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Copy machine prank – Annoying configuration

This will drive your coworkers crazy. You might want to consider to do this in secret for obvious reasons.

If you have easy access to copying equipment study the manual to learn how to set default configurations.

Because 8 out of 10 people will assume to “quickly just make a copy” when hitting the Start or Copy button you’ll find easy victims. The chances they will report the prank are slim as there is some level of self-embarrassment involved.

Once you learned how to set the defaults, configure to 250% size, darkest possible, 17 inch paper and 92 copies.

Find a hiding spot and observe or record people’s reactions. Showing this at the next office get-together might make for a good laugh. Be warned tough that any boss with a retarded sense of humor might charge the extra copies.

Coworkers without a healthy sense of humor though might just deserve this prank and being laughed at, so: it might just be worth the extra cost.

A great copy-machine prank would be to leave a compromising image in the copier and approach the prank victim second in line looking at her/him irritated, shaking your head.

You might be in for some serious bribing effort or any other funny effort to exclaim innocence. Play along as long and as publicly as it doesn’t ruin your job security.

Have fun – share your thoughts and additional ideas on this office prank, thanks.