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Computer Equipment Swap Office Prank

Mess around with people’s computer equipment while being on vacation. Swapping keys is particularly funny. This works without having software access.

When co-workers return from longer absence they tend to forget their computer passwords and need to get used to many routines from scratch.

Swapping keys on their keyboard (say: swap N with M and/or P with O) will provide for loads of fun. Especially when one of those letters was used in a password!

Switching the T, H, and E keys with the S, E, and X keys can produce funny situations as well. This works best with people of do not look at their keyboard while typing. This 58 year old professional admin might be a good prank target for that or the well hated CEO admin bitch (you know, the one that keeps telling you what to do all the time) who, on top of things, feels too damn important to double-check her texts. It’s payback time baby!

More obvious but equally rewarding could be a monitor swap or any other cable connection mess-up. Imagine Tim seeing Jane’s desktop when switching on his monitor. Albeit quickly discovered this harmless prank could involve the whole team depending on how you want to play it and how much effort you want to put into this office prank.

A hand from the IT department can create real chaos here (use extended amounts of extension cords to miss-connect loads of machines. Include mice and keyboards and you are sure to mess up the entire office.

Got more ideas or want to report on your recent office prank on computer hardware? Add on to this prank with your comments.