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Useless Windows Desktop – The Desktop Dummy Olympics

How to mess up someone’s first office minutes (for some it might take hours ;-)

Get this: get access to someone’s computer while (s)he’s away. Take a screen shot of the desktop and safe it as a .jpg file wherever you like.

Now run the control panel, “Display” and apply this very picture as the wallpaper in the Desktop options (browse for the file location where you just saved the .jpg of the screen shot.

Hide all icons on the original desktop (in Windows XP: right click in the desktop, Arrange Icons By… and de-activate “Show Desktop Icons”). Now hide the task bar (right click on it, Properties and activate “Auto-hide the taskbar”.

When the user returns everything looks normal but nothing reacts on the click!

Get your buddies, a can of soda, a stop watch and find a good hiding/observation spot. Measure the time until the user finds out. Repeat independently with other co-workers.

Next lunch break you can award the dumbest users (longest time taken to figure it out) with the Desktop Dummy Olympics medals that could be made of CR-ROM’s or diskettes. Decoration of the medals and the contestants is up to your fantasy and the humor barrier of your co-workers and boss.

We’d love to hear from you. Maybe you want to share some pictures? Have fun!