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Fake kidnapping prank – play it cute or mean

If you want to play a cute prank for once or you need to give your team a break from some evil past doing, here is a harmless but effective prank for you.

Take a Polaroid to work or any other place you want to play this. In an unobserved moment take an item away your prank target really likes or needs, best: both. Stuffed animals works great, keys, lunch box (full of course, right before lunch time).

Take a Polaroid picture of the “borrowed” item and leave it with a ransom letter at the original place.

Famous ransoms could be a dinner invitation, a date (maybe not with the boss), a six pack or a fake ransom letter requesting the release of someone the other person has stolen or taken away (your heart, a friend, a hobby without sharing).

Depending on your effort this could really be neat and the talk of town (or the office) for a while. Obviously you can play this neat and cute or mean but the closer you get to a threat the less you refer to this website please (read the disclaimer buddy!).

A fake kidnapping with people is not advised if kids are involved. Have some decency!

But an obvious fun kidnapping, if well done, as a bachelor prank or game is always appreciated. Especially at April Fool's Day.

Your additional prank ideas or experience here please