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Some heavy toilet paper!

Imagine this: you are so entirely wasted that you, after barely making it to the restroom, pass out from exhaustion after unrolling the toilet paper you planned to use. Or was this the last attempt to grab hold to something before tipping over?

This one is hilarious! Debatable if the toilet bowl cracked under the weight of this bloke passing out or him falling over without any command to physically recover when hitting the floor.

We all know: someone played a wonderful prank late night when most toiler goers should have gotton to bed actually.

If he had only held on to the toilet paper a tad firmer, this might just have saved him from public embarrassment just now. But then again: sites like this one here would have to make up prank stories like this if they didn’t already happen.

Wondering for how long he has been snoring there (which might have attracted suspicion by neighboring restroom cubicle visitors…). Wanna bet?