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Buddy Wrap – Party Prank

Passing out on a party should almost instantly result in a fun prank. You’ll need someone who is really wasted, some tape and plenty of decoration material.

This bloke must have been drinking something rather unfamiliar. We counted the tape wrap-arounds: there are at least 10 visible in this picture. So, turning the guy around that many times, crafting this wonderful diaper-like hat, fixing the hands and still having time to sit back and relax with a book (or whatever the heck the other guy in the back is doing) is pretty amazing in terms of pass-out-time and intensity.

We are not quite sure about the meaning of that thingy ring down there. Neither do we really clearly understand the concept of the gloves on his chest. Maybe the wrapper used them in hope to prevent fingerprints, how knows.

A camera would come in handy here. We hate to have missed the moment when he wakes up.

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