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Hate the admin? Office prank on the secretary.

If you really hate an administrative assistant (or secretary as we all used to say back in the golden days of calling people what they were) here are a couple of prank ideas that will certainly drive her nuts or even make her want to get onto an office rampage.

One to play on the secretary with about 10 phone lines to handle: Get a bunch of people to call her all at once. Half of them ask for people (funniest if people are made up or miss-pronounced), and the other half state "please hold for [someone important]," or just "please hold."

Of course there is no end to the loop on those calls. Watch the secretary get more nervous by the minute ... if she can’t take a prank, take cover or simply go on vacation for a month.

Or why not take some papers from the recycling bin (still in neat physical condition) and put them in her desk file drawer when absent. Drives her nuts trying to figure out why she saved those papers. If you really need to give it to her: put them into the conference or signing folders of her boss. Chances are she’ll put them onto the CEO’s desk without double checking (cuz it always worked, right?). Can you imagine his face when asked to sign the bi-annual office beer drinking Olympics fund raiser?

If you have access to her scheduler make up fake appointments with hieroglyphical abbreviations well into the future such as: “Bob to call GYCB for ABB workshop approval” – or “Layoff’s” – or “Bubble wrap for Judy’s gift” – or “MICM board meeting” – or the likes.