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Harmless Draw-On-A-Huge-Guy Prank – Who said harmless?

Ah, the good old permanent marker prank. Only in this example someone went all the way in selecting a prank victim that could turn out, say: a little more reactive, physically.

Say, you always hated that huge, dumb-like-a-sprinkler football player who teases and bullies the entire school and who rules over which girl not even to look at. Understandably you’ve been daydreaming about cruel methods to pay back, neat pranks that might set the record straight once and for all.

This one is as easy as saying 1-2-3. Only, even more quickly you might have to run, depending how fast this moron is going to discover the artful self description at his back. You can easily pull this off at a party or camp, military works as well, only: dissertation with following incarceration might be a bit of a steep price to pay for a prank. Your call.

Getting the dumb bag wasted shouldn’t be the issue really. Morphine or any other suitable drug in his drink if anti-alcoholic might work as well. A guy that size though might need a serious overdose. Strapping him down during the act, just in case, might be wise advice.

On second thought: if you need to fear for him to wake up while being marked, you might just as well fear for life or set him ablaze when wakening unexpectedly. Copy is up to you or your team really.

Make sure not to give away too much of yourself in terms of handwriting recognition and associated content. “You asshole stole my girl last week” or “instead of shitting in your face after you dropped that piano on my head, moron” are not real good ideas.

But then again: “actio = reactio”.

Report your success and ideas here. Your injuries will be welcome too. Have fun (while you can).