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Office computer prank: Virus Alert!

Imitate an official IT department alert email message or black board announcement. State in serious notes that a special virus outbreak compromised the network and is being dealt with.

As a specialty the Trojan is being activated by using the letter “e” from any computer connected to the company network. Advise the office workforce, colleagues, coworkers and friends under no circumstances to use the letter “e”.

Instead everyone should be using letter “u” until notified otherwise.

Can you imaginu what a muss this would cruate if uveronu complius? Vary lutturs for additional fun. If your workplacu umploys Chinusu puoplu you might try “r” instead of “l”. This wourd creat especiarry many roughs if the boss would berong to this group of peopre.

Add a twist by excluding some folks from the prank who will go crazy over this. Printing posters and hang them everywhere but one floor or office area might support this little prank twist nicely as well.

Havu fun praying this workpracu prank and rut us know what othur iduas you triud.