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Snowman prank – know a nun or priest in your neighborhood?

Out of the thousands of figures you could possibly craft with snow, this one just has to be the easiest. That fact alone should motivate such art work.

The only ingredients needed here are tons of snow and time. Craftsmanship might not be in need that much as we talk about fairly simple shapes here. Finally: men ARE in fact pretty simple in many ways.

If time and snow are on hand this sculpture prank can be applied anywhere suitable. Office building are nice, a Christian neighborhood comes to mind. Or the front yard of a freshly separated couple.

It would be a great revenge prank for someone who went a step too far or two. In that light you might want to consider adding some accessories like a spear or sword rammed right through it. Add plenty of red color.

You could even use this prank in combination with the famous F-U quote. Maybe it’s not the smartest idea to demonstrate romantic feelings publicly or even propose in an alternative way. But then again: who are we to judge about the quality of your relationship.

If all fails you could still use this one after your release from state prison after boxed-in for a couple of years.

Maybe someone wants to add some words of comfort or craziness here?