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Mailbox Pranks – Surprise, Surprise!

You may want to grab a couple of friends for mutual observation fun and take a camera for recording too. Mailbox pranks are great for neighborhoods, friends and the workplace. Publicly showing the recordings in that very neighborhood or work team makes for a good laugh as well.

You get the idea: put something into the mailbox and wait, install surveillance equipment of any suitable nature and group some friends around you, watch and enjoy.

Hate the mailman? Nothing better than that (if he’s a real moron however he might be alert as others might have played similar pranks with him already). Want to scare a neighbor or pay back for a D to a stupid teacher? Nice, put the glasses on and study these prank tips.

Rats make a nice surprise subject for a mailbox prank (doesn’t work in the South at above 100°F except you want to serve lunch with the prank, in that case: serve with ketchup and a bun). Snakes provide a great scare, so do Spiders but they might find an escape hole or might not be detected

Excrements of any sort will work (again: depending on weather conditions be aware of changing texture and firmness). On the other hand, anything moving maximizes the effect. Opossums or Raccoons could be a tad aggressive, then again: depends on the degree of hatred that needs to be addressed through the mailbox prank.

Assembling something popping, exploding or destroying the whole thing upon activation is always great fun for the architect and the audience (well, we know for whom it won’t). For example you could fill a plastic bag with water (use colored liquids for anyone who needs to be marked or any stinky substance for that matter), fix one end at the inner end of the mailbox and the other inside the door. When opened the mailbox will release the chosen substance.

With a little effort you might make this work with flower or any other powder. On this note: the 2002 Anthrax scare might cause a little trouble for you. But what the heck, some pranks are just too enjoyable and there is a price for anything anyway. For a lifetime story what’s a couple of days at the Sherriff’s office really.

Explosions obviously are something we won’t promote publicly here neither do we suggest harming other people. But there is great prank value in using harmless explosives like indoors fireworks with mailbox pranks. Just make sure to study the instructions and don’t use anything that is supposed to be used in distance.

Setting the mailbox on fire might trigger additional events you haven’t prepared nor calculated for. Stay away from acid or burning liquids as you can’t control the flow or other behavior of the substance once the prank unfolds.

Make sure there are no kids running into an inappropriate prank! For kids and elderly people there is a whole range of mailbox pranks you could pull off. Ping Pong balls, balloons, confetti (lots of it!) and liquids are popular. Fixing the mailbox so it won’t open (only when you approach and secretly unlock a little switch) can really drive someone crazy, especially when repeated multiple times. That makes a great recording session (ever thought about sending in your art to AFV?).

Have fun!