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Plastic Wrap Prank – Foil-Wrap EVERYTHING!

If you really want someone’s attention get one of those industrial size plastic foil wrap rolls companies use to wrap their palettes in.

You can do this prank yourself or get a hand by a couple of buddies. As a team you could actually wrap the entire building!

Its really simple and straight forward: in an unattended moment wrap just everything from someone you dislike or just want to pull a prank on. Entire desks are popular, lockers, bundles of clothes, coats, shoes, shelves, equipment, drawer content, books, plans, computers, bicycles, you name it…

The trick is to really use a LOT of foil. For instance you should walk around the car or desk at least 5 times and wrap it really tight. It’s quite annoying and not too easy to get the tightly wrapped plastics foil off.

This prank works even better when played on someone who is in a real hurry. Wrapping up toilet booths or cubicles should be done with someone inside. Especially when there is no pointy object around to get the foil pierced. Watch folks using their teeth or high heels instead.

If you really want to overdo it, entire buildings come to mind.

Here is a sneaky one:

A couple, caught in the act, let’s say: at a party! Delivered in plastic foil while still being “plugged” – now THAT should make it to the news!

Have fun and share your experience and ideas here.

Computer Prank: Auto-Screensaver Nuisance

Microsoft Windows screensavers are great toys. And they make a great prank companion too! Wait for your prank victim to leave the workstation or laptop, make sure (s)he’ll be gone for a couple of minutes. The least suspicious you are to the victim, the wilder you can go here.

Try this on your computer first to gain some confidence and speed. You can also try this prank at home or in an internet cafe.

Minimize all programs and right-click the targeted desktop. Under Properties look for the Screen Saver option. Select Marquee and assign a password (don’t forget it! “Bitch” works well or “Moron” if you can find a solid association with the targeted victim).

The scrolling text could read something like this: “What’s the f@]&%ing password?!” or “Did you know you were recorded in the bathroom this morning” or other fun stuff like “We know what you did last weekend!”.

Sky is the limit, just don’t give too much away that might point to you.

Now for the real deal: Look for the file C:\WINNT\system32\ssmarque.scr (it might be located in a different path, so use the system search or you might have to disable the Tools/Folder Option “Hide Known Extensions”). and create a shortcut. Copy/paste the shortcut into the StartUp folder, so that the screen saver will be automatically activated when Windows starts up!
Watch the madness unfold and have fun. Add a twist by sending the only capable IT guy to run some errands for three hours and leave for vacation.

Let us know how it worked out and what kind of scrolling text you used.

The pink flushing – restroom cistern bubbles

Harmless home, school or workplace prank involving the restroom, some colorful bubble bath and a very, very surprised prank victim.

Lock yourself in at the restroom at a poorly frequented time. Lift the cistern lid (you know, the flushing box) and fill in a cup of bubble bath plus pink or red food coloring.

Why food color? Because even the most colorful bubble bath only produces transparent or pale bubbles. You can dramatically improve the coloring effect by adding food color.

Why red or pink? Because the red chromophores (the color molecules) are the smallest and thus disperse in greater intensity, thus: deep, bright colors in your bubbles.

Put the lid back on (duh!) and occupy the cubicle next door. Setting up a camera might bring you in jail, so stay away from that one (on second thought: what the heck, the fun should give it!).

It should be great fun to hear the prank victim mumble and to guess what the repair crew will try to solve the mystery.

Share your observations here. Maybe they vary in colors?

Brrr, vrrr, hrrr … Faked Self Electrocution

You might have seen this one before but the beauty of this prank is that it always works and you can vary a lot.

Faking an electrocution is great fun when prepared with commitment and anticipation of how to scare whom. However, there are a couple of rather serious notes on this one (and you know that we are actually not known for seriousness, but here it goes anyway):

1. NEVER, repeat: never do this with small children. There are many pranks where switching of your brain doesn’t make that much of a big difference but switching off your heart is just plain stupid, so don’t!

2. Make sure to know the electricity source is REALLY (and will remain) off or we’ll submit you to the Darwin Awards spot on.

Ok, that was that, here it goes.

Inviting someone to lend a hand or just stand by makes a big psychological difference with this prank. Bystanders might miss the point as they might be distracted the very moment when the shock factor should kick in.

Instead when asked to hold something for you, watch out for hidden sparks or some other nonsense that involves them, it will make them feel responsible, at least in parts. You could raise the attention by mentioning something like “I can’t really fix this while the juice is off, so I gotta be really very careful, please make sure nothing distracts me while performing the repair…”. Wow, now you really got them feel your breath!

Nice as well if close relatives are to be pranked. Grandma’s are popular, your own wife (if you always wanted to spend a couple of nights on the sofa, c’mon, it’s like camping anyway and you get to zap into the shows your girl never wants to watch with you), a close friend or colleague, sisters (brothers tend to pay back in black-eye-currency). Again: NO LITTLE KIDS! A 15 year old son though makes a great prank partner or victim. Either way you’ll provide them with a story for life!

The location and situation is fairly flexible with this prank. Repairing something gives you the opportunity to prep it prior to the action. Workplaces are quite good as well, especially if you have some buddies playing along or scaling up the whole thing. With some significant team effort you could scare a whole crowd on a corporate event or while launching a new machine line. Media being present would definitively be a plus. Otherwise you’d have to arrange for some camera installations yourself.

Spicing this prank up should be great fun really. Foam from the mouth makes sense, some smoke crawling up from underneath your clothes would make a lasting impression too. Unbeatable would be a combination of you being (fake) electrocuted and some flickering lights at the other end of the room or immediate knock-out of the stereo or TV set.

You’d have to be creative how to pull this off but as you have found the way into this website, we are not concerned about your creative potential.