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Garage Sale!!! – Or is there?

This is a harmless, inexpensive and really fun public prank. Works best with a friend cuz it’s a blast to watch! You’ll need a busy neighborhood and a neat street café to sit in for observation fun.

Print 30 or so obvious letter size (larger if you can) posters that say “Garage Sale!” with an obvious, large arrow pointing into one direction. No address, no telephone number, nothing.

At night or early in the morning place the posters in a close pattern around a neighborhood that’s heavily frequented by pedestrians or (better even) down town. Create a fun pattern that you’d want bargain hunters to wonder around there, misguiding them all the way and around again.

Now you need a neat street café where you can settle down with your friends and watch the drama unfold. You don’t even know how long it takes some people to notice they’re being pranked.

Some get really frustrated, some angry. The ones that have a ball after finding out you should invite over for a beer. With this prank you might even make great friends for your next series of pranks?!

Enjoy and tell us how many folks fell for it and for how long.