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Sleepy-Head Decoration – Human Food Pile

Now THAT’s a nice nutritious balance right there.
Any party ought to just suck massively when fruit around! Question being: will this gal push the bud can off the table first, will the ashtray go first or a yellow apple roll down to artfully set in front of her face when waking up?

Of course, if the bee-cigarette-apple-pile keeps in perfect balance while waking. It’s a pity we don’t have a follow-up picture of the food assembly after the waking. Would be really interesting to have proof what settles where and how.

On second thought: this girl might be dead already for the sheer earth rotation would tumble the cigarette box on top of the tower already.

Or, hang on a second: is that a deck of cards there at the table (btw: someone using that ugly a table cloth should sleep for 24 hours every day anyways)? So there might have been different decoration plans after all…

Either the decorating friends were too drunk themselves to put a neat card house together or there was still a silent breathing coming from this girl, so: there is still hope for survival here…