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Decorate a drunken friend, REALLY, really drunk!

Aside of any possible decoration material for an after-party prank it always pays to have deck of cards on you – just in case someone passes out really intensely.

This must be the third bottle of White Rum in that picture. Nobody can possible be as wasted after a beer and two sips of liquor!

Neat: the candle thing. Works really great then burning for 10 minutes and the guy shakes them into his face when waking up. Better even: spice up the effect with some rum filled into the transparent plastic cups left and right of that one candle.

This is what we call effective waking – the guy on flames will really toss him out of focus. Maybe he’ll even be sober in a flash (literally).

Since this is obviously happening in a tent there is even a nice potential for an even bigger bang. So why not spill the rest of the rum onto the tent?

One thing you might want to prepare for, other than the two blokes in the picture here: clear an escape route. You might want to be outta there REAL FAST!
And you should really consider wearing protective gear for the better part of the remaining year.

Did you ever decorate your own wasted buddy? Share it here please.