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Expensive (if caught) but neat: double April Fools prank

Take two groups of unsuspicious, rather serious people and play April Fools on them without them knowing. You can pull this off yourself or watch with friends. Careful with recording, the material can be used against you in court.

Prepare carefully, especially in terms of your concept. You don’t have to play this as an April Fools prank, it just depends on your creativity.

Imagine you’d find out about some group of serious people working something out publicly on April 1st. Say, a new construction zone, roadies mounting a concert stage at some public place, a film crew preparing for a shoot, a booth being erected at some public place, a public get-together or party that’s being arranged for, whatever fits the bill.

Weddings are great for that matter too!

Now, making sure the stuff is in swing April 1st in the morning go call (don’t use your cell phone, stupid!) the Police or any other official (Mayor or Governor works fine too and you wouldn’t have to worry too much to be tracked down afterwards) reporting on an April Fool’s prank (or just a prank if it’s not April) unfolding at that location. Play suspicious and frightened or at least surprised but most importantly: highly concerned!

Now, back to the scene (act quickly or have someone doing so in parallel while reporting to the officials) walk up to the selected group of prank victims and smilingly inform them about a group of students and friends who will turn up in a moment who plan on playing an April Fools (or any other) prank on that group by acting as officials.

Explain to them that this group of people is dead serious about succeeding in their effort to play this prank out to the max and that you even think they might hide a camera team close by. So, what you believe is that these pranksters will pull all strings to really make it look extremely real. Maybe you could describe it as a TV show concept you heard about being an intern at a TV station.

You can find a good laugh with these folks and excuse yourself to leave. Head for your carefully selected observation station and enjoy the show!

Report back here on what this prank unfolded, add any idea or comment.

PS: We won’t bale you out of jail though!