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Cell Phone Prank - Handy Tricks to Lose Friends

If you have access to someone's cell phone and know their contacts you should not let that opportunity pass!

Imagine your buddy sends a steamy sms cell phone text message to his darling in the middle of a lonely night and gets an irritated response from his boss the next morning.

Or family members are granted the true thoughts from your girl friend about their stupid gaming nights every other Sunday.

Mother-in-laws are very welcome receivers of love letters of their daughters for example or better even: of their son-in-laws.

Get the idea?

Get into the contacts phone book of someone's cell phone and just swap a couple of names (don't overdo, a couple are fine for focussed fun). As most people hit a name and do not double check with the number when sending off their hot sexual phantasies to their lover boys or gal's it is easy to assign grandma's number to the name of someone's love of their life.

Maximum prank fun can be achieved if you could swap the names of your buddy's mother-in-law with the secretary he is cheating her daughter with.

Mean? Of course!
Fun? Tons!

You'll lose all your friends (and teeth) and get a couple of new, wrong ones in exchange. But hey: it's worth it all the while, trust us!

Share your story with the crowd here. A picture of your knocked-out teeth are weclome too.