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Aah, these beautiful lottery pranks – how to lose a friend…

…or how to make a new enemy for that matter. Take a week, some preparation and a lot of prankster energy. Taping the whole thing will be worth it, trust us.

Record a whole week (or more) of lottery shows, make sure to not show the date. Invite a friend over at the time of lottery being broadcast on TV and play the recorded shows one by one. Act obsessed with the lottery. Make sure he won’t recognize you started a recorded session.

Meanwhile buy some lottery tickets. As you know the numbers in your recorded lottery draws you can play along a bit. Fill out some tickets, act as if you’d wait for the draw. Have a small gain one day, screw up the rest. Act surprised, annoyed, screaming, disgusted, disappointed – you get the idea.

In order not to annoy the guy, just do this for 10 minutes every time he’s over and have great fun the rest of the joined night. Thus he’ll be unsuspicious enough and there will only be a slight theme around lottery.

Now, here are two scenarios for you to try.

Scenario #1: Your guy is neutral to or likes lotteries.

Try to involve him in some discussions over time as to what to do with a boat load of money if won. This will hook him good and you’ll have a little theme going there. Only do this in bits and pieces, don’t overdo or he’ll suspect. And you want to avoid him being hooked too bad so he would watch repeats of the show or even buy tickets himself. That would blow your cover bad!

Some odd night hand him a ticket as a gift (“here you go, early birthday buddy” or “so I won’t have to bite my nails alone, you’re welcome” or “thanks for sharing the pain” or “a little excuse gift for my obsession”). Of course this one is doctored to feature the numbers of your selected recorded lottery show tonight.

Act neutral and as his “luck” unfolds act mega surprised and play along. It’s your call really how hard and how far you want to play this prank. You could even go to some length making shopping plans together or even sit on the computer to check out newest gadgets, gear, cars, yachts, vacation – you name it. It all depends on your willingness to be really evil or lose him for good (or have a ball for life, but that again is controlled by the reaction of your buddy in such situation).

Scenario #2: The victim really hates lotteries.

Similar to above but this time there is greater potential you lose the guy along the way. So don’t play this too extensively.

Chances are, he’ll hate to get a lottery ticket from you as a gift but will be polite enough to accept. Skip the part where you talk about what to do if a big win would be present.

When having watching the lottery TV show together and his win unfolds, act real angry that he’s winning. He hates lotteries anyway, remember? As he might get excited about his win, throw him out in anger.

Now, resolving this prank is the hard part but you can make it fun as well. Maybe by paying up with a little party, another (real this time) gift or a huge hug and great laugh together. Watching the tape that recorded his reaction can be great fun.

But then again, there might be a chance to really piss someone off for good. Well, the fun might be worth it. And it all might shift in intensity and seriousness depending on the scale (the size of the win).

Share the pain with us, comment or add on here. Thanks!