ll need to bribe or hire some additional personnel):
- Underwater (any pool goes, check for tides if the ocean is used, the whole electrical installation thingy will be a bit tricky though)
- Up-side-down either in the same location or some other place (you wouldn’t happen to have an uncle working at NASA?)
- On a truck, driving it around town (without halting of course)
- In a public bus or train (stay away from the roof idea here)

Another nice idea would be to get rid of the stuff altogether and replace the chosen work environment with a miniature 1:70 exact model. Get hidden camera’s rolling and as a precautionary measure have the contracts with ABC’s AFV and your new employer signed.

Carefully chose whom you trust before and during the prank, afterwards you’ll be on your own anyway!

Good luck and most of all: ENJOY!